Where’s your Superman now?

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Dear Ellie Smeal:

It didn’t take long, did it? Your Superman boyfriend sold out women the first chance he got, right out of the gate. He didn’t even have to do it — there was no pressure on him, no reason to cut the provision for women’s reproductive health. None. The dude has huge majorities in both the House and the Senate; he can pass anything he wants. But a lame-ass Republican freakazoid made a few cracks about having contraception in the stimulus package, and that was all it took: Obama got on the horn to the House Democrats and said “cut it!” Cut it. Take it out. Gotta make the Republican freakazoids happy. Not a single penny for family planning, even though it’s a measure that would have saved the U.S. government hundreds of millions of dollars, even though cutting it made absolutely no difference in winning Republican support.

Did you get that? Did you notice that not a single Republican voted for the stimulus package, even after Obama tossed women’s health like a balled-up kleenex? Has it dawned on you yet that Obama sold out the women of this country for no tangible gain? None? There was no quid pro quo, nothing to point to as the pay-off. There’s just some ineffable aura of “bi-partisanship.”

I want you to think about that, Ellie. Think about what that really means. Obama was willing, even eager, to sell out women for nothing more than a gesture. For nothing more than the appearance of being “bi-partisan.” Why do you think that was? Do you think maybe it’s because he wanted to? Do you think maybe he was just waiting for his chance to show the world that he’s not one of those girly men, not a “super feminist,” as you and your twit-brained editor hallucinated when you put his ass on the cover of your magazine? Not Obama, no sir. He’s not a girly man. He’s a man’s man, by god, and he will fuck the women of this country just to show how big his dick really is.

Dig it, Smeal. You’re a tool. You’ve been played, you stupid twit.

Didn’t have to be this way. Last summer we had the chance to break the Democrats’ stranglehold exploitation of women. We had a chance to force Democrats to actually earn our votes — what a concept! — instead of taking us for granted like ward heelers totting up cemetery names. But you and your idiot friends blew it. Oh god forbid we should actually make the Democrats put up or shut up. No no no, better to keep on like before, just voting for their sorry asses no matter how bad they shit on us.

I mean, are you stupid? What the fuck is wrong with you? Is this an abuse situation? What makes you keep fluffing the goddamn Democrats? What kind of logic in your brain makes you go, “Okay, instead of demanding that they earn my support, I’ll just suck their dicks no matter WHAT sexist misogynist bullshit they do! Boy, that’ll show ‘em! That’ll make ‘em treat me right!”

That whole Ms. magazine fiasco was like some abused wife’s wish-fulfillment fantasy. Everybody knows he beats you senseless, but you keep telling the neighbors he’s The World’s Best Husband like maybe if you say it loud enough it’ll come true.

What did your idiot editor say on CNN? You know, when the highly pertinent question came up of why you hadn’t bothered to make Obama show a little feminist cred before you made him into the Ms. version of David Cassidy? Oh right: you’re going to “hold his feet to the fire.” Uh huh. Okay, Ellie? Fire’s here. Bring it on, twit. Hold his damn feet. I can’t wait to see how you do that, seeing as how you’ve already given away every possible bit of leverage you might have had.

I’ve heard the rumors, heard about how you and the other twits are staggering around now like drunks on an ice rink, wondering what the hell hit you. Oh golly gee, how could David Cassidy treat us like this? Burble burble. Sniff. We thought he loved us!

You are stupid, aren’t you? You’re a fucking twit.

Fuck you,


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72 Responses to “Where’s your Superman now?”

  1. TheOtherDelphyne says:

    I love this letter, Violet and am glad you published it, even though you’ve filed in in “things I shouldn’t publish.” It’s so visual and so visceral; I want to find it on You Tube soon!

  2. Kiuku says:



  3. anne says:

    Harsh. True though.

    I’d call it a feminist intervention, and the women at Ms are sorely in need of one of those.

  4. pacific-cali says:

    This is an OUTSTANDING piece.
    Thank you for saying it the way we mean it.

  5. Sis says:

    And the Winter 2009 issue is just barely on the stands, to sit there for weeks and weeks, until the next issue comes in. Speaking volumes.

    Oh the ignominy.

  6. Sis says:

    None of the “feminist” blogs which supported him have a comment post on this. There’s a mild mention at one, implying Obama was forced by Republican hand, but it’ll be better this way anyhow, be a stand-alone bill (or whatever you call it). Will have more impact that way.

