January, 2009

Blaming women for the patriarchy

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Over at The Confluence, a storm has erupted as a result of what fans of I Blame The Patriarchy call “mis-blaming.” Mis-blaming is when you blame the wrong people for the sins of the patriarchy, the wrong people usually being those women who are in fact the casualties of the system. I’m fond of myiq2xu […]

And you thought the sexism wasn’t intentional?

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Back in February 2008, Andrew Romano of Newsweek wrote about the Obama campaign’s extraordinary attention to detail. And I do mean detail: we’re talking logos, typefonts, even kerning, for pete’s sake — pretty much everything you’d expect from a top-drawer corporate marketing effort. Which, of course, is what the Obama campaign actually was. As Romano […]

I heart David Paterson

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If you’re going to put a dude on the cover of Ms. and call him a feminist, shouldn’t you at least pick a dude who is, in fact, a feminist? The photoshopped Ms. cover at right came to me in an email from Nigeria, so it may be the work of the Scaife foundation. But […]

The Triumph of Patriarchy

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The dominant narrative of Barack Obama’s inauguration is that it represents the triumph of civil rights for African-Americans. And it does, undeniably. It’s a transcendent moment in America’s tortured history of race relations. But there’s another, unacknowledged narrative. This one is about the role of men and women in the world, and about shoring up […]

My life as a mole

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(Originally published at The New Agenda.) I’ve been outed. A couple of days ago Naomi Wolf was on CNN, talking about The New Agenda. It seems she’d had a look around the website and saw some posts criticizing Obama. I’ll say one thing for Naomi; she’s a smart one. “I’m interested in knowing who funds […]

The reason it’s offensive to put Obama on the cover of Ms. as a feminist is because he is not a feminist

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There, I thought I’d put the whole thing right there in the title, for the twits who are having trouble following along. I visited my friend Ann Bartow’s blog and discovered that the Obama Girls at Jezebel and Slate are crazy-mad because some of us are failing to adequately worship Dreamboat Barry. Some of us […]

Naomi Wolf is still mad at me about Jesus, I see

By · Thursday, January 15th, 2009 · 57 Comments »

Make sure you watch through to see Naomi Wolf: Notice how she insinuates that The New Agenda website, which I built and of which I am the editor, thank you very much, is funded by right-wing Republican money. Oh, Naomi. Are you still mad about the Jesus thing? It’s true, a few years ago I […]

The Turning Point

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There are some turns that are so clear you can’t miss them. They loom up before you like an accident scene on the highway, all flashing lights and broken glass. Detour ahead. Such is the Ms. magazine cover proclaiming Barack Obama a super-feminist. It’s not that men can’t be feminists. They definitely can, and I […]

Hey, Ms. — this is what a feminist looks like

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Originally posted at The New Agenda. Senator Clinton’s confirmation hearing this morning reminded us all of what brilliance, competence, and feminism look like. I loved this bit: “The ancient Roman poet Terence, who was born a slave and rose to become one of the great voices of his time, declared that ‘in every endeavor, the […]


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Just: rage. Ms. was the first magazine I ever bought a subscription to. Again, just: rage. (HT The Confluence)