Second Wave Squared

How would you define the fourth wave of feminism?

By · Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 · 140 Comments »

Earlier today, commenter Alison said: I think the women at Feministing are at war with the 4th wave just as much as they are at war with any woman who does not meet their card carrying Democrat standard. Their recent post in which they are defensive in regard to criticism that they do not support […]

Comment of the day: thoughts on the future of feminism

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An adorable stuffed animal cleverly masquerading as a baby alpaca. The other day I posed three questions about what we need to do to in the wake of this year’s public self-immolation by the feminist establishment. I know, I know — “don’t make me click on the link, Violet! Just tell me what the questions […]

For the record

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During the campaign I wrote a few times about the bewildering behavior of the many feminists who attacked Sarah Palin in astonishingly sexist (and dishonest) terms — and did so in the name of feminism. The situation was appalling to many of us who have been lifelong feminists and who care deeply about the continuation […]

The New Feminism (part 1)

By · Thursday, November 13th, 2008 · 98 Comments »

Grandmother and granddaughter have a chat by the fence. I’ve got about forty zillion things to attend to today, so I don’t have time this morning to write a full post. But I want to start pulling together some of our thoughts about the new feminism we’re building, what I think of as the Fourth […]

“Stone her”

By · Friday, October 17th, 2008 · 86 Comments »

That was the cry when Sarah Palin appeared at a campaign stop in Philadelphia. “Let’s stone her, old school!” yelled a man in the crowd. Maybe that’s next. Over at The New Agenda, Amy Siskind raises the spectre of Kitty Genovese and asks, “Are Democratic women the new bystanders?” What started as “MILF” has taken […]

The 30 Percent Solution — now with 30% more cross-posting!

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I got permission from the divine MadamaB to re-post The 30 Percent Solution over at The New Agenda, and I’m just so giddy about the whole thing I’m going to re-post it here too. I’m gonna get so many pingbacks going my computer will ‘splode! Below and forthwith is the re-post of the re-post of […]

How did we go from Tomato Nation’s “Yes, You Are” to this?

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Five years ago, Tomato Nation published a post that rapidly became legend. It was emailed, re-posted, printed out, probably even framed somewhere. Maybe you remember it. It was called “Yes, You Are.” Here it is: Yes, You Are feminism n (1895) 1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes […]

Why the attacks on Sarah Palin are the best argument for voting for her

By · Saturday, September 13th, 2008 · 105 Comments »

The treatment of Hillary Clinton this year showed us that sexism is far more acceptable and more endemic than racism in this country. Naysayers liked to claim that the hatred was for Hillary alone, not for all women; but they were wrong. Just look at Sarah Palin. She’s different from Hillary in almost every respect, […]

Second Wave Squared

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For the past few months I’ve been talking in bits and pieces about the new wave of feminism that Hillary Clinton’s campaign jump-started. The thrill of seeing a woman reach for the presidency, combined with the trauma of seeing that dream despoiled by the latent sexism and misogyny in our society, has sparked a feminist […]