Obama backs DOMA, Dr. Socks refuses to stop pointing out that you’ve been played, suckas

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Damn. It was just half a bottle of Mexican Mudslide ago that I was reading about Obama’s head fake on “don’t ask, don’t tell”:

When Barack Obama sought the presidency, he pledged to reverse the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy preventing gays and lesbians from serving openly in the U.S. military. Yet on Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a gay Ohio soldier’s challenge to the law – with the legal backing of none other than the Obama Administration.

James Pietrangelo II, the former Army infantryman and lawyer whose case the high court declined to review, reserved most of his ire for President Obama instead of the court. “He’s a coward, a bigot and a pathological liar,” Pietrangelo said in an interview with TIME shortly after the high court declined to hear his appeal. “This is a guy who spent more time picking out his dog, Bo, and playing with him on the White House lawn than he has working for equality for gay people,” he added.

I like that Pietrangelo guy.

Anyway, today the news is that Obama’s Justice Department has filed a brief defending DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act that Candidate Obama promised to oppose. John Arovosis’s headline summary is pithy: “Obama defends DOMA in federal court. Says banning gay marriage is good for the federal budget. Invokes incest and marrying children.” (The Anti-Bacterial Slime Filter I installed on the blog prevents me from actually linking to Arovosis, alas. Read the Box Turtle Bulletin instead.)

Maybe we should revisit MadamaB’s idea about feminists linking up with the LGBT movement. We can bond over our status as betrayed fucked-over outcasts that Obama wouldn’t piss on if we were on fire.

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16 Responses to “Obama backs DOMA, Dr. Socks refuses to stop pointing out that you’ve been played, suckas”

  1. yttik says:

    Dang, we’re going to need a bigger bus, it’s getting crowded under here!

    Truthfully, I think we’re phrasing this backwards. I think it’s the gay community that needs to align themselves with feminists. Many do, except for a handful of misogynistic blogger boyz. But it’s important that they do because women’s rights lead to gay rights. There is no country that oppresses women and does not also oppress gays. The first homophobic comment you hear on the playground is the implication that you throw like a girl, look like a girl, act like a girl. Homophobia exists because misogyny exists.

    I also believe that misogyny is at the root of our gay marriage struggle. When people whine about the “sanctity of marriage” they are really expressing concern that marriage may become a partnership between equal human beings. The “sanctity of marriage” establishes a head of household, reinforces gender roles, creates a means for economic control.

  2. Carmonn says:

    Let me know when Aravosis and Spaulding and Sullivan and Gandy post mea culpas for their stupidity instead of conveniently blaming everything on Obama.

  3. bluelyon says:

    What Carmonn said.

  4. angienc says:

    I like that Pietrangelo guy too. About time someone said it. I wish more so-called women’s groups had the courage to say the same thing after Obama reversed himself on the Freedom of Choice Act (told Planned Parent last July signing it would be his “first act” if elected President; now says it isn’t a priority and it isn’t about women’s freedom). It looks like the msm might actually be picking up on the story.

    And I’m with yttk — I’m a firm believer that discrimination against the GLBT community is sex discrimination — gay men don’t “act” like “men” & gay women don’t act like “women” according to the patriarchy’s definition of each. Thus, women & the GLBT community should be natural allies.

  5. angienc says:

    Carmonn — those hypocrites will never admit they were wrong — they will whine they were lied to. Never mind they attacked, demeaned & ridiculed those of us who tried to tell them. I mean, really, I wasn’t fooled.

  6. Jackie says:

    He’s too busy placating the right to care about the people who actually voted for him. He’s so naive and spineless.

  7. Follow the money « Blue Lyon says:

    [...] And there you have it. (H/T to Violet) [...]

  8. sister of ye says:

    Well, I can see aligning with the gay community as long as we make clear that we all go through the door together. No more trusting on “you go first, then you pull me in.”

    And with the caveat that “progressives” like Arovdumbass who blindly backed Obama while hurling misogyny only get to come in when we say it’s okay. Maybe. If we’re in a benevolent mood.

  9. murphy says:

    what sister of ye said.

    p.s. do you post at atrios anymore? I was a big fan of yours as a lurker there for years.

  10. Sheryl Robinson says:


  11. Anna Belle says:

    No thanks on that last call to unite, Vi, though I agree with everything else you said. As I said at my place:

    So I’ll be really sad when Obama wins his case against gays, because I know a lot of gay men and lesbian women who will suffer unnecessarily due to Obama’s continuation of Bush policies, but I will also remember that 90% of those same people dove right off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings last year. What’s the point in my working for your cause if you won’t even act in your own best interest?


    See, we need effectual, smart partners, and the gay community just doesn’t cut it right now as far as I’m concerned. Oh, I still support gay rights, marriage, and general progress, but I won’t be actively working for those goals until the gay community itself does.

    Now some might be offended by that, but I’d ask you to ask yourself to what purpose is that offense? Does my opinion really matter to you? Finally, how will people ever change if we continue to enable them when they aren’t even thinking? The gay community right now is just an extension of the Democratic party; it is an audience captured entirely through Bill Clinton and the subsequent marketing of the DP as a pro-gay party, when it it has in reality failed to deliver anything else and has actually acted in concert with the right to hinder their progress. The same thing happened to women, but a lot of us woke up last year. Those who didn’t get the same treatment from me, which is why I reject so much of mainstream feminism and actively work to replace with a more practical model. I don’t have time for anybody who isn’t fully awake right now.

    My 2 cents, anyway.

  12. Anna Belle says:

    Ha! Love it, sister of ye. JA@Americaflog gets to come in last. I can’t wait until the irony hits him that Sarah Palin would have been a safer bet for him than Obama ever was. Not that he’d ever mention it, of course. What a shallow phony.

  13. soopermouse says:

    I love the taste of Schadenfreude in the morning. And oh hell yeah, Pam Spaulding…

    They did it to themselves. They did it t themselves and now they will pay for it with their own stupidity.

  14. Mel says:

    Amen! I took a lot of crap for being opposed to Obama and pointing out that he was a homophobe and a sexist. I’m really enjoying pointing to all the times I was right. Though, considering, I would much rather have to admit I was wrong when being right means that LGBT people and women have been thrown under the bus.

  15. Nora says:

    “The gay community right now is just an extension of the Democratic party”

    This is very true. I still can’t forget the Sarah Palin effigy hung by a noose in a Halloween display. Dropped out of a window by two of our gay “brothers” (she says sarcastically). They said it was “Art”. I don’t really blame the whole movement for the actions of a few, but this wound still hurts.

  16. Mel says:

    Actually, the LGBT community is not an extension of the Democratic Party. Too many LGBT’s, like many minorities including women, have clung to the “lesser of two evils” out of desperation. The major LGBT orgs, like the major feminist orgs, have latched their star to the Dems because they think superficial access to power means having an actual voice in policy. It doesn’t.

    I agree that misogyny is too common in the LGBT community, but we lesbians and bi women have been fighting that misogyny from the inside for decades and have continued to demonstrate the links between misogyny and homophobia as a means to combating both. We cannot afford to abandon the cause for equal rights simply b/c some gay men are jerks.