House Democrats pass healthcare reform for men

Saturday, November 7th, 2009 · 82 Comments »

Isn’t it exciting? I know I’m excited.

Earlier today, before the House began debate on the historic vote, President Obama delivered a pep talk to Congressional Democrats:

“I’m absolutely confident we’ll get this done,” Obama said, according to the aide. “And when I’m in the Rose Garden signing a piece of legislation to give healthcare to all American men, we’ll look back and say this was our finest moment.”

Obama struck the same themes when he spoke publicly in the Rose Garden before heading to Camp David.

“I just came from the Hill, where I talked to the members of Congress there, and I reminded them that opportunities like this come around maybe once in a generation,” Obama said. “Most public servants pass through their entire careers without a chance to make as important a difference in the lives of their male constituents and the life of the men of this country. This is their moment, this is our moment, to live up to the trust that American men have placed in us — even when it’s hard; especially when it’s hard. This is our moment to deliver.

“I urge members of Congress to rise to this moment. Answer the call of history.”

And they did. They rose up and answered the call of history: healthcare reform for men!

Maybe someday, in the far distant future, there will be healthcare reform for women, too. But I realize that’s a fantastic dream, more like science fiction than anything that could really happen in our lifetimes.

Personally, I’m just grateful that we have Democrats in power. I’m so glad that American women voted in a Democratic president and overwhelming Democratic majorities in Congress last year. True, most women voted that way because they thought the Democrats were on the side of women’s issues, but fortunately, they were wrong. The Democrats clearly have a more historic, a more — how shall I say? — masculine vision for America.

First, they made sure that women’s medical needs would not be considered part of basic healthcare. Then, today, they added in an extra special amendment to make extra-double-plus sure that abortion wouldn’t be covered. Even by private plans! That’s right: any insurance plan that participates in any way in the new exchange, or receives any federal subsidies, or is paid for with any tax credits, will not be allowed to offer abortion coverage. Gosh, it’s almost like making abortion illegal.

Thank god for our brave Democratic leaders. I’m so grateful and happy I think my head is about to explode.

82 Responses to “House Democrats pass healthcare reform for men”

  1. RKMK says:

    I feel so fucking stabby. What the hell happened to the world? How have we regressed so desperately?

    Patriarchy is such a bitch. Arrrrrrgh.

  2. Violet says:

    You’re not in this country, though, at least? Are you in a country where women are semi-human?

  3. yttik says:

    No exploding heads, Violet. It makes a huge mess and guess who is expected to clean that up? Girls of course.

    I worked hard to send Darcy Burner to DC. She always tells it like it is:

  4. d5whitney says:

  5. bygones says:

    I invite him to take his “finest moment” and stick it up his bony ass! Having sat through some of this “debate” (nothing but hours of name calling and screaming for the folks back home) then watching Dem women agree to support Stupak, my head began to explode.

    Allowing the Catholic Church, or any religious instituion, be recognized on the floor of the House as being instrumental in this public law is a crime unto itself.

    Can you tell I am boiling over with rage?

  6. bygones says:

    The patriarchy may be alive and well but let’s not overlook or excuse those women who bought into this as well. Their support keeps propping up this negation of women but I am proud of those who did make their beliefs on behalf of us echo loud and clear throughout that chamber.

    They tried.

  7. Victoria says:


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  9. lalala says:

    I want to throw a brick at the television each time a reporter describes this as a “landmark” health care bill.

    Is this AP article even real or is this hopefully all a nightmare? Or maybe I’m in that new television show “V”. I can’t believe these lies are being posted for millions to read on the front page of Yahoo.

    In a victory for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed landmark health care legislation Saturday night to expand coverage to tens of millions who lack it and place tough new restrictions on the insurance industry.

    …A triumphant Speaker Nancy Pelosi likened the legislation to the passage of Social Security in 1935 and Medicare 30 years later.

  10. bygones says:

    After kicking women to the curb, to watch them stand there gloating and patting themselves on the back, I had to turn it off.

    Gays and women, under the bus once again. And this is the “hope” and “change” mandate? Are we really sure Bush is back in Texas? This is beginning to look like the same congress that rubber stamped his idiotic policies.

  11. Basement Marxist says:

    bygones, don’t blame the women who voted for this amendment, blame the system that makes them feel they have to bargain away their souls to coexist with men.

    anyway, fuck this country, I’m so glad I’m leaving, death to america, death to the patriarchy

  12. ugsome says:

    The Kool-Aid chugging ex: “Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi on a courageous accomplishment. Onward and upward to the Senate. Your turn Harry Reid.”

