George Zimmerman launches new website, entire world attempts to load it

Monday, April 9th, 2012 · 4 Comments »

I’ve been trying to access George Zimmerman’s new website, but I keep getting 503 errors. I think you’re gonna need the business class server, George. Maybe a dedicated box, depending on how hard you get hit.

ThinkProgress has a screenshot of the web page art:

Okey dokey. As ThinkProgress reports, the spray-painted brick building in the photo is a vandalized black cultural center at Ohio State University. The “Justice for Zimmerman” sign is from a Terry Jones rally—Jones being that right-wing Koran-burning pastor with a sideline in homophobia.

If Zimmerman wants to persuade everyone that he’s just a nice guy without a bigoted bone in his body, this would not seem to be an optimal approach.

UPDATE: Oh golly, the Zimmerman family is out in force today. Unless it’s just the one Zimmerman and his sock puppet. From Professor Hutchinson at Dissenting Justice: George Zimmerman’s Wingnut Relative Defends Him In Letter to Eric Holder. Is that you, George?

UPDATE THE SECOND: George Zimmerman Goes Rogue. Lordy.

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4 Responses to “George Zimmerman launches new website, entire world attempts to load it”

  1. Adrienne in CA says:

    Doesn’t seem like a strategy that any competent defense attorney would endorse. Usually, they want the client to stfu.

  2. Miss Clairol says:

    You’re not missing much. There’s a section called “The case” where he refuses to discuss it and thanks his friends for coming to his aid and never questioning his actions. Then, under “My Race”, nothing except this gem: “the world is my country all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion Thomas Paine.” If only every vigilante race murderer embraced his credo of tolerance.

  3. Violet Socks says:

    Yeah, I was finally able to load it late last night. What a twit.

    Today he seems to have taken down the picture of the vandalized building, but he still has the sign from the Terry Jones rally.

  4. Jay says:

    The website was really shocking. From the 1992 era geocities layout that looks like it was made by a 10 year old, to the over the top imagery and quotes. It was pretty much exactly what you would expect.