A Message from the Ministry of Truth

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The post published here yesterday titled, “Where’s your Superman now?”, has been temporarily removed by the Ministry of Truth. Dr. Socks is currently in conference with one of our facilitators to ensure that she is fully up-to-date on our guidelines.

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61 Responses to “A Message from the Ministry of Truth”

  1. Lori says:

    At the Fem 101 conference, Alegre learned that bloggers can say things that the big non-profits like now can’t.

    Gandy brought up the whole cock-up (not her words – mine) with the stimulus bill and Medicaid funding last week, and tried to explain in more detail what happened. So I saw that as the perfect opportunity to ask her (and everyone else) how we work with the new (and friendlier) administration but STILL challenge them when they fall short or let us down (or sell us out – though I didn’t exactly say that bit). I noted that the language would still be in the package if it hadn’t been for the request from the White House, and Henry Waxman cutting the language from the House bill in committee. Gandy went to Waxman and Pelosi’s defense and said they couldn’t exactly tell the WH to go to hell (my words – not hers) and that Pelosi’s very committed to getting this passed as a bill in its own right. The bloggers on the panel though were very clear in their feelings about what happened – not happy.

    The discussion got rolling and I stopped taking notes for the most part, but the main take-away is that the bloggers wanted the advocacy groups to use us as the bad cops. We can say things that NOW can’t but if they get talking points to writers like us, we can push the envelope (or that all-important Overton Window). Now I know the advocacy groups try like hell to control the message, but as we get to know each other and trust that we’re going to do right by one another, we may be able to get past that reluctance – at least that’s my hope. As long as bloggers make it clear that we’re speaking only for ourselves and that we’re not connected with the groups working the phones and walking the halls on Capitol Hill, this might work.

    This is so depressing.

  2. tinfoilhattie says:

    As long as bloggers make it clear that we’re speaking only for ourselves and that we’re not connected with the groups working the phones and walking the halls on Capitol Hill, this might work.

    Ha. Not as long as we have the blogger boyz on “our side.”

  3. Stray Yellar Dawg says:

    Thanks you for backing up my supposition as to why a return to NOW is unfeasible at this point:


  4. votermom says:

    I do hope the Minister of Truth hasn’t given Violet detention, because, ow!
    And just when I thought of a comment for that post too:

    Did O sell women’s health for nothing, or did he simply grab an excuse to ditch it?

  5. bluelyon says:

    Jeez, Lori, that snippet is so depressing. They will feed us talking points that they themselves won’t use??? WTF? I have a completely different take-away than Alegre on this:

    We can say things that NOW can’t but if they get talking points to writers like us, we can push the envelope … As long as bloggers make it clear that we’re speaking only for ourselves and that we’re not connected with the groups working the phones and walking the halls on Capitol Hill, this might work.

    How will this work? We can use their talking points, they can distance themselves from us as a bunch of online cranks, and we get a united front how, exactly? Not Getting It.

  6. bluelyon says:

    Please bring back “Where’s your Superman now?”

  7. votermom says:

    the bloggers wanted the advocacy groups to use us as the bad cops

    It’s called doing their dirty work for them.
    Phooey on that.

  8. Honora says:

    God Votermom, your comment “Did O sell women’s health for nothing, or did he merely find an excuse to ditch it?” speaks volumes. I am afraid that it is the later.

  9. Valhalla says:

    I’m with votermom. Phooey on that. NOW et al have forfeited their right to ‘feed’ us anything. (not that I’d grant them that right in any circumstances anyway).

    NOW, Emily’s List and others were behind the 8-ball on the Medicaid waivers, and even when they finally spoke up they presented no criticism whatsoever of the Democrat’s actions, just more simpering enablement. What exactly would they be ‘feeding’ us? So (real) feminist bloggers are supposed to enable them enabling this administration in scr*wing women over? Forget that.

  10. anne says:

    Funny post, but it’s sounding like there is something not quite so funny going on. Am I being paranoid or have you been strong-armed, Violet?

