Oklahoma women required to endure object rape if they want an abortion

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 · 13 Comments »

I completely agree with Liss’s take on the new bill:

I’m not even going to mince words on this one: Compelling a woman to undergo an unnecessary vaginal probe to acquire a legal medical procedure is fucking rape. There isn’t anyone on the planet who can convince me that any woman should have to exchange unrelated access to her vagina for any legal medical procedure, including abortion, which itself doesn’t even require vaginal access in every case anymore.

It is rape. It’s object rape with a goddamn probe. And the men who passed this bill are rapists-by-proxy.

As usual, the men behind the bill claim that the purpose is to “provide women with additional information before having an abortion.” Except that a companion bill passed by these same creeps would “allow doctors to withhold test results showing fetal defects.” So much for information.

I also appreciate the snarkfulness of Liss’s post title: “But it’s all okay because Obama is protecting Roe.”

Uh-huh. Speaking of Obama, know what’s in the news right now? The president is inserting himself into the Arizona police-state situation:

The president also said an immigration bill currently on the Arizona governor’s desk was “misguided,” and said he has ordered his staff to “closely monitor the situation” to make sure the measure will not violate people’s civil liberties.

He’s absolutely right, of course. And I’m glad the White House is being pro-active on this. Except, well, you know. It would be awfully nice if the Obama administration were also concerned about the civil liberties of female people — particularly the female people in Oklahoma whom the state government has just decided to rape.

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13 Responses to “Oklahoma women required to endure object rape if they want an abortion”

  1. willyjsimmons says:

    Yep. Shenanigans here in Nebraska as well.

  2. Delphyne says:

    This just makes me sick. So fucking sick I can’t stand it…

  3. Delphyne says:

    And another thing – Obama is not going to do a goddamn thing about that horrific bill in Arizona. He will do nothing or do just the opposite of what he is peddling. I detest that man more each day – I really didn’t think it was possible.

  4. Nell says:

    Oklahoma governor vetoed both the ultrasound and information-withholding bills today.


  5. Violet Socks says:

    Yay! Thank God!

  6. janicen says:

    I’m glad the gov vetoed the bills, but I can’t help but wonder what kind of sick f#ck thought them up to begin with. Withholding relevant information? WTF?

  7. LJSNAustin says:

    Just further reason why we must have more female representation among our lawmakers!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kiuku says:

    Yea that’s sick. Men are disgustingly sick. So let’s say I’m the woman, and i’mgoing to have a procedure done to my body. i’m going to have a vaginal ultrasound, pay for it, and -theyre not going to tell me- the information from the vaginal ultrasound??????

  9. votermom says:

    This is vile. On a level with the force-feeding and electroshock that suffragists were made to endure, as “crazy women.” Obviously any woman who would choose an abortion is “crazy” and must be “persuaded” to change her mind. Probably waterboarding is next in the War on Women.

  10. SweetSue says:

    Thank God the Oklahoma governor vetoed that horrible bill. Now, my blood pressure can begin to drop.
    I was hoping for a profile in courage from the governor of Arizona, but that didn’t happen.

  11. Big Fat Feminist says:

    Don’t get too excited. Here’s what Gov. Henry said:

    Henry said Friday that legislation is flawed because it does not allow rape and incest victims to be exempted.

    So if the legislature sends the bill back to him with a “rape and incest victim” clause inserted, will he sign it?

  12. gxm17 says:

    Big Fat Feminist @11: So if the legislature sends the bill back to him [Gov. Henry] with a “rape and incest victim” clause inserted, will he sign it?

    Rape and incest victim clauses confirm that these restrictions are meant to be punitive. Such abortion restrictions have no purpose other than to humiliate, penalize and, now, sexually assault women for the crimes of 1) having sex and 2) seeking control of her own body.

  13. Oklahoma passes state-mandated object-rape law | Reclusive Leftist says:

    [...] official: the State of Oklahoma now requires a woman to be raped with a vaginal probe if she wants an abortion. The medical technicians committing the rape also have the right to [...]