MRAs, rape deniers, and shitty book deals: British feminists have as much fun as we do!

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Thanks to the latest and thoroughly excellent Carnival Against Sexual Violence, I’ve discovered PC Bloggs, a policewoman in the U.K. who blogs about police crap. (Police crap: It’s a technical term, folks. Work with me.) PC has two posts in the carnival, and the first one is a doozy. In Look how EQUAL we are, […]

Attention men’s “rights” activists, white “rights” activists, neo-Nazis, skinheads, Ku Klux Klan members, etc.:

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Fuck off. Go away. Do not post here. If you do, your comment will be deleted. The intertube is a big place and there are plenty of websites where you can indulge your fetid delusions about how the nigras/Jews/bitches have ruined the world and robbed you of your destiny. Not here. FUCK OFF.

A World of Twits

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UPDATE: I wrote this post before seeing the “Update” to Jill’s, in which she reported the comments the AutoAdmit trolls made about her on their own board: “I want to brutally rape that Jill slut,” “I’m 98% sure that she should be raped (even if only in Internet Land),” “So seriously, I think we should […]

Once more into the muck

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I admire Trish Wilson’s fortitude. She’s been dealing with Fathers’ Rights Activists for years, exposing and refuting their lies, and I don’t know how she stands it. Every time I encounter the FRA slime machine I feel like I need a shower. The latest news from Trish is actually very good: two influential legal publications […]

A particularly nasty strain of the FRA virus

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A lot of the men who are drawn to the FRA/MRA movement are probably just garden-variety assholes who are happy to blame feminism for their problems. But then there are the actual monsters: rapists, child-abusers, and wife-beaters who find the FRA/MRA rhetoric a convenient cover for their crimes. The rapists are aided by a number […]

MRAs exposed

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Red State Feminist has compiled a bunch of comments from MRA/FRA boards about the shooting of a family court judge in Nevada who had angered the fathers’ rights crowd. (MRA=Men’s Rights Activists, FRA=Fathers’ Rights Activists.) The shooter is believed to be Darren Mack, a deranged MRA (is that redundant?) who is also wanted for murdering […]