Men’s Rights Activists on Haitian relief: men need maxi-pads too!

By · Monday, January 18th, 2010 · 14 Comments »

Tracy Clark-Flory has a good piece in Broadsheet about the special needs of women in disaster zones. Men’s Rights Activists are outraged: Therefore, according to Clark-Flory, “women in general will be in need of ‘hygiene supplies’ …” Men and boys apparently will not need those things. MRAs are a blight on the earth, but there’s […]

We need to evacuate Haiti

By · Saturday, January 16th, 2010 · 34 Comments »

Across Port-au-Prince, the dead litter the streets, stripped of human dignity, decomposing and covered in flies: Every five minutes, a vehicle pulled up to the gates of Port-au-Prince’s cemetery, delivering another corpse to a mass grave dug by authorities trying to clear the broken city’s streets of the dead. “We have lost any dignity in […]

Libertarians and evangelicals explain the problem with Haiti

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My ex-husband spent some time in Haiti during his brief career as a semi-Marxist semi-revolutionary. He told me that the most shocking thing about the country was the disparity between the visiting rich and the resident poor. In the countryside and on the streets, it was nothing but dirt-eating poverty. But on the beach in […]