    Me: “Democrats have just gutted abortion rights more effectively than Republicans ever did. A courageous achievement, indeed.”

    I’m emigrating. Seriously. I just got engaged to a Frenchman. I’m out of here.

  13. TheOtherDelphyne says:

    Lucky you, ugsome – congratulations!

  14. RKMK says:

    You’re not in this country, though, at least? Are you in a country where women are semi-human?

    Yep, Canada – where a pack of cigarettes is $15, but coronary bypass and abortion is free!

  15. RKMK says:

    Sidenote, re: bygones post –

    The patriarchy may be alive and well but let’s not overlook or excuse those women who bought into this as well.

    Women are part of patriarchy too, unfortunately. [Not to pick on you personally! I just have a compulsion to clarify what patriarchy is (a tyrannical and nearly-invisible social order) from what people always seem to think it is (a bunch of men acting consciously in conspiracy). I have this compulsion because whenever I rant about or blame patriarchy, my friends are all “Why do you hate men? Not all men are bad!” and I’m all “I don’t hate men! I hate patriarchy! Which is simultaneously all of us and none of us!” And then they stare at me blankly. Sigh.]

  16. Nessum says:

    Violet, I guess this should have been posted in a previous thread so apologies for being OT. (But then will this ever be!)

    In “The Global Gender Gap Report 2009” from The World Economic Forum you can check the ranking of 134 reviewed countries.
    Notice: PDF!

    When it comes to “Wage equality for similar work” Usbekistan! ranks #1, but only ranks #65 when it comes to number of women in parliament and only #123 when counting women in ministerial positions.

    As comparison the US ranks respectively #64, #70 and #34 in the same categories.

    The review also includes surveys of for example “Existence of legislation punishing acts of violence against women.”

  17. Gayle says:

    Is the Senate wobbly on this? If so, let’s kill the stupid bill before Obama has a chance to sign it.

    It sounds horrible on every level: a repeat of the failure that is the MA universal coverage plan with even less coverage for women.

  18. LJSNAustin says:

    Basement Marxist #11, you are so right. It is hard to see the forest (the system of patriarchy that has led women to feel like they have to “sell their souls to coexist with men”) for the trees (those same women and how they voted for obama in droves). Great, great point.

  19. NotYoursweetie says:

    It’s not that us women have not been told clearly enough that we don’t matter last year. Of course, we were also told we’re supposed to vote Obama to protect our choice rights.
    Well, at least I didn’t listen to that last one, but the first statement proves to be true.

  20. lalala says:

    Congrats, ugsome. You won’t believe how many friendships and relationships I ended with Democratic men last year after seeing their true colors as they laughed and joked at the sexism being displayed by their hero Obama.

  21. quixote says:


    (And, no, I’m not cleaning up the mess. I’m outta here, too.)

  22. Joanelle says:

    The abortion issue is awful enough but restrictions on reproductive care would include pre and post deliveries. No? Uterine and Ovarian cancers?

    So they knew people would never stand for overturning Roe vs. Wade so they got rid of funding for any reproductive care!

  23. anne says:

    Patriarchy is men, it really is. They enforce it and they benefit from it. Any women on their side are collaborators, not leaders or actors in male supremacy. It just confuses the issue to pretend that most men aren’t women’s political enemies and don’t act as such whenever they get the chance. Most men spend their lives propping up the patriarchy and oppressing women.

    Men hate us. This is just another example.

    US women should refuse to pay taxes.

  24. tinfoil hattie says:

    It’s not even just “reproductive” care. To frame ovaries, uteruses, and vaginas that way makes them body parts that are here to serve a “greater good” and thus don’t belong to us anyway.

    If a vagina sees nary a dick and a uterurs sees nary a fetus growing in it, these parts of our bodies still need medical care! Cervical cancer happens, ovarian cancer and cysts happen, uterine cancer, fibroids, endometriosis – these are all conditions that cannot happen to men and so who cares? Lesbians and single women and women who never have children still have periods, and still ovulate, and contract yeast infections, and NEED MEDICAL CARE.

    So 10,000,000 more people, half of them women and girls, will now be “covered” by this Bill. Except for a major component of women’s health — which is either optional or forbidden, depending on which component we’re talking about.

    This Bill is immoral and outrageous. And par for the course in an America where woman-hatred is not only in high fashion, but also a requirement among those in the know.

