March, 2009

It’s like feminism never happened

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Originally posted at The New Agenda. There’s an essay by Judith Timson in today’s Globe and Mail that is so much in line with my own thinking, I could almost have written it myself. Timson is grieving over the lack of feminist consciousness in the young women who are busy blaming Rihanna for getting beaten […]

The President is a man, the First Lady is talking fashion, and all is right with the world

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There were a few scary moments last year when it seemed a woman might actually be the next President of the United States, but then the patriarchy got things back under control with Barack Obama. Just as Obama’s inauguration was an aggressive and carefully calculated display of male dominance, the media coverage of his White […]

Women’s Work, Women’s Art

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Originally posted at The New Agenda. In many cultures around the world, probably most, the making of clothing is traditionally the province of women. From sewing hides to weaving fine cloth, textile work has been women’s work for thousands of years. Women invented these technologies, just as they probably invented pottery and agriculture. (For an […]

Yul Brynner Festival

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I just finished a project and I’m slowly recuperating. I have 7000 emails in my inbox to catch up on and god knows what else. Fortunately, Yul is here to help:

By request

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Sis is asking for pictures to brighten up the place: Molly, alpacas, Raoul. Sounds good to me. I’m writing on deadline so I can’t do a proper post, but here are some Raoul pictures (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click on the category “Raoul” to get up to speed; you might […]

Which Western feminist icon are you?

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I’m Emma Goldman: “You are Emma Goldman! You are the mama of Anarchist/Communist feminism and you inspired millions to embrace the labor movement. Without ever directly saying so, you directed efforts toward saving wymyn and children from exploitation. Oh yeah, you were also a total sexpot!” Take the quiz.

International Women’s Day

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This is a collage I made for our International Women’s Day post over at The New Agenda: I had fun putting it together. Playing with pictures is soothing when you’re too tired to write.

Portrait of an abuser: this is the scary-ass freakazoid the twits at Slate feel sorry for

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I’m just going to quote from the report in the LA Times on yesterday’s court appearance: “I’m going to beat the . . . out of you when we get home! You wait and see,” a police affidavit quoted Brown, famed for his soulful singing and sensitive lyrics, as shouting at Rihanna. ~ Rihanna suffered […]

Slate’s XX Factor: what antifeminist women really think

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I set out this morning to write about the depressing Rihanna-Chris Brown case, but I got distracted. My attention was caught by Samantha Henig’s post on Slate’s The XX Factor, in which she asks, “Should We Give Chris A Break?” Her answer, incredible as it may seem, is yes: When I heard that Rihanna might […]

Call for submissions/bloggers/helpers at The New Agenda

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From The New Agenda: Call for Submissions The New Agenda needs fresh content for the blog. If you’d like to submit a piece of your writing for publication, please forward it to Help out on The New Agenda Blog We need several extra pairs of hands to help keep the blog running smoothly. Tasks […]