Jimmy Fallon sums up the mood of the nation

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By the way, as regards that “dream team,” the Frank Bruni piece about Hillary is interesting:

Will she run in 2016? I can’t tell you how many times I heard that question and how largely it loomed in Charlotte. There’s a strong belief that she’s seriously considering one last bid, and a fervent wish that the Hillary saga not yet be over, because it’s as riveting as any in the last quarter-century of American politics…

From Hillarycare, Whitewater, Travelgate, Monica Lewinsky and the bruising presidential primaries in 2008, she rebounded to where she is today, a Democratic deity so revered that the 2016 nomination is presumed hers if she wants it. It’s seen almost as a matter of destiny, a piece of unfinished business. The party realized one kind of history with Obama’s election and would love to realize another with Hillary’s. It’s time for a woman. It’s long past time.

I don’t know if this is true about the mood of the Democratic party faithful, but I’m reminded of Gloria Steinem’s comment about men of various minorities making progress before any woman of any race or ethnicity can have a shot. The party would “love to realize” history with a woman, though that sure as hell wasn’t the tune they were singing in 2008. But now that we’ve elected a black man…

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12 Responses to “Jimmy Fallon sums up the mood of the nation”

  1. anna says:

    I’d love to see Hillary be President in 2016. I think she could win if she runs,but she’s said she doesn’t want to. But who really knows….

  2. Lexia says:

    Catherine MacKinnon pointed out in one of the articles collected in “Men’s Laws, Women’s Lives” that the only bigotries taken seriously were the ones men also shared.

  3. quixote says:

    But now that we’ve elected a black man… and all the other possibilities have failed … and they’ve crapped all over her and women so constantly they need a change of pace (briefly) … and the mess is so deep none of The Men even pretend to know where to start … let’s try a (wow! I am so broadminded!) a woman!

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    (Has Raoul started a pool on how long it’ll take one of these outfits to say, “Hey. Maybe we should get behind the best person for the job”? If so, I want to put $10 down on the year 2500.)

  4. Nell says:

    It was 50 years after black men got the vote before women of any race were able to exercise the franchise.

    I predict an equal or greater interval will pass before this country sees a woman president. I’ve asked my daughter to leave a note on my grave.

    Even in the unlikely event Hillary Clinton were to run and win in 2016, it would be a hollow victory for me, knowing that in 2008 the party power brokers passed her over for the far less qualified be-penised one.

    All of this sudden magnanimity by the same left-wing pundits, politicians and blogging dude-bros who were screaming “why won’t the stupid bitch quit” back in the spring of ’08 rings pretty damn hollow, too.

    Yeah, I’m still bitter.

  5. Carmonn says:

    Frank Bruni is full of it. The nomination is “presumed hers”? Oh noes, remember all we heard in 2008 about her typical female sense of entitlement? That can’t be good!

    The party would go to war with her again just as hard and the fact that she’d have been out of office for years would be an issue for her the way it wasn’t for Romney. She’ll never be the nominee, unless it’s obvious to even the most clueless Democratic powerbroker that after 8 years of Obama, they’ll be out of power for at least 8 years themselves.

    But even though they could milk a few years of woman bait out of her nomination and loss, I don’t think they think it’s necessary, so why take that risk? I suspect this bullshit is a function of the fact that they’ve heard a firm “absolutely not,” and therefore can afford to be magnanimous about a hypothetical candidacy. Thanks, Friends of Women! Why not trot out Pat Leahy to announce that she’s almost there, perhaps only a decade or two from having the proper experience?

  6. Chio says:

    My predictions: Hillary won’t run in 2016. Perhaps it will be Gilibrand for the Democrats or Susana Martinez on the Republican end of it. Whoever the woman are who decide to run will be fresh meat who will be tarred, feathered and humiliated. I agree with Nell that a woman President isn’t coming anytime soon.

  7. Kali says:

    I suspect this bullshit is a function of the fact that they’ve heard a firm “absolutely not,” and therefore can afford to be magnanimous about a hypothetical candidacy.

    Exactly. If she were to throw her hat in the ring (which she will not) they will be attacking her all over again.

  8. JeanLouise says:

    Second that, Nell. Not even the thought of Romney/Ryan in the White House will cause me to break my May 31, 2008 vow to never vote for Barack Obama under any circumstances and I live in a swing state.

    It was interesting that there were only a few purely anti-Hillary for President posting in the comment section of the article, though. Maybe there is widespread buyer’s remorse occurring.

  9. Chio says:

    Prediction 1: 50 years, like Nell said.

    Prediction 2: First Woman President will be a woman. Look how many Democratic women governors we have now! I was shocked to read this!


  10. Chio says:

    Jean Louise,

    I feel the same way. After the sexism, caucus fraud and primary debacle that occurred in 08 where the election was simply stolen and given to the Manchurian candidate, I just can’t vote for Obama. I’m thinking either Jill Stein or writing in Hillary’s name. I can’t think of what else to do.

  11. Sameol says:

    There’s definitely buyer’s remorse, but it doesn’t change anything. Isn’t there some male ex-Obama supporter who periodically drops in here to lecture on Hillary delusions? They can admit they were wrong about Obama, but they’ll never admit anything about what motivated the scorched earth primary and they’ll never change their minds about how awful her Presidency would be. They were only half wrong, you see, Obama may not have been the progressive champion of their projections, but he allowed us to avoid the dire alternative. Thankfully, we’ll never have to live through that nightmare.

  12. Teresainpa says:

    Chio are you me?