About that non-vacuum in which Stupak happened…

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Kate Harding has a good piece in Salon that captures the PUMA-a-year-later zeitgeist we’ve been talking about here (to recap: A year later, world suddenly gets what PUMAs were talking about, House Democrats pass healthcare reform for men, and Rachel Maddow is becoming post-rational). Harding’s piece is called Face it: The Democratic Party is not […]

Oldest depiction of female form shows that modern archaeologists are pornsick misogynists

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“The Earliest Pornography” says Science Now, describing the 35,000 year old ivory figurine that’s been dug up in a cave near Stuttgart. The tiny statuette is of a female with exaggerated breasts and vulva. According to Paul Mellars, one of the archaeologist twits who commented on the find for Nature, this makes the figurine “pornographic.” […]

The Triumph of Patriarchy

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The dominant narrative of Barack Obama’s inauguration is that it represents the triumph of civil rights for African-Americans. And it does, undeniably. It’s a transcendent moment in America’s tortured history of race relations. But there’s another, unacknowledged narrative. This one is about the role of men and women in the world, and about shoring up […]