Cherry Red Wine

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In 1995 I saw Luther Allison live in a small club. I’d never heard of him before, and was baffled. How was it that this man was not the biggest star in the goddamn world? He was mind-bogglingly good. I had never in my life heard playing and singing like that. I bought his cassette tape in the lobby and almost wore it out. Then my boyfriend borrowed it and wouldn’t give it back.

Here’s a cut off that album (Blue Streak), and believe me, Luther sounded every bit as good live. Dude was beyond awesome:

I didn’t watch the DNC last night. Did anything happen?

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7 Responses to “Cherry Red Wine”

  1. robynsu says:

    Well, tonight I went to the French Embassy and saw a cello and piano concert of John Cage and Erik Satie pieces. Awesome in a very different way.

    Wending my way home I did hear the Big Dog going on and on, and man that man can go on. He’s stellar, but I still hold a grudge against the fratpricks for calling him racist. Show them how it’s done, Big Dog.

    I’m still voting for the women, Jill and Cheri of the Green Party.

  2. Harriet Hoctor says:

    Yes, Elvis hit the building last night. Basically he demonstrated to the Obama people how to make the case and if they can’t take it from here it’s not his problem. He did go on long – it’s Bill – but he held the audience, and he departed from the prepared text with devastating effect. I didn’t always like the guy but at his best he is the best and to borrow his own line he did have the good sense to marry Hillary. If another ex-President has dominated proceedings like this I can’t recall it. No wonder Obama won’t share a stage with him.

    Obama did come out at the end of Clinton’s speech and it was a nice moment.

  3. JeanLouise says:

    The Big Dawg kept my attention for the entire forty-eight minutes which is quite a feat. He made Obama look good which can’t be that easy. Sadly, he promoted the Simpson-Bowles Catfood Commission as a good framework for addressing the debt and the deficit and Obama promoted the damn thing tonight. It’s going to a hard life for 70-year-old waitresses if Democrats don’t get a clue and challenge Obama on that betrayal of working people.

  4. Yasmin says:

    I would just like to add to JeanLouise’s comments above where she stated sadly Bill defended the catfood commission. Another sad thing is nobody bothered to mention Stupak, no stupid defense was given of that misogynistic health care law and to think democrats are preaching women should be able to control their own healthcare, hmm I wonder where was that knowledge when Obama was proudly signing Stupak with a group of men standing next to him.

  5. Harriet Hoctor says:

    I’m afraid it’s up to voters and activists to pressure the Administration from the left on Simpson-Bowles. We must also hope that the Republicans don’t take the tax bait and Obama never gets his Grand Bargain, assuming he’s back in the White House. All signs still favor him although his limp speech last night did not aid his cause.

  6. SophieCT says:

    Clinton on deficit cutting and Simpson-Bowles (

    Former President Bill Clinton said Wednesday that any deficit-cutting deal worked out between Democrats and Republicans shouldn’t take effect immediately, but rather wait until after the economy has recovered. He warned that implementing the cuts too soon could imperil the fragile economic recovery and possibly send the country spiraling back into a recession.

    “Almost nobody’s talking about one of the central points that everyone who has analyzed this situation makes — including the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles commission — which [is] you shouldn’t do any of this until the economy is clearly recovering,” said Clinton in remarks at the annual Campus Progress National Conference in Washington, D.C.

    “If you do things that dampen economic growth…there’s a good chance that economic activity will go down so much that tax revenues will be reduced even more than spending is cut and the deficit will increase,” he added.

  7. Chio says:

    I didn’t watch. I’m having a hard time reconciling my feelings about what happened in 08, what happened during the Obama administration and the reality of an extremist like Ryan on the Republican ticket.