    Where’s Feminist and Pandagon on this. Nowhere to be found. It’s all about David Duke on Pandagon, the blog featureing reproductive rights politico Amanda Marcotte. David Duke. Safe to divert everyone’s attention there. Surefire crowd pleaser.

    Cowards. Poseurs. Feminists-Lite.

  7. anna says:

    So it doesn’t matter to you that Obama signed the Lily Ledbetter Act or repealed the Global Gag Rule? He does one thing wrong, he’s evil, and everybody who supported him is a moron. Women should only support perfect feminist candidates who never do anything sexist. And how many of those are there?

  8. Alwaysthinking says:

    Thank you, Violet, for saying bluntly what we often cannot bring ourselves to say — but we do think it!

    Obama’s team unfortunately is only doing the easy things to get the photo-op credit. He hasn’t taken on the tough things regarding women’s rights and his campaign did so much damage to women that what he’s done so far in the presidency pales in contrast to that. His other actions and inactions also speak louder than words.

  9. Digger says:

    Violet… now I will have to go read everything else you shouldn’t publish.

    If we only ever support those who are perfect, there won’t be anyone to support. The Lilly Ledbetter Act and the Global Gag Rule actions were good starts. And yes, I know that politicians have to play footsie to get stuff done. But here’s what burns my ass about the family planning money that got taken out… we didn’t get anything in return. Not a single vote. If you’re going to horsetrade, HORSETRADE, dammit.

    As for Ms., well, people with power like to keep it, and they play footsie too. Sucks when the other side doesn’t pony up, dunnit?

  10. Digger says:

    Follow up:

    To Violet: You have no other shouldn’t haves. That makes me sad (but I will live).

    To Ms: Fool you once, shame on them. Fool you twice, shame on you. Hopefully, it will be a Learning Experience.

  11. Daisy P says:

    We are on “Obama-watch” and we will be watching even more closely now.

    Be afraid, be very afraid….Violet (and us)will be lurking.

    And anyone who did not realise a long time before now, that this is the crunch in the gender/porn/male oppression wars, and who has not seen the subtle sub-issues included, are in for a wake-up call.

  12. TheOtherDelphyne says:

    anna, you might want to read about the Paycheck Fairness Act in conjunction with the LL Act. Here’s a link to start:


    Also, SM77 over at Riverdaughter had a post on this a couple of days ago. Ledbetter will give you more time to sue your employer and PFA will hold the employers far more accountable for non discrimination.

    As to Obama only doing “one thing wrong,” are you only counting his week’s Presidency or his Senate career, in addition to the Presidency?

  13. Sis says:

    Obama makes ethics rules then exempts himself:

    CNN clip: Campbell Brown


    BARACK OBAMA,PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The executive order on ethics I will sign shortly represents a clean break from business as usual. As of today, lobbyists will be subject to stricter limits than under any — under any other administration in history.

    If you are a lobbyist entering my administration, you will not be able to work on matters you lobbied on, or in the agencies you lobbied during the previous two years. When you leave government, you will not be able to lobby my administration for as long as I am president.


    BROWN: Now, that’s what he said two days ago.

    But, as we first told you last night — and, sadly, we are learning more about this today — President Obama already wants an exception to his own rule. You see, what happened is, there is this former lobbyist for a big defense contractor called Raytheon. His name is William Lynn. And President Obama wants him to be deputy defense secretary.

    So, the Obama administration now wants a waiver to its own rule, which basically means it is saying, we will mostly put tough new restrictions on lobbyists, except when we won’t.

    Really? Is this how it’s going to be? Please, please don’t make us all any more cynical than we already are, Mr. President. If you have no intention of abiding by your new rules, then don’t make new rules. That would be actual transparency.


  14. sister of ye says:

    Obama should get props for signing the Lily Ledbetter Act? Seriously? For just pulling out his Sharpie and signing a bill Hillary Clinton and others fought and battled for, and which he did not a goddamn thing to support when he was in the Senate?

    As for lifting the global gag rule, that was something that was a no-brainer for any minimally decent human being. To insist we should throw Obama a parade for it is ridiculous. It’s “I have to buy my boyfriend a present; he was wonderful today and didn’t hit me” territory.

    And might I suggest that feminists like Smeal might have seen the writing on the wall from a candidate who had to accompany his fiance on a job interview, and whose now-wife declared that she was going to be a good first lady and just take care of her children instead of getting involoved in any of that icky policy stuff like you-know-who did.

