I heart David Paterson

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If you’re going to put a dude on the cover of Ms. and call him a feminist, shouldn’t you at least pick a dude who is, in fact, a feminist? The photoshopped Ms. cover at right came to me in an email from Nigeria, so it may be the work of the Scaife foundation. But […]

My life as a mole

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(Originally published at The New Agenda.) I’ve been outed. A couple of days ago Naomi Wolf was on CNN, talking about The New Agenda. It seems she’d had a look around the website and saw some posts criticizing Obama. I’ll say one thing for Naomi; she’s a smart one. “I’m interested in knowing who funds […]

The reason it’s offensive to put Obama on the cover of Ms. as a feminist is because he is not a feminist

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There, I thought I’d put the whole thing right there in the title, for the twits who are having trouble following along. I visited my friend Ann Bartow’s blog and discovered that the Obama Girls at Jezebel and Slate are crazy-mad because some of us are failing to adequately worship Dreamboat Barry. Some of us […]

Naomi Wolf is still mad at me about Jesus, I see

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Make sure you watch through to see Naomi Wolf: Notice how she insinuates that The New Agenda website, which I built and of which I am the editor, thank you very much, is funded by right-wing Republican money. Oh, Naomi. Are you still mad about the Jesus thing? It’s true, a few years ago I […]