  25. SweetSue says:

    God, how the pharmaceutical companies must be gloating. And the military-industrial complex, too, because the Obomination Administration is Bush/Cheney on steroids.
    I’m going to somehow find the money to send a small amount every month to Planned Parenthood.
    It’s all I can think to do.

  26. Aspen says:

    I’m really sad Kaptur was so instrumental in this Stupack amendment. She’s an example of a female candidate I thought I could get excited about and be proud of, despite having some differences with her on repro rights. Of course, I’ll still cheer her in attacks on the banking system and Obama’s economic advisers. But this stings.

    I appreciate this comment from the link at rhrealitycheck. I do believe our movement against antifeminist Dems is gaining a lot of traction.

  27. Aspen says:

    Re: my last comment. I’m talking about the “this is not the change I voted for” comment at rhrealitycheck.

  28. gxm17 says:

    Well, I guess this makes it official. Women in the US are non-human. What’s next? Voting rights?

    I wonder if Viagra will still be covered? Something tells me that’s a very silly question.

  29. Nell says:

    I’ve said for years that it’s going to take the actual overturning of Roe v. Wade in order to fuel the next real feminist movement. I’m beginning to think not even that would do it.

  30. hysperia says:

    It’s awful to see one’s predictions about bad things coming true.

  31. djmm says:

    I stopped funding NARAL last year as they kept supporting anti-choice Democrats. I am about to cut off Planned Parenthood. Why support orgs that do not use effective strategies?


  32. d5whitney says:

    The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority has agreed to cover almost all of its rising health-care costs, and to increase coverage for Pfizer’s (PFE) Viagra and other erectile dysfunction treatments, the Philadelphia Daily News reports. Workers are unhappy that their health insurance plan only covers about 10 pills a month.

  33. Dakinikat says:

    nancy pelosi is a gender traitor

  34. m Andrea says:

    Thank you Violet. It’s extremely helpful to be able to come here and get a feminist translation of all this political hogwash. Well worth the price of a monthly donation.

    don’t blame the women who voted for this amendment, blame the system that makes them feel they have to bargain away their souls to coexist with men

    Not holding people accountable for either causing or perpetuating harm is precisely how the status quo remains unchanged. One can “understand” why a female might be complicit and yet still bear a certain amount of responsibility — just as feminists can “understand” why men are socialized into a sexist belief system and yet feminists will still hold men accountable for their choices.

    No offense, but that thing in quotes is an “either/or” proposition, and lets women off the hook entirely for what they actively choose. Unless a female is literally chained and gagged, she has a choice. It’s really not appropriate to pat her on the head for making the dumbest choice possible when she does have better options. That being said, Pelosi really didn’t have much choice, considering how narrowly this bill passed at all.

  35. m Andrea says:

    That excuse is probably made by women who are as complicit as hell, and don’t want the finger of doom pointed at them.

  36. octogalore says:

    Awesome, Violet. Quoted you here.

    I think Pelosi did, in fact, have a choice. Making abortions go from covered to $1000+ for women in all but five states (all but 5 states’ private plans cover abortion) is worse for women than if Roe were struck down — in which case 1/3 of the population of women would need to drive to another state (an awful hurdle, but less prohibitive than finding a grand) to get one. She could have worked to get votes by other mechanisms than rolling over women.

    Note: there was no attempt to try to get trial lawyers to compromise. Because they are an *important* constituency. And a more vocal one. I’m hoping that latter point stops being relevant.

  37. Jeff says:

    Have you checked the reference source lately? Looks like the LA Times rewrote the piece, without the “men” quote. That article is NOT what I read this morning.

    Then they added – President’s OFFICIAL statement

    Then some truly ridiculous spin about Friday’s closed door meetings – Abortion Funding Again, not what I remember from yesterday.

    It looks like you’ve got somebody’s attention. I know history can be sometimes fluid, but what is the point of references anymore?

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  41. Jadzia says:

    Jeff –

    Seriously! WTF? I tried to find that quote last night without luck.

  42. Branjor says:

    That pep talk of Obama’s to Congressional democrats – did he REALLY say it was healthcare for all men? I thought the quote was just a parody. And is cancer of the female reproductive organs covered or not?

  43. Violet says:

    Have you checked the reference source lately? Looks like the LA Times rewrote the piece, without the “men” quote.