  11. sister of ye says:

    I’m sorry now I didn’t grab a copy of your most rude and righteous rant. I hope you can post it again soon.

    I guess TPTB decreed it’s okay for a male presidential candidate to flip his (female) opponent the bird, but women are only supposed to demur politely over our teacups. FTS.*

    * FTS = forget that stuff**

    ** cleaned up for the politeness police

  12. Ala says:

    What a pity. It was a good post.

  13. Nora says:

    When I am convinced that this blog, or any other, is mouthing the talking points of NOW or any other traitor, faux, femininst organization, to “do their dirty work” is the last time i will visit that blog. We need new, real, feminist organizations.

    You should bring back “Where’s your Superman now?” which was a perfectly legitimate post.

  14. Dr. K says:

    Dear Violet,
    We in the ministry are pleased to see you in this new (previously unaccustomed) role as the admirably demure hostess of this “top 30″ blog, and that you’ve begun to censor yourself. Remember what we taught you – the path to greatest success for any woman is to be as bland and inoffensive as possible. You must strive to cater to the most hypersensitive and easily offended among us, as part of your quest to service the lowest common public denominator.

    Welcome to the mainstream. If you keep it up, we’ll have revenue-generating Citibank ads on your site in no time.


    The Patriarchy

    PS. We have forwarded the picture of Jon Favreau posing in his “Robin” suit for your upcoming post on the “dynamic duo” of nouveau feminism, and eagerly await your submission.

  15. Lisa says:

    sshhhhhhhhhhh…. I don’t think Violet realizes the Ministry of Truth is really inside her head….
    bring back Where’s Your Superman Now!

  16. yttik says:

    I think the Ministry of Truth needs to be informed that there are two issues at play. The first is that women have a right to their feelings, to express their anger. This is different than publicly advocating for something. There are two kinds of outrage, the kind you might take to a city council meeting and the kind you express behind their backs. I imagine Hillary and Palin had an awful lot to say about things and probably did so when the spot light wasn’t on them.

    I’m not very good at keeping these two roles separate and defined. I like to be direct and say what I feel. LOL, that completely precludes me from speaking to the media or going into politics because what I feel is not often fit for public consumption. There are some women who do a really good job of integrating the two roles, but I am not one of them.

  17. murphy says:


  18. Sis says:

    You’ve been silenced? Tall me I misunderstand.

    When this blog takes orders from that toothless bunch of Quislings, the feminist movement is truly dead.

    Why Vi?

  19. kat in your hat says:

    Hi, I read the post here yesterday. Was there regret in posting it, or is there true censorship going on here?

  20. Valhalla says:

    I’m confused why the post was pulled? Was there some flack from the PTB?

  21. Valhalla says:

    hmm, why am I in moderation?

  22. Sheryl Robinson says:

    Reclusive Leftist has been designated one of the top 30 blogs in the feminist blogosphere.

    It’s not like we’re surprised, but — woo! Go, Violet!

  23. djmm says:

    Please tell The Ministry of Truth that their ruling has been overturned by the Ministry of Real Feminists and please bring back “Where’s Your Superman Now?” Thank you.


  24. murphy says:


    (and please don’t delete my comment again)

  25. Sis says:

    SAM where are you SAM? Have you seen that amptoons and Hugo have been touted as top feminist blogs?

    What the fuck is going on?

    Blogs by two male sexual predators are included in that list of feminist blogs. Whose list is that? When will I wake up. Help us all goddamnit what is going on?

  26. riverdaughter says:

    Hey! Looky there! The Confluence did not make the list. Interesting. But it’s a liberal political blog with feminist tendencies. Still, strange…

    I hope you didn’t take that tasty rant down because someone told you to. We have to draw the line somewhere.

  27. Besom says:

    I’m sorry you took it down, and I hope you will put it back. It was raw, angry, from the hip, inspiring. I hope you don’t regret posting it, and I sure hope no one is twisting your arm to take it off the web. Free speech and all that.

