About Dr. Socks

Who is Dr. Violet Socks?

Dr. Violet Socks

(Real, boring answer: Violet Socks is the nom de plume of a nice writer lady who lives somewhere in the woods of Virginia. Email her at violetsocks@reclusiveleftist.com or violetsocks@gmail.com.)

Fake and much more interesting answer:

Dr. Violet Socks (currently deceased) is a fictional character and the author of the blog Reclusive Leftist. In her youth she was a bonne vivante and circus performer; now she is a crabbed and eccentric recluse who occupies a small house deep in the forest, where she writes and researches topics of interest. She is accompanied by her faithful dog Molly.

Dr. Socks finds JesusDr. Socks’s tenure as the host of Reclusive Leftist has been marked by a number of startling personal transformations, as well as assaults by sinister miscreants. On April 1, 2006, she briefly became a Christian following a phone call with Naomi Wolf and a mystical encounter with a paperback copy of The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. This brief but horrifying incident left deep psychic wounds from which neither Dr. Socks nor her dog have ever entirely recovered.

In August 2006, Dr. Socks’s body was overtaken by a virus, which proceeded to seize control of the blog and begin writing posts about Jonas Salk. The Virus’s week-long spree came to end when Dr. Socks unexpectedly won the death match for her soul by dragging herself to the computer and posting several pictures of ballet dancers.

Barely a month later the blog was occupied by the Ministry of Truth while Dr. Socks was attending a debriefing at the Ministry of Love, though it must be stressed that in that case Dr. Socks completely welcomed the attention and was deeply and sincerely grateful to Minitrue for their assistance.

Sometime during the late evening hours of August 10, 2007, Dr. Socks was assimilated mid-post by Chris Clarke’s BlogWarBot, resulting in a new, horrifying entity: Dr. BlogWarBot Socks. This Borg-like creature maintained control of the blog for several days, until an emergency intervention by a crack team of lolkitteh avatars, commanded by the Rev. B. Dagger Lee, succeeded in removing the alien implants from Dr. Socks on the morning of August 14.

Death and Removal to the Smoking Lounge

The Apotheosis of Dr. Socks

On August 24, 2007, Dr. Socks was killed in a freak accident involving President Bush, Martin Heidegger, and some smack. Since then she has devoted herself to dispensing wisdom from the realm beyond and goofing off in the Spirit Smoking Lounge, where God occasionally drops by to do tequila shots. She is accompanied by her spirit boyfriend, Raoul, and — through the magic of fiction — her still-very-much-alive dog Molly.

To be updated…