  15. the virgin mary says:

    If I understand it correctly, a woman will be hard-pressed to prove she’s getting paid less. Look how long it took Lily! It could have been a more progressive bill and it’s my understanding that there have been more progressive versions of it in the past, but they got turned down.

    I’m starting to see the repeal of the Global Gag Rule as a decoy. Obama’s got a lot of the style of a good con man.

  16. tpfka nycblue says:

    It’s hard for them to hold his feet to the fire, when they and everybody else have been busy washing his feet with their hair.

    I like the way you tell’em like it is, Violet. They sure did ignore the evidence.

  17. Cindy says:

    Excellent. Thank you for speaking the truth.

  18. wethepeople says:

    We need a word for female “Quisling”. And we need people who understand POWER and how to use it wisely and effectively for the greatest good. These twinks at MS, NOW & Women’s Media Ctr are smug ignorant suck-up’s who are as narcissistic and elitist as The One. They have created HUGE karma that will roll right back on them and when it does, look out.


  19. Reader says:

    I got an e-mail from Kim Gandy about this (b/c I’m a NOW member), explaining, I kid you not, that this is all the Republican’s fault. Here’s a link to a column where she says essentially the same thing:


    Obama will not do the correct things for women
    without scrutiny and pressure. This hero worship crap is completely counterproductive.

    Also, was going to let this go but, given the climate of saying exactly what is on one’s mind: with respect, I could have done without the fluffing and dick sucking references.

  20. AnotherKindofFeminist says:

    Go Violet! We need feminists like you to run Feminist Majority and MS.

  21. Grace says:

    It’s hilarious that NOW described Obama’s actions as just a “setback.” In other words, no accountability or demands, but a very soft plea (could you please give us an explanation about why you betrayed us after we sucked it up to you so diligently?). NOW puts all the blame on the Republican Congress, even ridiculing their demands, but basically leaves Obama off the hook for acquiescing to them? WTF?

  22. m Andrea says:

    Polly has been discussing BDSM, and why abused women will refer to that abuse as “freedom”. Completely dominated and broken women will insist that the abuse “is all for their own eventual good if they can just learn to work through the pain instead of resist it”. They call what their abuser does to them love.

    The psychology of masochistic women is the same as that displayed by NOW… and the denial is getting more prevalent. What do the addiction councilors suggest, when an addict won’t admit they have a problem but there is no actual solution to their problem available?

    Come on, somebody knows the answer. How do you at least get them to stop the most self-destructive aspects of their behavior, with the above conditions?

  23. Sis says:

    Superman just slammed into another mountainside.

    Seems Obama doesn’t know the U.S. is locked into trade deals it engineered with several of its major trading partners. He announces buy American three days ago. Ooops. Now he’s backpeddalling on that one too. Even Palin knows who the U.S. trades with and what the deal is. Obama doesn’t seem to know what any junior politician would know. Someone put out a call for Couric. What newspapers does this guy read?


  24. Briar says:

    An exactly appropriate response to the Ms cover, which was obviously one big triumphalist “fuck you” to anyone not bowled over and rendered senseless by Obama.

  25. kenoshaMarge says:

    Absolutely perfect letter! Time to take the gloves off ladies. And Violet led the charge. Love it, love it, love it! }:)

  26. allimom99 says:

    A BRILLIANT rant! Now let’s hear from all of those whose excuse for him during the campaign was “oh he has to say/do that to get elected. Once he’s in office he’ll do what we want.” OK, I’m waiting. And I want my damn pony.

  27. votermom says:


  28. Branjor says:

    Yea, Violet!

  29. gxm17 says:

    IMO, Obama’s signing of the Ledbetter Act was timed to divert criticism from his needless kowtowing to Republicans on family planning. He didn’t even get one vote from them! He’s a sexist jerk and the women who herald him as a feminist have been played. I only hope that his attempts at playing both sides of the fence just end up pissing everyone off. If we’re lucky we’ll be rid of him in four years and the women who support him will have wised up.

  30. Tess says:

    wethepeople looking for a female “Quisling” came up with a good one already: “The twinks”, referring to NOW etc. “Twink” isn’t bad as a female Quisling word. It’s cute, short, might sell. I think I’ll use it.

