November, 2009

The female Andrew Jackson

By · Monday, November 30th, 2009 · 41 Comments »

(And now, a brief digression from our ongoing Diocletian working session, which continues here and here.) Someone emailed me last night about Sarah Palin. “Do you think she’s going to run for president?” my correspondent asked. Of course she’s going to run for president. She’s already running for president. I knew that the day she […]

A more Diocletiany follow-up to the Diocletian post

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We already have one follow-up to the Diocletian post: What would be the core issues for a women’s party? But while we’re doing that, I’d also like to open a simultaneous thread on government and electoral reform. My original reference to Diocletian was a nod to his ability to trade in an outmoded constitution in […]

What would be the core issues for a women’s party?

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This is the first follow-up to our original working session post on political strategy: Dreaming of Diocletian. (And no, twits, it’s not really about Diocletian. Have a sandwich, drink a glass of milk, do some fuckin’ thing.) One of the ideas we’re batting around is a women’s party or advocacy group that would infiltrate all […]

Oh for Pete’s sake

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In my working-session post on how we might develop a new political dynamic that would actually serve feminist and progressive interests (which are currently blocked by the two-party logjam), I whimsically referred to Diocletian. As emperor, Diocletian was able to institute sweeping changes to an outmoded system. Obviously, we can’t do that here (if we […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We’ve got almost a whole continent to be [snark]thankful[/snark] for: Click on the image to embiggen. Go here for the original, which is even bigger. Open thread, of course. I’ve got to set the table.

Blog decoration and open thread

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I thought I’d put up a picture of a something Thanksgiving-y, but I was distracted this morning by the reviews of Red Cliff, the new John Woo movie. Tony Leung is so beautiful I can’t stand it: The gorgeous Takeshi Kaneshiro is also in the movie, but I prefer the way he looked in House […]

Dreaming of Diocletian

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Friday, November 27, 2009 — ATTENTION: Wingnut/twit visitors. Read this. Thank you. (P.S. Not sure if you’re a wingnut or a twit? You probably are. Go read the link.) *********************************************** When the Roman Empire was broken, Diocletian fixed it. He completely revamped the imperial government, discarding centuries of tradition in favor of a new organizational […]

Why right-wing populism works

By · Friday, November 20th, 2009 · 49 Comments »

(This started out as a paragraph in the working session thing I’m knocking together, but it got so big that I decided it needed its own post.) Why does right-wing populism work? Short answer: because left-wing populism is dead. Or, to put it another way, and more accurately: Republican cultural populism — which is all […]

“She would have to be somebody’s Pygmalion project”

By · Friday, November 20th, 2009 · 82 Comments »

That’s Ron Kaufman talking about Sarah Palin and what would have to happen for her to run for president. Who’s Ron Kaufman? Some Republican dude you never heard of. Who’s Sarah Palin? Only the most famous Republican politician in the world, a woman who in one year has risen from near-obscurity to national cult icon, […]

Fear of women

By · Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 · 84 Comments »

Interesting thing that someone said to me recently: “That Sarah Palin! I can’t STAND her. She’s so phony and dumb.” It was an interesting remark because the person who said it voted for Ronald Reagan. Twice. This person also voted for Bush/Quayle. Twice. And yet Sarah Palin is too phony and dumb for comfort? Obviously […]