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Thursday, May 10th, 2012 · 15 Comments »

Hey, I see President Obama is now in favor of same-sex marriage. That’s good. I’ve been away from the news for several days, so I’m not entirely clear yet on what led up to this. (Apparently something involving Joe Biden and a microphone; always a dicey situation.) I’m also not sure how much of an impact this will actually have on marriage equality. Maybe people are weeping with joy just for the symbolic victory.

I’m sorry about being AWOL for the last couple of weeks. I had a bout of depression, followed by a bout of sickness, followed by a different bout of sickness. In fact, technically I’m still sick, since I was up all night puking. But a little while ago I got out of bed, took a bath, and suddenly had that fog-clearing sensation of “Hey! I think maybe I’m alive again!”

Also: if you sent me an email in the past week or two, I haven’t read it. I have a big backlog of mail to get through, so I apologize for the delay.

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  1. quixote says:

    Chrrist. I just heard that Mr. Marriage Equality then said that it’s up to the states to decide these issues. Because that worked so well before the Civil War.

  2. quixote7 says:

    (It seems to have dumped my comment to spam.?)

  3. Carmonn says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve been unwell. I hope you feel much better soon. I hate feeling so cynical, but based on Obama’s track record I’m pretty sure what led to this is a combination of falling poll numbers and the fact that the North Carolina vote is over, he can now declare his “personal” beliefs without being called upon to do anything whatever about it.

    The President affirming marriage equality is indeed a historic and beautiful thing. But, I have a really hard time believing that a 50-year-old man (who’s allegedly “brillant,” “cosmopolitan,” and “a profound, nuanced thinker”) sincerely opposed equal marriage, or that 6 months out from the election, he decided to finally give the matter some actual thought and realized that his kids’ classmates sure do have some nice parents. Of course, making the right decision based on political calulation would be fine, he is a politician, as long as there’s some actual teeth behind the decision. I hope he proves my jadedness wrong in a big way.

  4. Violet Socks says:

    (It seems to have dumped my comment to spam.?)

    yeah, you and Carmonn both. Not sure why. Maybe the Filters are feeling queasy.

  5. Sameol says:

    Mr. Marriage Equality even passed the buck on the platform. That’s the party’s decision, not the president’s, says the White House. Is there anyone who’s ever trusted this man who hasn’t ended up with tire tread marks on his or her back?

    I wish someone would remind him that he was in favor of marriage equality before he was against it, way back in ’96, and ask him to shed a bit more light on the rather tortured evolution process as a whole.

  6. purplefinn says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Violet. Be kind to yourself.

    I thought Obama explained his “evolution” well; and I am taking it at face value. No further expectations.

  7. Nina M. says:

    No, what’s nice is seeing you back. So glad to hear you are feeling better. You were missed. I missed you!

    As for Obama’s fibble-fabble about the states, I liked this comment following a NYTimes blog thing on Obama’s announcement:

    George Harris Williamsburg, Virginia:

    I do find it disturbing that the evolution of President Obama’s thinking on this issue still has a way to go. Does the President believe that the privileges and immunities clause of the 14th amendment does not protect the right of heterosexuals to marry, that it is not one of the powers of the government, federal or state, to dispense the right of heterosexual citizens to marry and have a family? Does the President believe that it should be up to the states whether heterosexual citizens of the various states have the right via the privileges and immunities clause to marry and have a family? Does the President believe that homosexual citizens are covered by the privileges and immunities clause? If so, then where is the room in his evolution for the thought that the issue of gay marriage is not a national issue? I just don’t get it.

  8. Miss Clairol says:

    Feel better!

    He’s changed his position on this several times during the course of his career. I’ve never really known anyone to “evolve” from a pro-civil rights position to an anti-civil rights position, so “evolving” next to a namby-pamby non-position position really doesn’t ring true. I just hope that the tables are turned and he’s somehow forced into taking meaningful action in spite of himself.

    Even the Supreme Court recognizes the right to marry as a civil right. I’m certain that the President is familiar with Loving v. Virginia.

  9. scott says:

    I hope you feel better; depression and stomach stuff together sounds like a real bear (sending good thoughts………..)

    It is typical Obama, late, hedged, limited, symbolic more than real. At the same time, symbolic steps in the right direction can lead to real change, so I’m hopeful.

  10. Vera says:

    I’m sending California-style healing light to you, Violet. Stomach problems and depression–sounds like my family’s classic combination!

    Obama’s left himself plenty of weasel-room by asserting that this is a state-by-state matter. Perhaps he’ll continue to evolve.

  11. elliesmom says:

    Have you started thinking about a new puppy yet? It might help with the depression. Puppy kisses are the best cure I know for feeling blue.

  12. Simon Kenton says:

    Based on the kind and quantity of evidence that many used to decide Bush is a dolt, Biden is too. And yet he has twice finessed the president: Announcing repeatedly and publicly that he’s going to be on the ticket, and now this premature ejaculation about gay marriage. I’m wondering who really is the smartest person in the room.

  13. Carmonn says:

    That’s only if you buy the story that Biden went off-script. It’s certainly possible, but in an Administration that’s about PR and politics to the exclusion of anything else, we’ve had a suspicious number of people making completely unscripted and unapproved pronouncements lately.

    It’s also possible that Biden was sent out with a trial balloon, allowing Obama to benefit from the Joe is a dolt narrative. Biden’s verbal diarrhea is easy to ignore, and Obama could have chosen to ignore it for a few months if that was really what he wanted. There are drawbacks to announcing closer to the convention as well.

  14. Simon Kenton says:

    Carmonn, you certainly could be right; this and other similar blurts could have been concerted. The problem with that modus operandi is that it is based on having a cloud of lackeys floating your messages, which you then own or disown as it suits your convenience or your strategery. But to unsubtle or even brutish voters such as myself, it just looks like you have wholly lost control of your people. Like, dare I say it, you couldn’t manage a McDonald’s, much less a presidency.

  15. Carmonn says:

    Well, yes, I suppose it does look bad regardless. Still, the one salient characteristic of Joe Biden’s personality is narcissism. He’s not a team player and I have a hard time imagining someone as allegedly reticent as Obama opening his innermost thought processes to Biden. Or, frankly, telling him anything that wasn’t for immediate public consumption. Biden may be being used without even realizing it.