  31. Spiritof76 says:

    I’m a little late but one thing stands out—
    To remove this segment of the legislation without assurance of gaining opposition votes is proof of what we said in the campaign. He doesn’t have enough EXPERIENCE! He does not really know how the gov’t works (politically), and be sure the Repubs will use that to their advantage.

    Yep! That’s change.

  32. djmm says:

    Beautifully said, Dr. Socks! This hero worship by Ms. Magazine is just embarrassing. We have to understand power, how to bargain and how to follow through.

    But if I may quibble, I have never heard anything about David Cassidy being abusive so (unless there is something I don’t know) it might be better if you substituted for his name the name of someone who really deserves to be included. Sadly, there are so many good names to choose from.


  33. Lisa says:

    wow. that is one powerful post. Love it. But Violet, for the sake of your sanity I would suggest some llama pictures and a strong cocktail. You need a break. (we all do…)

  34. grasshopper says:

    Looks to me like he only backed the ones that didn’t actually cost anything.

    Never mind the long-term benefits and cost savings of family planning – what he showed his cronies in the Republican camp (and yes, I’ve always thought Obama was a Republican plant/shill) was that he wouldn’t spend any actual money on women’s issues.

    No money where that mouth is, just the shiny grin of a s***-eater. (Hope that’s not too crude for anyone.)

  35. Sis says:

    I suppose the Mses at Ms are awash with maternal understanding and excuses here too:

    “OTTAWA — Canada’s ambassador to the United States stepped up diplomatic pressure on U.S. senators Monday to restrict Buy American policies, warning they could spark the kind of worldwide trade retaliation that led to the Great Depression.”‘

    Yes! Just what we need. A recession isn’t enough. Barry and Larry gonna drive us all into a depression.

  36. Sis says:

    I’m laughing my posteriorally located wad of fat off. This is the first useful style sheet I’ve seen in a couple decades of sneering at style sheets. Dead or alive, surrounded by alpacas and cigarette smoke, you’re the bestest feminist blogger Violet Socks.

    Mwa Mwa

  37. TheOtherDelphyne says:

    I’m joining Sis with hysterical laughing!! Worth the wait, Violet!!

  38. Joanelle says:

    Oh, Violet, this is great – the dick sucking was a bit over the top for me, but aside from that it is perfect.

    Anna – Lily Leadbetter with out the Paycheck Fairness Act has no teeth – so he again gave with one hand and took back with the other.

    The guy is a sham – yes,grasshopper – a Republican shill!

    ERA today!

  39. spotted elephant says:

    “instead of ‘lame-ass Republican freakazoid,’ you might say ‘eccentric disabled Republican’ or “handicapped GOP mutant.”

    NOT funny.

    Just as I fight slurs against women, I fight slurs against people with disabilities. I get so sick of seeing disability equated with character flaws, laziness, or bad behavior. Do you really think this is funny or acceptable?

  40. Violet says:

    What the hell happened to the twit filter?

  41. Sis says:

    Disabled schmabled. Find some other elephant to ride please.

    It’s a word, a perfectly acceptable word that has many uses and contexts.

    a disabled person

  42. Heart says:

    Really, really, really don’t think it’s funny.

    Somebody’s gotta say it.


  43. Violet says:

    Somebody’s gotta say it.

    Why? I always wonder about people who feel compelled to announce that they didn’t enjoy a post.

  44. coolfont says:

    Hooray for the repost. Gawd, Violet, if I was in charge, I’d give you some kind of citizen Medal of Honor for your honesty and bravery. (And then maybe a Purple Heart for having the post removed under fire, a Pulitzer prize for your trenchant smartassitude, and a Nobel for the sheer hell of it.)

    Violet, I salute you.

  45. Heart says:

    Dr. Violet Socks, because this:

    He’s a man’s man, by god, and he will fuck the women of this country just to show how big his dick really is

    is seems racist whether that is the intention or not (and I am sure it is not your intention), and because the use of “lame” as a term of derision is ableist.

    I think we can make intelligent, cogent, persuasive arguments about the sexist events and acts of the Obama administration without descending (in my opinion) to this kind of rhetoric which is so characteristic of right-wing shock talk. People are going to simply tune you out unless they already agree with you, in which case, what’s the point? The goal is to gain allies, no? Not to offend those who might become allies.

    I have other thoughts about this, but this is enough for now, I think.


  46. Violet says:

    Oh my god, Heart, I’m so sorry. I never realized you worked for the Ministry of Truth. Of course you are absolutely right and I am grateful to you for the advice. Thank you!

