February, 2011

The Shock Doctrine in Wisconsin

By · Friday, February 25th, 2011 · 22 Comments »

Sorry, folks, I’ve been AWOL. Work and family issues have completely absorbed my attention for the past two weeks, so much so that I haven’t even been able to follow the news. I’ve been vaguely aware that the Mubarak regime in Wisconsin has been trying to push through union-busting legislation with the aid of the […]

I can haz pyramid?

By · Friday, February 11th, 2011 · 13 Comments »

At last! It seems the Egyptian army has finally helped Mubarak parse the meaning of the concepts “door,” “hit you,” and “ass.”

No time to post; too busy sending compromising photos of myself to Craigslist

By · Thursday, February 10th, 2011 · 22 Comments »

Fortunately, I am utterly confident that no one will recognize me. What could possibly go wrong?

So I guess that means the RightNetwork won’t be offering a profit-sharing plan

By · Monday, February 7th, 2011 · 11 Comments »

The wingnuts are all up in arms about Obama’s remarks to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today. Obama said that corporate profits “have to be shared with American workers,” and the wingnuts are hysterical because they say OMIGOD THIS IS SOCIALISM. Well, I guess it is socialism in a way; it’s just socialism circa 1910. […]

“Never take your clothes off for a middle-aged man who claims that it’s art.”

By · Sunday, February 6th, 2011 · 38 Comments »

That’s a quote from Maria Schneider; it appears at the top of this excellent essay by Suzie at Echidne of the Snakes. I’m linking it here just because it’s such a good post that I want you to go read it. Like Suzie, I was too young to see Last Tango in Paris when it […]

These are the people who want you to die

By · Saturday, February 5th, 2011 · 18 Comments »

If you’re a pregnant woman, that is. You’ve probably read about the “Let Women Die” Act currently in the House; the bill would allow hospitals to simply refuse to provide emergency life-saving medical care to a pregnant woman if such care involves aborting the fetus. I was fascinated to see that the bill, which was […]

How in the hell is Sarah Palin more conservative than Mike Huckabee?

By · Friday, February 4th, 2011 · 21 Comments »

At first glance you probably think this is your basic Hertzsprung–Russell diagram showing the stars plotted by magnitude and spectral type. As predicted, Mitt Romney is a blue giant (I think I’m going to start calling him Rigel) while Sarah Palin is a G-type main sequence star. No, wait! That’s not what this diagram is […]

Does anybody really believe that Obama prays?

By · Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 · 59 Comments »

While we wait to see what new flavor of hell is going to emerge in Egypt, here’s a minor amusement: Obama’s speech before the National Prayer Breakfast. As USA Today reports: Social justice, humility and “to walk closer with God” are President Obama’s daily prayers, he told the National Prayer Breakfast this morning. In a […]

Looks like my generation may be the last to actually enjoy sex

By · Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 · 41 Comments »

Horrifying article in Salon about pornography—not anything I didn’t already know, but it’s depressing to be reminded: In an excellent essay [here], Davy Rothbart writes about his struggle to get off with a real, live woman — and he blames it on porn: “For a lot of guys, switching gears from porn’s fireworks and whiz-bangs […]