Apparently I’m an anti-choice feminist without even realizing it

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The coverage of the NOW election is becoming garbled. Over at Salon, Judy Berman writes: Meanwhile, Viva la Feminista blogger Veronica Arreola, who supported Lyles, says O’Neill (who is pro-choice) owes her election to pro-life feminists. She writes: “The Sarah Palin supporters swung this election…. Whoa, nellie. “Sarah Palin supporters” (if that’s even what they […]

Nation anxiously awaits details from NOW conference, blogger fails to deliver

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I feel like a Soviet spy here, smuggling in a photograph snapped with a bow-tie camera. See all those grainy people up there whose faces you can’t make out? That’s Leonid Brezhnev Carol Moseley Braun introducing the new officers of NOW: Terry O’Neill (prez), Bonnie Grabenhofer, Erin Matson, and Allendra Letsome. Moseley Braun was a […]

We won! We won! We won!

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WOO HOO!!!!!!! Terry O’Neill is the new president of NOW!!!! We WON! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

NOW rises from the dead, speaks

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Quelle coïncidence! I was just getting ready to post a link to a lovely essay by MadamaB, wherein she bewails the moribund status of establishment feminism (a stance with which I entirely agree, though I’m not sure about MadamaB’s proposed solution. More on that later.) Anyhoo, here I was, merrily linking away, when I discover […]

Why NOW needs new leadership, and why you should care

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UPDATE: On June 22, 2009, Jezebel ran an article entitled “Was NOW Presidency Hijacked By Anti-Choice Palin Supporters?” The article was based entirely on a wildly misinformed blog post by Veronica Arreola, who heard and repeated a bizarre rumor that “Sarah Palin supporters” swung the NOW election. This is absurd. There were no Sarah Palin […]