So, I guess this is what a feminist looks like

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 · 29 Comments »
CORRECTION:  This *IS* the picture of President Obama signing the Executive Order banning abortion coverage. No press reporters or photographers were allowed, so this is the picture produced by the White House staff photographer, Pete Souza.

CORRECTION: This *IS* the picture of President Obama signing the Executive Order banning abortion coverage. No press reporters or photographers were allowed, so this is the picture produced by the White House staff photographer, Pete Souza.

Dear God in the Smoking Lounge, I am so fed up with this kabuki theatre bullshit.

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29 Responses to “So, I guess this is what a feminist looks like”

  1. lalala says:

    Disgusting and cowardly he would do this behind closed doors without cameras. Time for Ms. to eat crow and admit they were wrong to put him on their cover as a femanist.

  2. madaha says:

    vomitrocious!!!! How to describe the feeling of being underestimated and manipulated and underrated?

    great, now I’m turning into Jesse Jackson.

    Ok this is just me turning off politics forever. Bye enfranchisement, I hardly knew ye.

  3. ugsome says:

    “..Men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19

  4. Grace says:

    It’s interesting that Rep.Stupak is standing next to Obama; highly symbolic if I dare say. I read that there is conflict between the national president of NOW, who has justly remained critical of Obama, and the regional president from California, who after drinking the elixir of idiocy from Obama’s Kool-Aid, and like the people from NARAL and pseudo-feminist Naomi Klein, unconditionally worshipped and gave herself over to American idol Obama. I thought that NOW was supposed to represent the interests of women and not those of any particular president or politician. So,I guess I was mistaken.

    The only positive thing out of this massive sell-out (with the exception of Terry McNeil)is that women in this country won’t be blackmailed as easily into supporting any democrat by using the pro-choice argument.

  5. Grace says:

    A correction in my previous post: I meant Naomi Wolf and not Naomi Klein.

  6. Violet Socks says:

    Irony of ironies, today I got a notice that my health insurance was cancelled. Yikes! For non-payment of premium, which I think is a dastardly lie spread by communists. But that’s okay, after having a heart attack and doubling over in agony, I called and got it reinstated. Only $810.

    I wonder what I’ll be paying every month in 2014, when the HCR thingy allegedly happens. Assuming I’m still alive then.

  7. Alison says:

    Grace, I’d love to say that pro-choice dem women won’t blindly vote for any democratic $#&* in the future but I think it’s worse than that. Politics have become cult-like on both the right and the left. I feel it’s more (I hate to use this word) community and identity than policy or ethics. I think dem women are still going to think of the democratic party as pro-choice because they will be distracted from things like the above picture and focus on their hatred of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

    Honestly, I’m getting tired of the “I hate Glen!” and “I hate Rush!” dialogue of many Democrats. Of course they are awful. But why do we need to constantly talk about them? Because it distracts from any really thoughtful analysis of what the Democrats are doing.

  8. littleisis says:

    Yeah, love the two whole women standing behind him too.

  9. Sameol says:

    I realize you said you were sick of kabuki, but AP special correspondant David Espo’s WORM is an instant classic:

    Anything but jubilant, President Barack Obama awkwardly kept a promise Wednesday he made to ensure passage of historic health care legislation, pledging the administration would not allow federal funds to pay for elective abortions covered by private insurance.
    Unlike Tuesday, when a beaming Obama signed the health care law in a nationally televised ceremony interrupted repeatedly by applause, the White House refused to permit coverage of the event. It occurred in the Oval Office in the presence of a small group of anti-abortion Democratic lawmakers who had extracted the commitment over the weekend. The president supports abortion rights.

  10. Kiuku says:

    This is what a Feminist looks like.

  11. Nessum says:

    Time for Ms. to eat crow and admit they were wrong to put him on their cover as a femanist.

    Not quite yet, I’m afraid. This offer is still on their homepage:

    “Limited-edition commemorative poster of the historic Ms. inaugural cover.”

  12. Jack Crow says:


    Isn’t that the point of misdirection, to get folks to focus on peripherals while the real damage is done elsewhere?

    Getting “liberals” to drum up their two minute hate for obvious idiots such as Beck is easy. Beck’s a caricature of a conservative. He positively embodies all the things which are easy to disregard, condemn or otherwise mock in conservatives. There’s no need to address why he’s wrong, since the problem with Beck (and that whole ilk) isn’t the ideas he offers, but his person himself.

    He’s a buffoon, and by focusing on his clownery, the Dems get away doing all sorts of damage, enacting reactionary laws and serving the interests of their corporate fundraisers (who, of course, back the Republicans as well) while pointing at Beck and the gang and wondering, aloud, “Do you really want them in charge?”

    It’s not easy to break the spell, when you’re raised to depend on the glamour of it, for you view of politics, but it’s possible.

    Hell, look at this blog as but one example. It’s obviously happening. That doesn’t mean that the right course of action is to become political, form parties and maneuver for control of the monstrous warmongering, life crushing state.

    But, the work and play of just getting away from the blandishments of power, patriarchy, political loyalty and economic feudalism is perhaps enough, in and of itself, for now.

  13. quixote says:

    Way back in the day, I couldn’t understand brainwashing at all. Being young, I couldn’t understand how people wouldn’t see that they were being pushed over a really bad line. How they didn’t, at some point, say, “No. This far and no further.”

