Ten million people could march on Washington dressed as Che Guevara, and the Democrats would interpret it to mean that Americans want the party to move right

By · Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 · 28 Comments »

A little over a year ago, Americans elected Barack Obama by a landslide. They elected him because they wanted an end to Republican government. They elected him because they wanted to see a genuinely progressive agenda enacted. True, they had absolutely no reason to expect that Obama would do those things, but still: that’s what […]

Arthur Silber needs help (and has some choice words about Martha Coakley)

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Arthur Silber needs to scrape up a few hundred bucks to see the doctor. It sounds like he’s in an extremely bad way right now, both medically and financially. If you don’t read Arthur regularly, you should. And if you have any disposable income to spare, please consider helping him out. He is a sick […]

Martha Coakley for President

By · Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 · 25 Comments »

Quixote started it (I think). Pick it up. Run with it. Go! On your blog, in your comments, everywhere. That’s how memes start. Coakley’s got the courage and the convictions. She’s raising her head above the parapet, right now, when it matters. Just as she did last year when she endorsed Hillary Clinton. Just as […]