  28. Cindy says:

    Guess I’ll copy and paste every post from now on, in case they are removed suddenly.
    I knew the Obama era seemed like 1934 Germany, but this is ridiculous.
    The out-going message on my personal voice-mail is the song “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”…..the Hitler youth number from the musical “Cabaret”. I thought it appropriate.
    Guten tag, y’all

  29. sam says:

    I ain’t no blogger, and seeing four of the five top feminist blogs have official “Whores! Fuck ‘em if you got ‘em” policies doesn’t make me want to throw in my sombrero like it makes me want to learn Swedish.

    It may be a dark, little land bereft of blahgy popularity but they’re doing women’s rites right. Since 1957 parents have been held liable for minor injuries to their children through physical punishment and in 1979 spanking was banned altogether citing the connections between corporal punishment, domestic violence and child abuse.

    Some days I mantra swedenswedensweden to get me through.

  30. Heather says:

    I want Violet’s post back. It said everything that needed saying.

  31. polly styrene says:

    “SAM where are you SAM? Have you seen that amptoons and Hugo have been touted as top feminist blogs?

    What the fuck is going on?

    Blogs by two male sexual predators are included in that list of feminist blogs. Whose list is that? When will I wake up. Help us all goddamnit what is going on?”

    Seconded. At least it’s just male pleasing females who get the creds over here. Tho’ they are obots…..

  32. Lori says:


    A lot of drew sustenance from your rant. It was edifying. I hope the Ministry of Truth recants their decision and lets it go back up.

  33. DP says:

    Maybe tweak it a bit, (only a bit) then send it to loads of other feminist blogs to all post in protest? I assume you still have the original text?

  34. FembotsForObama says:

    “….but the main take-away is that the bloggers wanted the advocacy groups to use us as the bad cops. We can say things that NOW can’t…”

    Exactly WHY can’t NOW say certain things? WHO tells them what they can and can’t say? This is deeply deeply disturbing to me.

    Unless there was some negotiation that NOW would give the President super powers he doesn’t have, in exchange for another bill with real teeth — funding and a ban on a physician’s right to not go against his/her morals and decide to not dispense birth control, than I don’t see why being silent does any good. What could they gain from this?

    Doesn’t seem to me that NOW is the organization I thought it was since being a member for over 20 years.

  35. anne says:

    The ranking on that listing is about the number of links to a blog not the quality of feminism therein (although clearly some quality has snuck through). Both Ampersand and Hugo are very good at, and spend a lot of time sucking up to fellow bloggers who don’t object to Amp’s porn adverts or Hugo’s boasting about his fourth marriage and how his wife is taking his name, and his attempts to glue patriarchal religion on to feminism. Plenty of links boosts a blog ranking (it also helps the rankings of the porn sites linked to at the Amptoons domain).

  36. Adrienne in CA says:

    Oh, shoot, I missed the verboten post. Can someone summarize?

  37. Sis says:

    Here’s a pretty good summary:


  38. Cyn says:

    Violet, I’ve consulted with the Mistress of the Ministry of Truth and she says put that post back up, damn it. The Ministry has no say in this.

  39. slythwolf says:

    What Adrienne said.

    Actually I can’t remember if I saw it or not. ADD is fun!

  40. Lisa says:

    oh I think you would remember this one!
    The only thing more fun would be to watch Hillary have a rant like that.

  41. KendallJ says:


    I loved the rant. Please put it back up! The ministry says it has reconsidered and determined that freedom of speech takes priority over those foolish little squeamish types that get offended by hardcore truth telling. Besides, I posted my own truth telling rant underneath it!

  42. Jackie says:

    Please put it back up! Someone’s got to say it and you said it so well. Being nice gets us nowhere. You spoke the truth and that’s what matters most.

  43. taggles says:

    the rant was on target, i hope you will put it back up.

  44. Cindy says:

    Sis—-many many thanks for that link!

  45. Sis says:

    You’re welcome.

    And as per the first paragraph of that post, wasn’t the family planning sword used to slay Palin? How ironic. If I had the stomach for it I’d cruise some of the women’s reproductive health blogs to read their rationalizing this away. If.

