The “meth lab of democracy” is about right

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 · 3 Comments »

Arizona now attempting to outlaw ethnic studies programs. Damn.

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3 Responses to “The “meth lab of democracy” is about right”

  1. Delphyne says:

    Women’s studies are next, Violet.

  2. votermom says:

    Is it something in the water? Or maybe sun poisoning?

  3. Grace says:

    I have a theory about this measure being pushed by people like Jan Brewer and Tom Horme. I noticed that Horme, the State Schools chief was quoted as saying: “It’s just like the Old South, and it’s long past that we prohibited it.” It defies logic and history. In the old south ethnic minorities were the ones being oppressed by and segregated from the “pristine” population. Signs like “Mexicans and dogs not allowed,” and “For Whites only” were the norm.

    And Jan Brewer (w/out meaning to be ageist)looks old enough to remember or even experience first hand segregated schools, with her being part of the privileged group. Having said that, all this sounds like a paranoid reaction and an expression of their worst fear: that ethnic minorities will increase their power base and could then become the “oppressors” themselves.

    In this regard, her comments are completely transparent in revealing these fears. She says that “people should be treated as individuals.” It actually sounds good, doesn’t it?, but it’s meant to confuse people, the same as with Hormes’s comment about the Old South. They are paradoxically trying to portray themselves as the real champions of civil rights, with everybody being happy but knowing what their “place” is, like it used to be in the good Old Soutn.