    Sorry, folks. It was I who rewrote the President’s remarks to insert the word “men.” I thought my snarky intentions would be clear, since obviously Obama would never say that and I tagged the post as sarcasm and snark, and linked to the original article with Obama’s real remarks. But I’m sorry for the confusion.

    Jeff, thanks for pointing out that the source link had changed, which of course ruined the reference. It kills me when papers do that. Do they not understand the internet? At any rate, I’ve replaced it with a link to a wire version of the original LA Times article.

  44. Violet says:

    The point I was making is that it would have been a hell of a lot more honest and accurate if Obama had said this was “healthcare for all American men.” Because that’s what it is. How the fuck he can talk about “all Americans” while ignoring half of us is just head-exploding.

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  46. RKMK says:

    How the fuck he can talk about “all Americans” while ignoring half of us is just head-exploding.

    I particularly like the bit where he sent out an email asking people to donate $5 for the privilege of their rights being decimated. Jackass.

  47. Jeff says:

    I SWEAR I saw it! (missed the tags completely.) I guess some things just ring TOO true.

    I’ve been passing it around all day, as fact, and not a single peep. That’s truly scary. Exactly no one thought it was exceptional in any way.

  48. bluelyon says:

    RMMK – I’ve long since removed myself from the DNC mailing list, so I was spared that. But what I did get today was an email from Planned Parenthood who told me they were going to bring out their “strongest weapon.”

    Opponents of legal abortion and health care for women are emboldened by Saturday night’s vote and ready to bring their ban on abortion to the Senate floor. But now it’s our turn. And this time we are going to use our strongest weapon: the White House.

    That’s why, today, we are calling on President Obama to ensure that lawmakers, especially those in his own party, support health care reform that protects women’s access to reproductive care as the next round of debate and voting occurs in the Senate.


  49. RKMK says:

    Oh, those poor delusional dears.

    … On the other hand, they might be doing some deliciously passive-aggressive tongue-in-cheek there.

  50. blondie says:

    Rise Up.
    You are the Majority. Really. You are.
    You deserve medical care just as much as men do.
    Call your congress-person.
    Protest those who do not think you deserve medical treatment just as much as men do.

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  52. angus says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a patriarch?

  53. bruce nahin says:

    Isnt it time to realize that women will not acheive power until they acheive parity in government. Voting for a party because of certain issues or agendas make no sense because if they arent committed to that ideology, they will throw it away when convenient. In Pelosi’s case and that of Barry O..power trumped what was right…to get a” bill” they didnt care who they trampled on. I am obviously male and dont want to be called patriarchial in saying my piece but ladies…you must stick together and vote gender, even Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman( hold your nose if you must) because when you have parity you can sort out the issues but right now you are an inconvenience to the establishment to whom they occasionally give lip service. And frankly once you eliminate a few issues you have way more in common with them then say Harry Reid,Barak Obama,Joe Liberman and Alan Grayson dont you.

  54. Ann says:

    “Gosh, it’s almost like making abortion illegal”

    They couldn’t make it illegal – their daughter might need one someday. Years ago I watched an episode of NOVA called “The Last Abortion Clinic” – I don’t know if it’s still available online, but everybody should watch it. I’ve spent the last 30 years watching the republicans try to get rid of abortion in any way possible, who knew it would take the democrats (try/help?) to do it. and the first female speaker to boot. Makes you proud, huh?

  55. chuck says:

    I see here the start of an appreciation of the virtues of limited government. There is a reason that the founders made the constitution as it is, and that reason was the natural trend of government towards tyranny. Fortunately, we are blessed with an inefficient and outdated constitution that has not yet been upgraded to conform to the most progressive norms. So this bill may well die in the Senate. And if signed into law may be challenged as unconstitutional. So count your blessings and vow to never again rely on the angelic nature of (man)kind and the good intentions of the progressives. They are but illusions.

  56. Aspen says:

    I agree with these rightwingers. All of those countries that have big governments and high standards of living, like Switzerland, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Canada… those are all but illusions. The world is actually flat. You are getting sleeeepppyyy. You want to vote for Michelle Bachmannnnn for pressssidentttt

  57. RKMK says:

    Aspen – *gigglesnort*

  58. chuck says:

    And antisemitism, Aspen. It’s the sauce to the progressive goose. Well, at least in Norway, Sweden, and a lesser extent, France. Italy busted, Japan too — not to mention that the Japanese goverenment lost the retirement records of some 50 million workers. The Netherlands is becoming unfriendly to gays because of the growing Islamic presence. Canadian health care is busted, as the Canadians themselves are starting to admit. Etc, etc. No, those other countries are not wonders of the world. And why would I vote for Michelle Backman, aren’t you being a bit of a bigot and making assumptions. And why do you call me a rightwinger/Republican, I’m not. I don’t how you are any different than the koolaid drinkers made fun of here, you just prefer the red cherry flavor to the orange. And you wonder what went wrong with the Democratic party?

