I’m giving myself a B+

Monday, December 14th, 2009 · 26 Comments »

But that’s just until Raoul gets a job and can start picking up the tab for my prescriptions. Then I think I’ll bump it up to A-minus.

What lambert said: asshole.

In other hilarious news, President Obama claims that he “did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.” Fat cat bankers disagree.

At least everything looks pretty for Christmas:


I’m curious about those bluish globe ornaments. Are they hand-painted earth globes? If anyone has a link to more pictures, I’d be obliged. Really — no snark. I like Christmas stuff.

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26 Responses to “I’m giving myself a B+”

  1. myiq2xu says:

    Don’t be modest. You deserve a better grade than Obama.

  2. Nessum says:

    Violet, here’s one of the globes showing the Statue of Liberty:


  3. cellocat says:

    That piece of fluff is gack-worthy. It’s always about Michelle’s clothing and domestic triumphs -subtext – see how well she runs her house! Aren’t you glad we didn’t get that awful Hillary back in the White House?! Yay, gingerbread and cool local artisan globes! And Bo, so much cooler than some cat named Socks! /snark

  4. B-plus? Are you shitting me? « The Confluence says:

    [...] Violet Socks reacts here. [...]

  5. slythwolf says:

    The blue ornaments look like just abstract art glass to me. I’m seeing red and black on some of them, and they all seem to have different proportions of blue to other colors.

    I’m giving myself a D this year. I did just enough work to get by and was frequently absent. I think I’m going to have to retake the course.

  6. Val says:

    Heh – I’m giving myself an A, ‘cuz I’ve always been an “A” student! So there.

  7. lalala says:

    I said here several days ago that I thought Obama would give himself a B-: http://www.reclusiveleftist.com/2009/12/11/clintongaga-2012/#comment-37273
    I guess I still underestimate Obama’s hubris. The man has no shame. How can he give himself a B+ with a straight face? Or is he really as disconnected with what has happened to this country as his predecessor? The scary part is that he might still believe in all the hype that elected him last year and that he actually deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

  8. anna says:

    Interesting news: After decades of being merchandise in Nevada brothels, straight women have finally won the right to be customers.


  9. FembotsForObama says:

    Anyone else notice the body language in this picture? Either Obama feels closer to Oprah, or Michelle is not feeling “it” these days. Who would you guess is the first couple from this pic?

  10. myiq2xu says:

    Who would you guess is the first couple from this pic?

    Which one of those women has the most money?

    Cuz besides himself, money is Obama’s true love.

  11. willyjsimmons says:

    Matt Taibbi mocking BOTH Obama and Clinton, then.


    Matt Taibbi today:

    “I’ll generate lots of publicity for myself by calling Obama a sell out, even though in my heart of hearts I still support him, and hey, he isn’t Sarah Palin.”


  12. drexi says:

    Professor Obama, always grading on a curve, especially when grading his own work. Or maybe His White-hot Brilliance allows him to round up his 48.3% job approval to ~88%. Anyhow, apropos to Barack Obama, The Nuanced Needlethreader, we can split the difference to get ~68%, D+. That sounds about right, barely edging up on slightly below average. Either Hillary or Sarah Palin could be doing a totally average job right now, at least. As for the photo, Obama gravitates and cleaves to Oprah’s higher Q Score like somebody clinging to their guns or religion.

  13. janicen says:

    Fembots @ 9, I agree with you about the body language. It looks like he’s posing for a picture with Oprah and Michelle just happens to be standing there. He’s much more interested in Oprah. It’s another example of why I feel sorry for Michelle sometimes. I don’t think he treats her very well, even though he tries to act like he does by talking about their “date nights” and such. Usually, when a couple makes a point to talk about what a great relationship they have, there’s more to the story.