    It’s been fascinating, in a look-at-that-awful-accident sort of way, watching the “progressives” and “feminists” make excuses. And seeing how the real issue is excusing their own past BS, not Big0′s current load, whatever it might be.

    Given how people are known to react to brainwashing, I wouldn’t be too hopeful that very many women — or anyone — won’t be blackmailed as easily with variations of ZOMG!!! REPUBLICANS!!!! In studies of (mild) brainwashing, it’s only about 5% who insist on believing their own eyes.

  14. shoes says:

    If any of you are still subscribers. STOP.

  15. m Andrea says:

    I feel it’s more (I hate to use this word) community and identity than policy or ethics.

    YES! But I would go further than that. It’s like people don’t want to know that in order for any problem to be resolved, the original cause of that problem must be identified and addressed. It’s like they’d rather choose their response based on how that response makes them feel on a purely emotional level and only afterwards do they seek justifications in order to legitimatize their choices. I see this all the time in the funfeminists when they constantly conflate emotion with logic.

    They don’t just do that occassionally, they do it all the time. It’s not simply a bad habit as I previously assumed, it’s an automatic lizard brain response. And you know, anything on that level which requires protection does indicate some profoundly intense insecurity. They’re protecting something, and they’re avoiding something — probably don’t want to contemplate precisely why men still hate them and precisely why progress is moving backwards after all these decades of feminist deconstructions. They desperately want to believe that progress only goes in one direction but reality is getting in the way, so they retreat into delusion and knee-jerk reactions.

  16. Shannon Drury says:

    @Grace: Symbolic is right-symbolic of how much this administration cares about poor women. Cecile Richards had the nerve to make light of this executive order in her press release, as if reaffirming the dreadful Hyde Amendment is no big whoop! I am so proud of Terry O’Neill and all the leaders at National NOW for speaking out against this crap.

  17. bluelyon says:

    Actually, that is the official White House picture of B0 signing the EO, according to this article.

    It makes me want to vomit.

  18. votermom says:

    Does someone have a link to the full text of the StupakIsInYourOvaries Executive Order?

  19. Lexia says:

    Anyone know who the two WINOs in that picture are?

  20. votermom says:

    UW has all the names here

  21. la-t-da says:

    Votermom, FDL posted the EO on Sunday.

  22. la-t-da says:

    I am actually much more concerned about the “new protections” for the conscience clauses extending to the insurance companies. I call NOW on Sunday to ask they had not addressed that. They said they were working on their second statement, but when it was released they still did not address it.

    “Under the Act, longstanding Federal laws to protect conscience (such as the Church Amendment, 42 U.S.C. §300a-7, and the Weldon Amendment, Pub. L. No. 111-8, §508(d)(1) (2009)) remain intact and new protections prohibit discrimination against health care facilities and health care providers because of an unwillingness to provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions.”

    Let’s all remember this is the 2nd EO he has issued since in office. The first was to to overturn the Bush 11th hour clause. It really only “ordered” HHS to write new language. They were supposed to get back to us but I never saw it. Suppose “new protections” for insurance companies is getting back to us.

  23. Violet Socks says:

    Thank you very much, bluelyon! I’ve updated the caption.

  24. cloaking device says:

    I’m just so sick of the cavalcade of excuses for what is right in front of their noses : “he had to do it, for the greater good”, “Hillary and Bill worked behind the scenes to get this passed”, “But Hillary congratulated him!”, “he really doesn’t mean it”, “people are racists and they’re trying to ruin his presidency”. “The president supports abortion rights”. WTF morons?!!! If it walks like a duck…

  25. Kiuku says:

    part of the reason people no longer make living wages in this country (one’s where 1 person..ONE person can afford a house and three people in a “family”) is health insurance premiums (the other reason is discrimination against women). It’s ridiculous. Just abolish health insurance. Cash only and subsidized by the government from INCOME tax. It’s not that friggin difficult to understand what the economy is. Why are people so dumb that they can’t understand what their government is actually trying to accomplish (more control).

  26. Lexia says:

    Marcy Kaptur and Kathy Dahlkemper.

    Thanks, votermom.

  27. tinfoil hattie says:

    The president supports abortion rights.

    Right. He sure does. Uh-huh. That’s some crackerjack journamilism, right there!

  28. Grace says:

    @ Cloaking device: I agree with your comment and those from others in this thread about the use of rationalizations and brainwashing as to avoid at all costs any criticism of Obama. Almost everybody else in this administration but the Messiah himself has been mocked,vilified, and blamed (Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Biden, Geithner, Summers, Janet Napolitano, etc.). From the beginning they became the scapegoats while Obama got to preserve his aura of innocence and purity.

    Once in a while, in a failed effort to break the spell, I have tried to gently confront this delusional thinking by saying something like: “But, but….Obama personally chose and hired these people, they work at his pleasure, and he, he…even said that the buck stops with him, didn’t he?” But like somebody said in this thread, blind emotions and identity politics trump logic and critical thinking every time, or that’s what it seems like.

  29. lambert strether says:

    Yves Smith, the proprietor of Naked Capitalism, will appear at Corrente, Sunday, March 28 from 2-4PM EST, as we discuss her new book, ECONned. NC is a terrific blog everybody should read, and Yves has been covering the financial crisis since its inception (unlike so many of the “political” blogs).