  59. madamab says:

    Gosh, chuck, why so sensitive? Did Aspen strike a nerve?


  60. Violet says:

    Do you guys know something about chuck I don’t? Is he a regular elsewhere?

    chuck has only commented here a few times, and has described himself as a Clinton voter, populist, son of a liberal family, atheist, government skeptic, etc. Is he a rightwinger? Do you all know him from somewhere else?

  61. RKMK says:

    I only know him from these comments in this thread, which I think are rather self-evidently crackpotty. Anti-semitic socialist countries? I thought communism/socialism was a Jewish plot? I just can’t keep track of the wingnuts’ crazy paranoid fantasies.

  62. Violet says:

    chuck’s comment #58 is definitely weird. Okay, chuck, whoever you are: you’re in the penalty box.

  63. DandyTiger says:

    Coathanger Dems just set women’s rights back decades. That’s more progress towards enslaving women than Repubs have ever done. I hope they and their rabid Obot supporters are proud. Sadly they probably are.

  64. hm says:

    Abstinence baby!! Conservatives want it, Bush funded it, and now Obama/Pelosi are giving it to them on a silver platter. Worse than overturning Roe Vs. Wade, worse than Bush and the republicans.

  65. angie says:

    Yep DandyTiger — they voted for change & all they got was a coathanger.

    (I saw that on another site)

  66. Nadai says:

    Yep DandyTiger — they voted for change & all they got was a coathanger.

    Something like that needs to go on a T-shirt – “I voted for Change and all I got was this lousy coathanger”. The Obots can hang it in the closet next to their “Palin is a Cunt” T-shirts.

  67. DandyTiger says:

    they voted for change & all they got was a coathanger
    I voted for Change and all I got was this lousy coathanger
    Excellent! I think I’ll tweet those.

    Another going around is calling the Dem congress Stupakistan.

    Sigh. It’d be funny if it wasn’t all so sad. Basic fricken human rights out the window.

  68. Basement Marxist says:

    m Andrea #34-35,

    “No offense, but that thing in quotes is an “either/or” proposition, and lets women off the hook entirely for what they actively choose. Unless a female is literally chained and gagged, she has a choice. It’s really not appropriate to pat her on the head for making the dumbest choice possible when she does have better options. That being said, Pelosi really didn’t have much choice, considering how narrowly this bill passed at all.”

    I’m shouldn’t have worded what I said in a way that made it seem that women are blame-free for this debacle by virtue of being women. What I mean is, no choice exists in a vacuum, and to say that the women who enabled this horrible shit did so out of their own free will without being influenced by patriarchal pressures is folly. Of course, the same could be said about the men, but this isn’t the place for What About The Men arguments.

    We shouldn’t get too excited at pointing the “gender-traitor” cannon at women who are complicit in these scenarios. IBPT.

    Also, at chuck #58, the Netherlands is one of the most welcoming places for gays. I’m not sure where you’re getting this idea that the country as a whole is becoming intolerant because of the MOOSLIMS. They have full recognition of same-sex marriage, and on their immigration tests that you have to pass to gain permission to live in the country, there are questions about homosexual tolerance. As in, “If you’re not down with gays, maybe the Netherlands isn’t for you.”

  69. Honora says:

    I think I coined the coathanger slogan at PUMApac, anyway Dances with PUMAs already has it put on a bumper sticker.

  70. gxm17 says:

    bluelyon @ 48, thanks for starting my Monday off with a good laugh.

    The White House… Isn’t that the guy who promised he was going to sign FOCA as soon as he got into office? Bwwwaaahhahaha, indeed!

    Donation to the Obama campaign: $100
    Sarah Palin is a c*nt t-shirt: $25
    Hopey Changey bumper sticker: $15
    Coathanger: Priceless

    Sorry if my bile is more offensive than normal today but the good mood bluelyon put me in lasted for only a moment. I’m back to being deeply depressed.

