April, 2009

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Joe Cocker, captioned for the clear-headed

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I have two massive and terribly important posts brewing in my brain, but in my brain is where they’re going to stay until I get over being sick. In the meantime, however, I feel compelled to share the following, which is so delightful it made me laugh and forget about being nauseated: (Video link in […]

Best blog dialogue of the year so far

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From a thread over at The Confluence, on a post about Obama’s amnesty-for-torturers: paper doll at 12:49 am: No one will call him on anything, just like Bush wasn’t. Bush passed the torch and Barry is running with it. But I have no idea who is running this country. Fran at 12:51 am: It looks […]

The Susan Boyle phenomenon

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Originally posted at The New Agenda. Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent A few hours after Susan Boyle stunned audiences on Britain’s Got Talent, a commenter at my blog posted the link. “Have you seen this?” she asked. Six days later, everyone has seen it. Everyone with a TV or an internet connection, that is. […]

Remembering the Virginia Tech massacre

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Cross-posted at The New Agenda. It was two years ago today that Seung-Hui Cho went on his murder spree at Virginia Tech, killing 32 people, wounding 17 others, and finally turning the gun on himself. It was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. A few days after the massacre, Sarah Baxter put her finger […]

The Virtuosos Are Alright

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The great thing about The Who is that everybody in that band was playing lead. Pete on lead guitar, Roger on lead vocals, John Entwistle on lead bass, Keith Moon on lead drums. (If you’re not a musician you may not get that joke, but that’s okay; you can read through the blog archives and […]

Next stop on my YouTube Vacation Tour

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T. Rex live on Midnight Special, 1973, wherein the backup singers ruin the song but it’s still a great performance: When I was a kid, I lurved Midnight Special. This was back in the ancient 70s, when there was no MTV, no music videos, no cable, no internet, no computers (except giant ones in remote […]

The only Roxy Music song I like

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I basically hate Roxy Music. No, this post has nothing to do with feminism, except in the most tangential way — Bryan Ferry is a sleazebag, Brian Eno is a misogynist, the whole Roxy Music aesthetic was always sexist in a Hugh Hefner-Playboy Mansion-let’s put-girly-pinups-on-our-album-covers kind of way. But that’s not why I’m writing this […]

Larry Summers gets pwned

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Heh. Heh heh.

The patriarchy enablers

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Originally posted at The New Agenda. Yes, I AM still pissed off about what happened last year. Why do you ask? As we all know, patriarchy bestows its smiles and kisses on the women who do its bidding, especially those women who take on the front-line enforcer jobs of shredding other women to bits. Last […]