November, 2011


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Fantastic news! It looks like the quest to keep Hilary’s mom from being evicted has been successful! It’s the evening of November 30, and Hilary writes: Hello all! The goal has been reached as of tonight! Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and donations, and for sharing the link elsewhere…I’m going to call […]

When not to use pepper spray, part 2

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Via the LA Times. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I also hope you’re all still alive this Black Friday and haven’t been pepper sprayed, shot, or trampled to death.

Help keep Hilary’s mom from being evicted

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(Sticky.) Loyal reader Hilary Gardiner writes that her Mom is on the verge of being evicted from her trailer park home. Hilary had a kidney transplant last year and her mother nursed her through it. Now Mom is behind in her rent and facing eviction: You might be wondering why I’ve given all this seemingly […]

When not to use pepper spray

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Via Cosmic Variance.

What she said

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Here’s Sady Doyle on why being a feminist blogger is sickening and depressing as hell. Yup.

The banksters of Old Babylon

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In the Old Babylonian Period (2000 to 1600 BCE), the traditional state/temple-run economic system was supplanted by a heavily privatized capitalism. From A History of the Ancient Near East, by Marc Van de Mieroop (emphasis added): This system of economic organization and management was a hallmark of the entire period from 2000 to 1600 [BCE]. […]

Occupy Global Day of Action: open thread

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Anybody here doing anything? I see that Riverdaughter will be in New York today. I’m probably just going to occupy my chair, and then maybe my bed for awhile. I might occupy the yard with Molly later on.

A $200 impulse buy

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Am I the only person in the world who thinks 200 bucks is serious money? Okay, not exactly serious, but significant. It’s a chunk of change, you know? But here’s ZDNet calling the $199 Kindle Fire an “impulse buy”: The Kindle Fire is the tablet for the rest of the market. The reasonable price of […]

I need to hook up this “socialist whore” guy with the people on the Rapture board

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You’ve probably already heard about the heckler who called Elizabeth Warren a “socialist whore.” He also tells her that her “boss” (Obama?) is “foreign-born.” I share Elizabeth Warren’s compassion for the guy. He’s been out of work since 2010, he’s a moron, whaddya gonna do? I think he needs to find that Rapture board I […]