  14. Northwest rain says:

    Gee I thought I had made a comment that besides being a narcissist (his public behavior seems to fit the description of narcissist) we may need to add delusional as well. [snark]

    Truly only a delusional individual could give himself a B+ — [snark]

    But then if he considers himself in a class of one — meaning that he is HE and the Only one like himself — HE alone is a gift to us all perhaps that is where his comparison for grading is coming from. (after all wasn’t that his Mrs. 0′s message — that he was gifting us with his supreme greatness). I certainly heard words to that effect from 0bots — that HE would end wars and “change” the world. [snark]

    Since I see him as just another penis to occupy the White House/Oval office — THEN I would grade him with all previous Prez. AND if a woman happened to be in that office — I would certainly compare her against all others to have been in that office for one year. [snark]

    He really doesn’t get a grade — he gets an Incomplete. [snark]

    Me I’m just a middle of the road (never able to do as much as I want to) — and obviously I am unable to communicate sarcasm to those more highly educated than myself.


  15. Lori says:

    Oprah does look more cuddly. Can’t say I blame him.

  16. Cyn says:

    The women make more of a statement in the photo than Obama. They look more powerful or comfortable in their skin. Obama looks like a little cheezeit sandwiched between two strong women. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand either of the women, but I get much more of a sense of them than a sense of him.

  17. RKMK says:

    The internet just told me they’re dropping the public option & Medicare buy-in. Instant D.

  18. Violet says:

    Nessum, thanks for that link! I didn’t watch the Oprah show, so I haven’t seen any inside pictures. I’ve been curious to see what the decorations looked like.

  19. Lexia says:

    Cyn@16, you’re not kidding!

    Mrs. Obama is -finally- standing tall (flaunt those inches, girl!) and that dress looks great on her, and Oprah has her usual charismatic smile and faultless tailoring.

    It’s our only president that has the gap in the one-button suit below the tie.

  20. Violet says:

    But the tie matches both women’s dresses!

    By the way, I’m terrified of getting into another fashion discussion of Michelle Obama, but I do think she looks fab in that dress.

  21. Lexia says:

    Ah, it’s 11th dimensional haberdashery then.

  22. Patti says:

    I good politician would have dodged the question and not pigeon-holed himself. Now it’s the talk of the news circuits. Doh.

    Did you see the head to toe picture of MO in that dress? Not so fabulous, IMO. To me, it looked ill-fitting and like something one of her daughters might wear. That photo above looks better than when I saw her walking around in it (for the few moments I could bear to watch).


  23. Violet Socks says:

    Aw, Bo! He’s so sweet! Thanks for the link to that website — great pictures. I think the White House is looking lovely this year. Very nice decorating.

  24. DancingOpossum says:

    Those ARE beautiful pics. I love Christmas stuff, too, it’s my guilty pleasure. I love the way the stores look, I love people who go nuts with all the crazy lights and decorations around their home (and if I had a shed to store the stuff in, I’d do it too.) Love Christmas music; my car and home radios are glued to the sappy all-Christmas-music-all-the-time stations all through December.

    Now, as for Obama’s highly inflated grade: Most politicians are egomaniacs but most are also smart enough to know that you have to fake the humility stuff. Talk about what you still hope to accomplish. I mean, a B+ is a pretty damn outstanding grade for something like, oh, “running the country” — it’s like BO is saying there’s nothing he really has left to do, it’s all icing on the perfect, perfect, cake he has made for us all to enjoy.

    Erm…OK. In any case, this grading thing bolsters my wholly made up, speculative, pulled straight out of my a**, theory that Obama nominated himself for the Nobel Prize.

  25. Violet Socks says:

    DancingOpossum, you and me both! I’m a Christmas fool. Love it.

  26. slythwolf says:

    You know, when I was in school, if there was a big assignment I hadn’t handed in, I got an F on it. Even if he’s getting an A+ on everything else, the current fail state of health care should drop him down to about a D, depending on the grading curve. Then if he does manage to turn it in, he gets half credit, because it’s not on time. C+ to B- final grade if it’s perfect.