This is a funny thing

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 · 8 Comments »

My friend Ann Bartow sent me word last night that, surprisingly enough, our existence has been detected by the world at large. The new Linkfluence map of the feminist blogosphere was unveiled yesterday at the Fem2pt0 conference, and we’re both on the Top 30 list.


Cool, huh? I think it’s cool. A blog by a dead person about roosters and alpacas, and goddamn if people don’t actually read the thing.

The funny part is that neither Ann nor I were actually invited to the conference where this piece of fabulosity was unveiled. Several of the top bloggers weren’t invited, actually, which is hilarious for a conference that’s supposed to be about the feminist blogosphere.

I would enlarge on the topic, but I’m still sore from my session at the Ministry of Truth. Perhaps I’d better go hunt up some alpaca pictures.

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8 Responses to “This is a funny thing”

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    We could have represented the geriatric flapping fury of Old Bats! Oh well, we’ll have our own Women In Comfy Shoes conference one of these days.

  2. sister of ye says:

    Ooo, comfy shoes! I always wear comfy shoes. Too bad I’m not important enough to get invited to conferences.

    Congrats on getting recognized as someone people listen to – even if they didn’t actually want to listen to you at their conference.

  3. polly styrene says:

    Is the amount of incoming links really a good way to detect how popular/influential a blog is though? Seeing as most of mine were hostile and I’ve moved sites in the past just to get rid of them annoy the linkees……In fact I got a hostile link courtesy of this very blog from some fool who didn’t read the post at all and decided I was homophobic just because I criticised Rachel Maddow…

    Lol, as they say.

  4. purplefinn says:

    I never heard of Linkfluence before:


    “The Feminist Web According to Linkfluence
    By Sarah Granger, 02/03/2009 – 11:13pm


    Fem 2.0 was a one-day conference dedicated to the discussion of how to advance the agenda for women’s issues like equality in pay, healthcare, and reproductive choice, but engaging through new media and online outreach. It was an open nonpartisan event, but it was attended by mostly progressive women. The two questions I had for Linkfluence: how they determined which sites were feminist sites, and whether they would release the information as public data, were answered quickly.

    Viewing the feminist web (u: fem2pt0 ; p: linkfluence), we see that and, two of the bigger sites on the feminist web as noted in their news release that includes their “top 30 list of Feminist sites and blogs,” are centeral to that part of the web.

    When the data is compared with the political web, mashed up with it, it’s apparent how embedded within the progressive blogosphere the feminist web is, although it is definitely its own community as well, and how it’s more centrist than fringe on the map. Part of the discussion at Fem 2.0 was about how to reach out and get more traction on issues on other sites not necessarily considered “feminist” by their statistics, and the data shows that these sites dedicated to the discussion for and by women are not operating in an echo chamber.

    ……… The data could even be used for targeting political ads and messaging strategies. However, it may not always be available for public viewing. Check out the data while it’s still up.”

  5. Sis says:

    Somewhat related: why do you have a Facebook page? Aren’t we your friends? We’re here aren’t we? Why do you need other friends.

    Seriously I can’t figure out why people want Facebook? Is there some actual reason I’m missing. Something we can’t do here?

    I registered just long enough to figure out I couldn’t figure it out. Then cancelled. But I do hate to be left out so if there’s something going on there … what? More pix of Molly would be a nice reason.


  6. Anna Belle says:

    Congrats, Vi! You’re a feminist hub, but I already knew that. I click on commenters names here all the time and have found some wonderful stuff off your beaten path.

  7. Anna Belle says:

    uuuh…eeeer, I mean, that’s not why I come here, ftr. I love the content, not to gush or anything. Oh hell, everybody knows I love the crap out of you. I worship at your feet.

  8. Women's Space says:

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