What Twisty said.

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There is nothing about men that Savage Death Islanders don’t know. Nothing. We know all about your dicks and your glands and what gets you off and how you were socialized and the terrible strain of male privilege. We get all your dude-jokes. We know all your antifeminist arguments. We know all your porn-is-necessary justifications. We know how you behave when you perceive that someone of a lower caste has challenged your authori-tay. No need to explain to us that we are doing feminism wrong, because we’ve already heard it from the 495,312 dudes who thought of it before you were born. We know that you are not conscious of your own privilege. And we get that, because your invisible privilege derives from the oppression of women, you hate women.

It turns out that after a lifetime of prophylactic acquiescence to Dude Culture gavage, I no longer give a crap. I don’t give a crap if dudes like me, or if dudes like feminists, or if dudes understand basic elements of feminism, or if dudes support the feminist fucking agenda, or if dudes sincerely ask me to educate them about feminism when all they really need is a swift kick in the grill with the boot of basic human decency. I’d rather have a root canal than spend even 3 seconds trying to convince some dude that patriarchy exists and that I’m not just making it up because I’m ugly and can’t get laid. The only thing that interests me less than educating lazy-ass dudes about their male fucking privilege is explaining to fucking lazy-ass privileged dudes why I am not interested in educating them. And Jesus Christ, the ennui! The crushing, stultifying, soporific ennui! The ennui of writing “Chad, you seem like a nice enough guy, but you should really check out the Feminism 101 blog before calling me ‘irrational’ and alluding to the power of femininity.” The ennui of reading “your a bitch thats why feminism will fail.” The ennui of sifting through gibberish like “Our female ruling class & their collaborators are biggest criminals in history.”

God, the ennui! It’s like living in the goddam Twilight Zone episode where the train keeps pulling into the same station over and over and over.

Nothing wastes my time like a dude. And at age 51, I ain’t got all that much time left.

Pretty much the only difference is that I’m 47. Other than that, same deal.

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13 Responses to “What Twisty said.”

  1. Briar says:

    What’s this about Chris Matthews calling for a Californian woman politicians to be burned at the stake? His glands playing him up again?

  2. Delphyne says:

    when all they really need is a swift kick in the grill with the boot of basic human decency.


  3. Lynnerkat says:

    That pretty much sums it up.

  4. SYD says:

    Hey. She’s my age. And she speaks for me!!

  5. votermom says:

    Right on. Great rant.

    Seen on lj:

    The Iron Man 2 Dr Pepper limited edition cans feature Tony “Iron Man” Stark and Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko on the regular Dr Pepper cans, and Pepper Potts and the Black Widow on the Diet Dr Pepper cans.


  6. tinfoil hattie says:

    Who wants Smelly Nutsack Soup for dinner?

    Oh, wait. I had that last night.

    And the night before.

    And for lunch, too.

    And for breakfast, and …

  7. Sarah says:

    I feel this way, except that I’m still in the phase of actually trying to educate people. I’m 22, so maybe I’m too young to give up faith in all human decency.



  8. Ciardha says:

    43, soon to be 44, but yeah, I don’t have the time or interest in bothering to try to educate fauxgressive dudes who view me with the same contempt right wing dudes do. I’m sick and tired of their whiny arrogant attitudes and would like to give them a “clue-by-four” upside the head.

  9. Ciccina says:

    Ditto; 41.

  10. bluelyon says:

    Count me in. Most recent banging head against the wall was with 30 year old son-in-law. I’m 54 and tired, tired, tired.

  11. angus says:

    I’m a dude so anything I say here is going to go over like a lead brick, but I gonna say it anyway.

    The beauty of the internet is that you will have people turning up you don’t want to talk to. Since this internet thing has been up and running I’ve read the screeds of racists and anti-racists, oil drillers and greenpeacers, salafists and zoinists, reformers and the establishments, misogynists and some people claiming to be feminists. I’ve argued with a few, been banned from lots.

    I found my ennui, it was easy. All groups dislike questions. Each clique contains those who believe their truth is absolute and is beneath them to back it up.

    I haven’t found the truth yet, truth is more difficult than ennui. So I keep looking, reading interesting points of view and asking the occasional question. You can choose to answer or not.

    PS – 47 or even 51 is not old.

  12. Val says:

    Me too – 47 & completely & utterly exhausted.
    I loved this post of Twisty’s but I’m too shy to comment on her threads ;-)
    It’s like I told my Nigel recently: I don’t even know where to START.

  13. Michele Braa-Heidner says:

    Twisty hit the nail on the head in this post!! I too am at an age (47) where I am just bone tired of explaining and trying to get people, especially men, but sometimes women, to see patriarchy and how they are effected by it. It is exhausting. To be a female who is aware of patriarchy and what it has and is doing to the female spirit and our environment is like teetering on the edge of a cliff above a sea of poison, screaming at the top of my lungs “Danger, stay away the water is poison!!” And everyone else is swimming, splashing and exclaiming, “come on in the water is fine!”