June, 2010


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So I dreamed it was the Great Depression, right? And I was there in a time machine or something, and all the Hooverites were there, talking about slashing budgets and cutting spending and tightening belts, and I was yelling No! No! FAIL! Here, let me show you this history book from 50 years in the […]

Wouldn’t you know, the worst possible thing to do to the economy is exactly what the idiots are planning to do

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At various points in my shadowy, reclusive existence, I have studied economics, worked at the International Monetary Fund, and done mysterious things in the financial industry. I mention all this not to lay claim to being an economist, which I certainly am not, but merely to note that I have spent a fair amount of […]

Next up, James Carville riding a burning alligator

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CNN can hardly contain its disappointment that Tropical Storm Alex is tracking south of the oil. Oh well, there will be other opportunities:

Attention: Justice Party People

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Read this post and report back. I like it very much.

Obama to launch National Patriarchy Initiative

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So, what’s new with the Super Feminist in the White House? Ah, yes: he’s announcing the creation of the President’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? I mean, what could be wrong with that? Plenty. The father’s rights movement in this country is ground zero for anti-feminism. The radiation levels are off […]

Father’s Day, food, and that Hillary rumor

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Open thread, but here are the three things I’m thinking about (because I’m not not not not thinking about the giant hole in the world): 1. Father’s Day. I’m going to make a lemon trifle thing I dreamed up, sort of a lemon version of banana pudding. But with lemon pudding instead of vanilla, and […]

Maybe they think nobody’s home

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Governor Brewer is upset about how the news of the pending suit was handled: It does seem a little weird the way it was handled. But given the way Arizona has been acting, maybe the White House didn’t think there were any responsible adults at home to take the call. Needless to say, I’m extremely […]

Jon Stewart on Obama’s abuse of executive power

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Priceless: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c


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Anybody here remember Kremlinology? The original version, I mean? I do. Grainy photos from Red Square would be scrutinized to see who was standing where and how close to Brezhnev; texts would be parsed for clues to what the Soviets were really planning. Anyway, that’s what popped into my head as I was reading this […]

I figured it out

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The “it” being this: As you’ve identified, one flaw, hopefully not fatal, of lefty feminism is the tendency to militantly guard the door. If that is the case — if contemporary leftist feminism is like that — then why? And when did it happen? I know I’ve told you guys a million times that I’ve […]