  47. Unree says:

    The goal is to gain allies, no? Not to offend those who might become allies.

    The goal, eh? Sez who? And when did your appeasement strategy ever work? Cf. the Superman cover. Violet’s post may or may not achieve change–but unlike the NOW approach, it (a) was funny as hell and (b) spoke truth.

  48. Sis says:

    Lame is not an abelist term among the disabled people I know. However, it is one of the words wielded by those who want to manipulator others, make others feel guilt, redirect attention toward themselves. It’s a kind of hostage taking by those who’s awareness doesn’t go beyond their own nose.

    I’d also like to point out that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. On some blogs, heterosexual women are fair game, with the blog host enabling it.

  49. Sis says:

    Unree, Heart is not a NOW appeaser.

  50. quixote says:

    The crap you’re cursing, Violet . . . . Wait, sorry. The regrettable coproliths on which you focus your imprecations, Dr. Socks, require weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    So why am I rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off?

  51. Lisa says:

    About what Heart said about writing to gain allies- does anyone remember who said the quote that went something like :

    I write (or protest?) not to change minds, but to show people that feel the same way I do that they are not alone.

    I don’t remember exactly how it went- but I think it speaks an important truth.

  52. anne says:

    What is the point of having allies who don’t actually stand up for women’s rights?

    The women’s movement of the 1960s wouldn’t have stood for calling Obama a feminist with his horrible misogynistic patriarchal (“Dreams of my Father” anybody?) track record, and they achieved a lot more for women than this current bunch at Ms or Now say ever have.

    Women’s achievements for our sex have come when we have refused to tolerate crap, not through appeasement and asking nicely.

  53. Nora says:

    I agree with Anne.

    My comment of yesterday never made it out of moderation. Do we have to subscribe or donate to comment?

  54. Violet says:

    My comment of yesterday never made it out of moderation.

    I just checked and there’s nothing from you in the moderation queue or in the spam folder. Are you sure you posted the comment?

  55. Unree says:

    Sis, I didn’t call Heart a NOW appeaser, or at least didn’t intend to. I just disagreed with the “gain allies” goal, which I assume was what motivated NOW to pull its punches. Or, what anne said.

  56. Anna Belle says:

    This is hysterical, FTR. I agree with whoever said it’s the best style sheet they’ve seen in a while. A hilariously entertaining and educational post.

    That said, regarding the protest of criticism of NOW et al, pardon my French, but fuck that. This is Violet’s blog and she can blow off steam however she sees fit. Organizations have to provide a professional facade, but people, eh, they can say what they want. I agree with her sentiments expressed here perfectly. And the Ministry of Truth can suck it. Heh.

  57. Nora says:

    Violet, I thought I’d posted it. It said my comment was awaiting moderation. It’s not a big deal.

    This is a great website. Just what I’ve been searching for. Thanks.

  58. Lisa says:

    well since I can’t find that great quote, here are a couple of other ones appropriate to the situation (and ones Heidi Li posted last summer on her site)

    Action expresses priorities. Mohandas Gandhi
    (let MS mag. think about that one for awhile)

    Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. Mohandas Gandhi

    Tell it like it is Violet.

  59. suz says:

    That. Was. Awesome. Thank you, Violet, for expressing the impotent rage I’ve been bottling up for, well, about a year or so now.

    As George Orwell so wisely said . . . “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Viva la Revolucion, Dr. Socks!

    Keep on with the truth telling. It is sorely needed. Many thanks.

  60. taggles says:

    Seems to me the ministry of truth might best be called the ministry of you better keep your mouth shut. Or the ministry of you ought to find a more dignified way to express yourself.

    Either way the power systems in this country win. Buck it, is my advice.

  61. creeper says:

    Loved the original. Annotations just made it better. Thanks for restoring it, Dr. Socks.

  62. pacific-cali says:

    So NOW is the “Ministry of Truth”?

    What a sickening irony that a “womens rights organization” would seek to stifle a woman’s exercise of free expression.

  63. Violet says:

    pacific-cali, I think you have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

  64. grasshopper says:

    Great post, Violet, love* the minitrues.

    Aside (off-topic), can’t let the Gandhi quotes pass without comment (not trying to pick on you personally, Lisa, just can’t stand the stench of sanctimony surrounding yet another [falsely] Venerated One).

