Working proposal for a new movement: the Justice Party

By · Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 · 138 Comments »

For past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the need for a new feminist-progressive movement or party in this country. The Democrats, as is all too clear, are merely Republicans under a different name. From the Stupak Amendment to the Af-Pak surge, from the Wall Street bailout to the healthcare debacle, we might as well […]

Open thread countdown to THE BEST SPEECH EVER!!!

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More Diocletian/third-party stuff is coming later; our next installment will focus on what a feminist-populist alliance would look like. As I wrote at Corrente the other night when my blog server was overloaded: At my place we’re talking through a pan-woman platform; we’ll see how that goes. My own inclination is still towards a leftist […]

A more Diocletiany follow-up to the Diocletian post

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We already have one follow-up to the Diocletian post: What would be the core issues for a women’s party? But while we’re doing that, I’d also like to open a simultaneous thread on government and electoral reform. My original reference to Diocletian was a nod to his ability to trade in an outmoded constitution in […]

What would be the core issues for a women’s party?

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This is the first follow-up to our original working session post on political strategy: Dreaming of Diocletian. (And no, twits, it’s not really about Diocletian. Have a sandwich, drink a glass of milk, do some fuckin’ thing.) One of the ideas we’re batting around is a women’s party or advocacy group that would infiltrate all […]

Oh for Pete’s sake

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In my working-session post on how we might develop a new political dynamic that would actually serve feminist and progressive interests (which are currently blocked by the two-party logjam), I whimsically referred to Diocletian. As emperor, Diocletian was able to institute sweeping changes to an outmoded system. Obviously, we can’t do that here (if we […]

Dreaming of Diocletian

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Friday, November 27, 2009 — ATTENTION: Wingnut/twit visitors. Read this. Thank you. (P.S. Not sure if you’re a wingnut or a twit? You probably are. Go read the link.) *********************************************** When the Roman Empire was broken, Diocletian fixed it. He completely revamped the imperial government, discarding centuries of tradition in favor of a new organizational […]