Just Impeach the Stupid Freak

Your government in action: no, we don’t torture people, and we don’t want to hear any court cases about it either

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Today the Supreme Court decided to wish the El-Masri case into the cornfield, thus providing the second half of the one-two punch that began with Torture President’s sneering TV appearance last week when he said that our government doesn’t torture people. No, it just beats them, rapes them, freezes them, waterboards them, terrorizes them. Khalid […]

There is no end to our humiliation

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The undead Nelson Mandela. Mandela still alive after embarrassing Bush remark.

The 9-11 Hijackers Redux

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Originally posted on September 11, 2006. The ones who used 9-11 to hijack the country, that is. The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, were unspeakably vile. What is even more vile (and I use the phrase deliberately: more vile) is the way the thugs running our country have exploited those attacks to their own […]

I’ve figured it out: the Bush Administration is a play by Ionesco

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Fact: Presidential Speech Factsheets From The White House Use Many, Many Capital Letters! A Speech Is Born A Play in One Act The Scene: The War Room. The space is littered with empty pretzel bags. A gigantic sensory deprivation tank occupies the center of the room. President Bush floats inside, wearing a suit. Attached to […]

Justice, Republican-style: You can’t sue unless you’ve already won your lawsuit

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A federal appeals court has ruled that people can’t sue the Bush administration for illegally wiretapping them because without having already proven that they were harmed by being illegally wiretapped, they don’t have standing to sue. Got that? No, of course it doesn’t make sense. Here’s what makes sense: the judges who delivered this ruling […]

The universe was designed in such a way that the Scooter Libby pardon was inevitable

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I’m bored with Shrub’s pardon of Libby. Excuse me; not pardon. Commutation. The sentence has been commuted. No jail time for Scooter, which is a crushing blow for literature fans everywhere who’d hoped he would use his months in the clink to write more novels about children being raped by bears. Conspiracy-minded folks are indulging […]

Yeah, the balance of powers thing doesn’t work so well when the President is a crazed homicidal dictator

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El Generalissimo Torture Presidente, feelin’ good after wielding his mighty phallic pen to keep the slaughter in Iraq going. So, without the two-thirds majority necessary to overturn a veto, what else have we got? Well, there’s always impeachment; that’s right there in the Constitution as a possible check on abuse of power. But it’s become […]

Top-Secret Communiqué from Downing Street to the White House

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Could somebody please muzzle President Asshat? And his friend, Captain Kangaroo? From the Globe and Mail: The Iranian prisoner crisis revealed a widening schism between Britain and the United States Sunday as U.S. leaders called for tough action and British officials confirmed that they are trying to free their 15 imprisoned sailors by quietly reaching […]

At least Johnson didn’t actually torture Stanton

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When I was a child I had a little kiddie book on the Presidents of the United States, with brief biographies and pictures of each one. I remember being bewildered by the fate of Andrew Johnson. Congress impeached him because he fired Stanton? Wasn’t that a bit of an overreaction? The book, you see, omitted […]

Anybody see the State of the Union speech last night?

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