    It’s sad that, to make our point, we’re forced to use the words of yet *another* hyper-inflated, hypocritical gasbag whose fame rested largely on the fabrications of an opportunist government who seized on one man’s starved ego needs to create a mouthpiece for their agenda. (How many people believe the Gandhi portrayed in the movie is the real thing? Propaganda works, especially when the audience is largely poor and uneducated. And people have short memories.)

    Gandhi was no saint. He aided the British in their war efforts (War is Peace, anyone?); was a racist; treated his wife like shite (wouldn’t get penicillin for her when she was sick, preferring to leave it ‘in the hands of the gods, yet when our shiny saint got malaria himself, was not the least bit hesitant to avail himself of modern medicine’s assistance. Yes, she died. He lived.)

    He also had some pretty weird ideas about acceptable behavior with women. He of course claimed his ‘experiments’ (sleeping nude with teenage girls to prove that he could remain celibate) were all in the name of purity and high-mindedness. Yeah, right. Who cares what effects all this may have had on the women – even the women themselves claim that they saw him as some kind of god made flesh. Gah.

    Every one of these yahoos had feet of clay. No exceptions.

    *In the same way one ‘loves’ a joke because laughing is better than tearing one’s hair out in despair.

  65. Msakel says:

    This is an inconic post that should be published on fancy (politically correct) glossy paper and distributed to every (ex)Democrat. There shouldn’t be a real feminist girl or woman without it! Tough and true. But especially memorable are the ‘minitruths’. Could it be that ObaMyopia has suddenly become a curable affliction, Dr. Socks? BRAVO!

  66. anne says:

    You really have caused a stir by getting a little sweary at the editors at Ms, Violet. I’m quite surprised.

    It just underlines how important it is to have the Ministry of Truth at hand to keep you right.

  67. Daisy Puke says:

    Excuse me for venting here….I really must get a blog of my own…sorry Violet.

    I am spitting venom at the moment. What has triggered this latest episode of projectile-toxin-gobbing, is that I have been reminded yet again, by someone who’s friendship I value and will probably lose, that apparently Obama is a saint, a saviour, the Pope, and Santa, the tooth fairy, and Jesus, all rolled into one.

    The hysteria around this man has reached a point where it’s almost like a religious cult, mass brainwashing exercise.

    What fucks me off is that I do not feel that I have a right to any dissent on this. This is the same-old, same-old misogyny silencing women. Now I am being silenced by one of my own.

    I am tired of seeing and hearing intelligent women and men go on about Obama. Just because he is so much different than Bush, indeed as stated I believe somewhere on here, just because he is “not Bush”, because he is black, it is still biz as usual in politics.

    I am tired of hearing women, in an unspoken way, say that racism is the same as sexism, and because there has been a historic event, where a black person has been elected to Presidency, that sexism and misogyny will automatically be zapped.

    But do you know what? Maybe many people are glad that a woman was not elected. Maybe they are glad because they have deferred once again, the chance to stare misogyny and gender oppression in the face. It’s fucking scary. Maybe it’s just too scary to face….so they divert and defer. The hole is going to get bigger and bigger now.

    Racism is not the same as sexism.

    You only have to look at how the Hef and Snoop-D have joined hands in celebrating the concept of pimping and making the oppression of women fashionable, pushing porn into mainstream, making it “coffee-table” material. Misogyny is acceptable in all races….it unites the men of the world.

    There was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to elect a female President. Not only that, the wife of someone who basically had the mind-set of all misogynists, a man who spent much of his time working out how to get his “ patriarchal weapon” serviced in various hotel rooms, on the way up the ladder, and then in the Oval. He humiliated his wife and daughter, lied about it to the world, reduced the position he held to that of a common boss/secretary, casting couch, rock star/groupie status. Hillary’ s victory would have been sweet victory on a personal level, as well as celebrating the sheer strength of women in adversity.

    But of course, men knew all this, knew that this could potentially be a celebration with gender-implications, they could not acknowledge her strengths, ie women’s strength and power to overcome, and when it came to the crunch, even the racists probably had to decide between what was better, keeping the oppression of women in place, or people of colour….neither is right of course, but that is not what was going on here. Tough call huh?

    I am sick of having numerous recounts of the attendance of the inauguration shoved down my throat as a subtle weapon….as if to say “I dare you to object or disagree” . AS if to say “come and join me in my joyous delusion and relief that I can once again swallow my anger at patriarchy and be comfortable in my denial” (Well, if you know you are in denial, you don’t know you are, but you get my meaning I hope).