  71. Nessum says:

    From PUMAPac:

    “honora 11.08.09 at 9:34 am

    I’ve got a new bumpersticker. “You voted for change and all you got was a coathanger. Join the resistance.””

    You beat me to it yourself Honora! I like to give credit where it’s due! :)

  72. Nessum says:

    As it seems all my comments are automatically being moderated, I’ll stop commenting.

    Still love your site and your views Violet, and will keep “lurking”.

  73. DancingOpossum says:

    Once again, I’m so glad I didn’t vote for these bastitches. And once again I’m tempted to slam this into the face of every la-la-laing Obot who called me a racist and wingnut for trying to point out the truth about The One.

    But the comfort is cold indeed.

    And yes, btw, there WAS a choice, as there has been for every single iteration of this unbelievably crappy “reform” the Dems have been pushing. (Because the anti-woman stuff isn’t even the only bad part, the whole thing reeks and that’s just an extra super bonus.) They could have killed it dead, and waited for a better one to be crafted, or a better president to be elected. Look at the Kucinich and Weiner amendments–both of which would have led to real reform–and both of which were dropped like hot turds. Nope, the woman stuff is just frosting on the Dems’ insurance-co-giveaway cake.

    The Democrats didn’t want real reform, period. If they did, we’d have it. Obama has never been a friend to women, workers, or anybody who didn’t have bags of cash piled up in a basement. That’s the bitter truth the Obots still haven’t learned.

  74. lambert strether says:

    Does anybody have a clause in HR3962 they can point to that says that Viagra is covered? I haven’t found it, but I’d love to start hammering on it if somebody has a link. (Yes, I saw the SEPTA link, ick, but that’s not HR3962).

  75. anniethena says:

    Anyone else read the NYT article For Abortion Foes, a Victory in Health Care Vote ?

    A restriction on abortion coverage, added late Saturday to the health care bill passed by the House, has energized abortion opponents with their biggest victory in years — emboldening them for a pitched battle in the Senate.
    Both sides credited a forceful lobbying effort by Roman Catholic bishops with the success of the provision, inserted in the bill under pressure from conservative Democrats.
    Beginning in late July, the bishops began issuing a series of increasingly stern letters to lawmakers making clear that they saw the abortion-financing issue as pre-eminent, a deal-breaker.

    At the funeral of Senator Edward M. Kennedy in August, Cardinal Seán O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston, stole a private moment with Mr. Obama to deliver the same warning: The bishops very much wanted to support his health care overhaul but not if it provided for abortions. The president “listened intently,” the cardinal reported on his blog.

    Goddessdammit I hate the Catholic Church (not all Catholics – just TPTB that run it.)

  76. Violet says:

    Nessum, click on the About the Lounge tab, read the paragraph about The Filters. I have no idea what they’re up to with you. Don’t take it personally. You’ve tripped something.

  77. Lori says:

    What this bill does is reduce abortion to the moral equivalent of a cosmetic procedure. Boob job or abortion? The right can’t tell the difference. The point of not covering it is that it isn’t a necessary procedure. You can have the baby and you’re just being vain if you don’t want to.

    This is the political body of the United States refusing to acknowledge the enormity of parenthood and the cost of pregnancy on the lives of the lower class.

  78. julia says:


    I propose an ‘American style’ strike: a no-buying day, every month until we get single payer. I suggested this to the Eugene, OR health care forum and they thought it was too dogmatic. But we are running out of time, and I don’t want to see even more people become homeless, this time because they couldn’t afford the fines for not buying health insurance.

    What do you think?

  79. Nessum says:

    Thanks Violet for reassuring me that the moderation isn’t to be taken personal! The thought (sniff) was about to take hold. Now I’ll keep resisting the filter! Chaaarge!

    I don’t know if everyone has already seen this, and pardon my French, but WTF?!

    “Surrounded by torn copies of the health care reform bill, the Rev. Norman Weslin of Omaha, Nebraska, crawls out of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office while demonstrating against the bill […] saying it supports government funding of abortion.”

  80. Nessum says:


    Could it be my @ address? The two last letters that suddenly has started to trigger the filter?

  81. Basement Marxist says:


    Really, a no-buying day once a month? That’s your idea of a general strike?

    No wonder the left in America is fucked.

  82. About that non-vacuum in which Stupak happened… | Reclusive Leftist says:

    [...] been talking about here (to recap: A year later, world suddenly gets what PUMAs were talking about, House Democrats pass healthcare reform for men, and Rachel Maddow is becoming [...]