  46. Anna Belle says:

    Sis, who are the two male sexual predator blogs! I’m dying to know!

  47. grasshopper says:

    Welcome to 1984.

  48. HeroesGetMade says:

    I guess I’ll be the lone dissenting voice in saying taking yesterday’s post down is a good thing. I read it and agree completely with the sentiment behind it, but … it was a touch over the top. FY is what the patriarchy says to us every day; let’s not do it to each other. As O continues to throw women under his magic bus, people will slowly but surely wake TFU, and I hope this blog will welcome those who’ve shaken off the hopium slumber. It’s going to be a long four years by the look of things, and there’s going to be more people getting thrown under on a regular basis. For those who don’t succumb to the fumes, maybe we should reach out a hand? I thought that was what was happening earlier when there was talk of coalescing with pro-life feminists who found common ground with Palin’s feminism?

    That said, I don’t fancy being anybody’s bad cop, especially any group claiming to do advocacy who refuses to advocate, and needs bad cops to do it for them. Either advocate, or get on out of the way of those who can and will. I understand that O’s the only game in town these days for those caught up in the political machine, but someone has to let the machine know they can’t grind us down so completely that we won’t coalesce with others under the bus and vote them out.

  49. murphy says:

    you’re right about one thing heroesgetmade,

    you will be the lone dissenting voice.

    question for you:

    So, where do heroines come from?

  50. Violet says:

    Hey Murphy, I didn’t delete your first comment. It was just in moderation — both of them were. The filters snag comments for a variety of reasons: first-time commenter, certain words, mysterious issues that only Akismet understands, etc. Sorry about that.

  51. Carmonn says:

    Put it back, please? They’re still going to go down the quisling path, why should they even care if there’s one voice of reason amidst all the insanity?

  52. HeroesGetMade says:

    murphy, heroines are all around us everyday. What’s more interesting than where they come from is where they go – they get disappeared down in the cogs of the male supremacy myth machine where heroes get made.

  53. grasshopper says:

    Looks the Borg has assimilated Dr. Socks. Resistance is futile.

  54. Adrienne in CA says:

    Thanks, Sis, for posting the supersecret link to “Where’s your Superman now?”

    True, every word.


  55. simply wondered says:

    sis – you rock (as i believe young peeps in america say).
    vi – you rock (as usual) – i love the venom and bile combo with a side of fury; i LOVE ‘drunks on an ice rink’. if you want to take it down for your reasons then fair enough. it’s not like you don’t call people out on this shit every day.
    (did i mention that i think you both rock?)

  56. qaz says:

    HeroesGetMade: Sounds to much like we should just get over it.

  57. octogalore says:

    Heroes isn’t the lone dissenting voice. I loved and agreed with the post. That said, I get why VS took it down. None of the wording in the post was something the Blogger Boyz, or Girlz, wouldn’t use, and in fact they frequently do — whereas VS doesn’t. She’s one of the few adults in the blogosphere, IMO. Of course, she deserves a rant and that post was a righteous one, but the tendency of the blogosphere to selectively cite is such that I understand its removal.

  58. Sis says:

    Secret Ramen Eaters clue to the internetz (as we NA peeps say):

    type in your site name and something about the post
    (reclusive leftist + superman)
    Gasp. It’s a 404, so use your go back arrow
    first left under the google hit is “cached”


  59. qaz says:

    I thought the Superman was spot on and needed to be said.

  60. Dr. K says:

    Violet: Progressive women were fools to trust in you.

    Puma: I knew he couldn’t be trusted.

    Ellie: I still believe that thou wilt help us.

    Obama: Ah Ellie, don’t you get it? It’s over. I didn’t have what it took. So long…

    Ellie: But what of the ideals we’ve shared? What of all the sweet words that you spoke in your campaign?

    Obama: Oh, well… Oh that’s just what we call pillow talk baby, that’s all.

    Ellie: It was more than that! I still have faith in thee. I still believe that thou will stay and save us. I…coward.

  61. taggles says:

    no silencing women’s voices or the truth. WTG Violet!