Violent hatred of women: the default position of the drunken frat boy lizard brain

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 · 12 Comments »

From the Ms. blog comes this nauseating story of a nauseating T-shirt designed and sold by nauseating frat boys: When College Humor Just Isn’t Funny. The T-shirt features a nearly naked woman being roasted on a spit, accompanied by the cheery slogan, “Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847.”

This is the part of the article that I found most interesting (emphasis added):

The administration opted not to punish the individual students responsible for the shirt but rather to hold an unadvertised, effectively closed-door discussion with a handful of students and frat members. According to a friend of mine who was present, the boys-will-be-boys type comments made prior to the meeting (“we were just a bunch of drunk guys sitting around on a Friday night designing the shirt”) were replaced by apology (“we didn’t mean to offend anyone”)—and then some confusion and discussion over the real impact of the offensive “joke.”

Basically the guys defended themselves by saying they were drunk. But, as we all know, people say what they really think when they’re drunk. If you’re Mel Gibson, for example, you start talking about Jews and n*****s. The drunken lizard brain has no secrets.

It’s a bit scary to realize that the default position of college-age males in the United States in the 21st century is “kill those bitches.”

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12 Responses to “Violent hatred of women: the default position of the drunken frat boy lizard brain”

  1. sam says:

    Earlier today I read about some young men’s entertainment inspired by Bang Bus porn where they offer rides to women then drive to remote places and kick them out. What struck me was the seeming lack of sexual assault on these excursions, as if the buzz from humiliating and frightening a woman rendered rape superfluous.

    Maybe they don’t sexually assault their victims because of the criminality of rape compared to that of kidnapping, but since pornography is the closest I have to a backstage pass into rapists’ minds I don’t know which sadisms are satisfying the sickos in October 2012.

    The first generation of boys raised on internet porn have grown into young men. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

  2. Lovy Jones says:

    I’m getting so tired of all these ‘jokes’. This just isn’t funny.

    The first generation of boys raised on internet porn have grown into young men. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

    That sent the chill down my spine!

  3. Chio says:

    Where’s your sense of humor? (Women who object are told over and over again.) It’s just funny. That’s how we view violence toward women. It’s everywhere and it’s a fun, creative use of language to denigrate women. Obama just made a joke about OJ and Elmo. It’s funny, that wife murderer driving away in his white Bronco. Hilarious.

  4. tinfoil hattie says:

    That is a vile t-shirt. And no surprise, here in our “women are somewhere beneath pigs” culture.

    It’s not just the frat boys, either. It’s boys and men from all walks of life. Some women, too – trying to get along in the big P. It gets so freaking tiresome.

  5. Val says:

    Yep, it is scary, isn’t it?
    Even scarier is trying to explain (without frothing at the mouth, spitting curses & smashing his iPad) to one’s teenage son why “American Psycho” is NOT just an over-the-top comedy, making his mom anything but a humorless, ball-busting feminist…

  6. cellocat says:

    Val, how do you do it? I am feeling pretty intimidated by the idea of trying to explain patriarchy to my kids, and I have (small) daughters.

  7. Teresainpa says:

    Sam, I was shocked when I learned of the bang bus guy, that he was not simply murdered by someone with revenge on their mind. At the very least I would have expected someone’s father to have beat the crap out of him by now.
    I guess I’d make a lousy third wave feminist. I still think porn is exploitation and equality will never be real as long as women allow themselves to be seen as objects and the butt of cruel senseless humor.

  8. blondie says:

    I realize the t-shirt is supposed to be a funny joke, but I don’t get it. Is the joke that it is funny if a pig roasts a woman in a bikini because she is fat? Is that what’s supposed to be funny here?

    I can’t even. Has all the fratliness just fried their brains?

  9. Val says:

    CC, I get so damn ANGRY it’s hard for me to make a coherent point, so I take the easy way out, resorting to printing out articles by ones who are more eloquent than I:

    I clearly remember picking up this book 20 yrs ago (the furor over its being published by a “reputable” publisher was still fresh), skimming a few pages & coming across the horrific scene in which Bateman has nailed a woman to a piece of plywood & carved her tongue out… I closed it up & replaced it on the shelf. I’m no shrinking daisy but this was Filth w/a capital “F”.

  10. Violet Socks says:

    “over the top comedy”? What? Torture is over the top comedy?

    I would never even look at a book like American Psycho, because frankly just the briefest descriptions (like Val’s comment) are enough to disturb me enormously. It is impossible for me to understand how a psychologically healthy human could be amused by or indifferent to the torture of another living being.

  11. Violet Socks says:

    Do teenagers today think that the Congo rapes are funny? Is it hilarious over the top comedy for women to be mutilated and eviscerated (while concious) and subjected to mind-boggling torture?

    Do teenagers today think it’s funny when serial killers kidnap women and torture them for days before killing them? Is it funny to think about someone being tortured? Is it funny to think about someone’s tongue being cut out or having knives and stakes driven into them while they’re alive and screaming in pain? This is funny?

    Okay, sorry, I think I have to leave the blog for awhile. This is too upsetting.

  12. cellocat says:

    I couldn’t even read the linked piece by tigerbeatdown. It’s too much. Perhaps I’ll return to my struggle about what to say when my daughter asks me, “Do I look pretty Mommy?”