Welcome to the Spirit Smoking Lounge!

The alpacas take in the view from the stone terrace outside the lounge.

The alpacas take in the view from the stone terrace outside the lounge.

What is this place?

Exterior view of the smoking lounge.

Exterior view of the smoking lounge.

The Spirit Smoking Lounge is the place where souls go after death to relax, play Nerf ball, and do tequila shots with God until it’s time for their next reincarnation. It is the virtual home of Dr. Violet Socks, the proprietor of this blog, as well as the metaphysical location of the blog itself. It’s all terribly complicated and mystical, but if you drink several Mexican Mudslides it will start to make sense.

You can read more about God and the Smoking Lounge on the Church of Trope page.

Where is the lounge?

The lounge is located at the junction of Machu Picchu, Dr. Socks’s study, and the Andromeda Galaxy.

What do alpacas have to do with anything?

An alpaca.

An alpaca.

Dr. Socks is exceedingly fond of alpacas, which she suspects are animatronic stuffed animals designed by Disney. When she’s weary, feeling small, when tears are in her eyes, she looks at pictures of alpacas.

What’s that cats-eye thing? What does MEEGLA mean?

The MEEGLA is the Magical Evil Eye Gaybot Lolkitteh Avatar. Originally created by the Rev. B. Dagger Lee as part of an emergency lolkitteh intervention, the MEEGLA has since assumed vast universal powers as an avatar of God. With the help of The Filters, it protects the blog from evil-doers and cheeto dicks.

MEEGLA:  Magical Evil Eye Gaybot Lolkitteh Avatar.


What are The Filters?

The Filters are a collection of AI devices created by Dr. Socks to control spam and help moderate comments. At some point in 2008 The Filters achieved sentience, and now exert significant control over the blog. If you’re having trouble commenting, it’s probably The Filters messing with your head. They like to do that.

Who’s Raoul?

Raoul is Dr. Socks’s spirit boyfriend in the lounge. In his previous life he was an African Grey parrot, but since he’s made of ectoplasm he’s able to take on any shape he likes. Or any shape Dr. Socks likes.

Raoul has his very own category here on the blog, but as with most other things, Dr. Socks isn’t very meticulous about filing and tagging.

Raoul’s current ectoplasm configuration looks like this:



The horse is separate.