    I watched the Big-Oba during campaigning…his mouth said one thing, his eyes had no conviction. I notice these things.

    I am tired of people not seeing party-politics from a gender- perspective. I’m tired of the blind-spots people have about gender. I can see it, why can’t they??

    Fear. None so blind as those who refuse to see.

    I am sure there are other things I could have said, but just too fucked-off right now.

    Fucked-off, fucked-off, fucked-off

    I hope all capitalizations were in place correctly, I even tried to spell words in the American way (which is more correct anyway).

    Now, where’s that bucket of venom…..I need it again.

  68. Heather says:

    I’m so happy this is back up. Thank you for writing it and thank you for putting it back up.

  69. julia says:

    I am so tired of telling people who gush over Him why I can not stand to see his photos. and they asy ‘There was sexism in the campaign? Really?’

    Is there any better proof that we are invisible?

  70. T.I. says:

    Minitrue missed two in Violet’s WYSN v2 –
    “…you and your twit-brained editor hallucinated when you put his ass on the cover of your magazine? ”

    Tsk-tsk, Minitrue! You fell down on the job. I would have been delighted to have bitch-slapped you promptly in one of yesterday’s postings but I apparently hadn’t yet had enough to drink.

    Violet, I have no argument with you, m’dear. When you repeatedly hurl `twit` and `shit` at Smeal and Ms magazine’s editor, I know the words will stick even better than they rhyme.

    (Now, I am reminded of Dorothy Parker’s oft-quoted quip from her scathing 1928 New Yorker Magazine review of “The Cardinal’s Mistress” by would-be novelist Benito Mussolini:
    “This is not a book to be cast aside lightly. It should be hurled with great force.”)

    But here’s the first problem, Minitrue. Ironically enough, you don’t know the full truth about twits. Apart from the word’s original older meaning of derision or carping, a `twit` is NOW defined as a mean-dirty-rotten CONTEMPTIBLE human being.

    (Like the creatures called men, sometimes words can act strange; just when you think you’re sure of one, you find it has gone ‘n’ made a change.)

    So that’s the “twit-brained” problem #1! Sad but true, the common human foibles of being…


    …have nothing to do with Being a Twit. On the bright side, even you, Minitrue, may fully appreciate Violet’s phrase “stupid twit” easily passes the Redundancy Test (see 3rd sentence in Paragraph 4).

    But now, ’tis time to wrap up by drawing your ministerial eye to the second problem. How could you miss it– you, with all your carping about capitalization of the `K` in Kleenex!? Grab a handful for yourself, Minitrue, while I provide the following correction and examples.

    Incorrect: “when you put his ass on the cover”
    Corrected: “when you put His Ass on the cover”

    Ipse dixit, Minitrue! You said –
    “when addressing public figures…use the correct courtesy or professional title”

    – as in Your Honour when addressing a judge (like Antonin Scalia and John Roberts), or Your Lordship when addressing a slumlord (like the Univ. of Chicago, Valerie Jarrett, Allison Davis, Tony Rezko, and Cecil Butler, to name but a select few), which brings us, now, to the real object of affection, B.O. himself, for whom common courtesy demands that we use good ‘n’ proper capitalization.

    Example 1: “Right away, Your Ass!”
    Example 2: “Your wish is my command, Your High-Ass!”
    Example 3: “Easier done than said, Your Ass! And may I say that Your Ass’s mercy and justice are exceeded only by Your Ass’s modesty and virtue?

    I trust you’ll have no further trouble citing your own examples. I must rush off, now, to cough up a hairball.

  71. Lisa says:

    grasshopper, even awful people can say great things.(Gandhi) Sometimes I even manage to say something profound… just no one is ever in the room to hear it. (:

  72. grasshopper says:


    Yeah – it just chaps my fanny that men get credit for their good stuff no matter *how* awful they are as people. They’re praised for getting away with stuff, as if it’s something to be proud of. Like little boys pulling pranks.

    Whereas women never get credit for *anything*, no matter how good it is, unless they’re practically saints.

    I mean, can you think of an ‘awful’ woman who’s been canonized to the same level as Gandhi? Whose words are quoted daily all around the globe with great reverence? I can’t, but maybe it’s just ’cause I’m cranky.

    And I know what you mean about nobody being around to hear! :-( indeed.