Obama’s voter fraud

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A few months ago I became involved in the investigation of the caucus fraud committed by the Obama campaign during the primaries. When I started, I had no pre-conceived ideas about what had happened. The notion of a major, concerted fraud operation frankly struck me as unlikely.

Then I began working with the material.

It’s an eerie experience reading through the thousands of incident reports from caucus participants all over the country. Eerie because almost everyone assumed that the problems they were reporting were unique to their own caucus, merely the result of local miscreants. No one grasped — how could they? — that what they were experiencing was part of a nation-wide pattern.

The pattern is the same, from Washington to Texas, from Iowa to Nevada, from Maine to Minnesota: Obama workers arrive early at each caucus place and take control of the premises and the process. Hillary supporters are intimidated, told their names aren’t registered, even physically barred from the site. Busloads of mysterious strangers arrive and cast votes for Obama. Sign-in sheets disappear; voter tallies are falsified. Over and over and over again, the pattern is the same.

How did this happen? Simple. The Obama campaign spent the entire year prior to the election planning the whole thing out. They saw an opportunity to game the system and they took it. At “Camp Obama” training centers, Obama campaign officials schooled volunteers in the fine art of stealing caucuses. And I have to hand it to them: they did a great job. When Obama points to his campaign as evidence of his executive experience, I’m inclined to agree. He’s definitely proven himself to be an executive-level criminal.

Do I sound angry? I am. There’s something about elderly women being bullied and denied the chance to vote — for a woman for President! — that makes me a little hot under the collar. Whenever somebody talks about Obama as the progressive candidate, the democratic candidate, the agent of hope and change, it’s all I can do anymore to keep from puking.

All of that is by way of introduction for these video clips, which offer a preview of a documentary in the works (one of two that I know of) about Obama’s voter fraud operation. The film is called We Will Not Be Silenced, and it’s by Gigi Gaston. Watch:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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47 Responses to “Obama’s voter fraud”

  1. slythwolf says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m going to link to it on my journal and try to spread the word.

  2. RKMK says:

    I will do the same. And then I will cry.

  3. creeper says:

    Dr. Socks,

    I’m in Iowa. I saw this manipulation in my precinct with my own eyes. A fellow who was born and raised in our small town but has moved out of state (NC, I think) showed up at our caucus with his sister, who still lives here sometimes, wearing an Obama button and herding people toward the Obama side. I was surprised to see Chip and asked his sister if he had moved back to town. “No,” she replied, “he’s just here to help with the caucuses.”

    “Help”? As if suddenly we couldn’t run a caucus properly after a couple hundred years?

    The striking thing was that nobody put it together at the time. We were all so busy being polite and saying “Hi, Chip”, “Great to see you” and “How’ve you been?” that nobody realized what was happening. After all, he was a local boy, wasn’t he?

    Party rules allow for “observers” to attend caucuses, provided they do not participate in any way. I saw no overt fraud (that would’ve been difficult in this small town) but this man was at the center of the caucus from the very start, including standing over the chairman while delegate counts were determined and telling him how they were to be apportioned.

    I’m still impressed by the Obama campaign’s employment of a home-town boy to steer our votes. By the time I’d figured out what had happened it was two weeks later. If there’s anything Obama excels at, it’s rigging elections.

  4. Hazel Stone says:

    I find this pretty hard to believe. Who could keep something like this secret? Who would risk prison for election fraud when they could just do plain old voter turnout? Who would train the droves of people needed to do this in caucuses in ACTUAL VOTER FRAUD? Why would they risk themselves? It only takes one disaffected volunteer to spill the beans! I think it is pretty ridiculous you’d run an election scam with volunteers.

  5. Violet says:

    It’s not particularly secret, for anyone who takes the trouble to look. But you yourself are excellent evidence for why it was possible to pull it off. You’re the perfect dupe.

  6. Violet says:

    Also, caucuses are not subject to the same laws as primary elections or general elections. Because caucuses are considered internal party affairs, they are not subject to the same oversight. Perfect for committing fraud.

  7. bitter radfem says:

    Who would train the droves of people needed to do this in caucuses in ACTUAL VOTER FRAUD?

    Have you not been living under the same regime as I have for the last 8 years? Or, if you’re not in the US, have you not been observing it?

    Also: Google “Camp Obama.”

  8. RKMK says:

    Also: Google “Camp Obama.”

    … Wow. That’s the first time I ever did that. Totally creeptastic. When I referred to Obamabots as cultists, or referred to Obama’s “cult of personality” I was always riffing on hyperbole, but that stuff is discomfiting. I’m not one to reach for Godwin, but there’s a distinctly fascist whiff to the whole thing…

  9. Kat says:

    Very enlightening post.

    Here is what I’m coming to believe: the BO supporters don’t really think the policial process belongs to anyone other than their magical circle. I know that sounds like a facetious remark, but I am starting to genuinely think they hold this belief. It almost seems that the only way you can redeem yourself to BO supporters is accepting their candidate. Otherwise, you are damned. It is religious, the more I see: they are selling salvation, especially to the sinners.

    If you happen to be poor or old or unattractive or come from the wrong region or like the wrong music or any of the hundred other things that embarrass them about their fellow un-hip Americans, then there’s only one way to be saved.

    I have a hunch that a certain core of supporters would well believe that any caucus fraud would be warranted, because they believe they “deserve” their political voice in a way that others don’t. And, people like that will be an easy mark for any crook.

    If this is how they act to get power, I wonder how they’ll act when they have it?

  10. Kat says:

    @ RKMK:

    I just read your post, “Parallels,” linked from your comment. Great stuff. Bookmarked, always glad to find new friends.

    Reading it, especially the parts about Rove, I am thinking that Barack Obama is the very logical follow-up to George W. Bush. There’s an arc to it all, isn’t there? “It’s a trend, a thing that grows in direct proportion to our greed and ignorance.”

  11. creeper says:

    Hazel Stone,

    One man’s fraud is another man’s “enthusiastic support”.

    Obama volunteers were trained to do this by his campaign. They were firmly entrenched in the cult before they even signed up. Why would they question what they were being told to do? More chilling, what would be the consequences to them if they did?

    In story after story on caucus fraud you hear the same comment: “I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do.” The aggression shown by Obama’s overseers left normal people (including me) dumbstruck. Thuggery won this nomination for Obama and it appears to be on track to win him the White House. THAT is terrorism in its basic form.

  12. Yanni Znaio says:

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    Ugandan community bans female genital mutilation


    Thought this was one small step that you’d be glad to hear about.

    If you’d send me an email, I could send pings like this to you privately.

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  13. cellocat says:

    And women aren’t trained to react to aggression with some heat or directness of their own. Seeing abuse happen in front of your eyes, or having it heaped upon your own head, it takes a while to process and figure a way to respond, by which time it’s usually too late.

    How many of us really have had the guts to speak truth to bullies in our lives? It’s hard to do. I think we need a Camp New Agenda, in which we learn to speak, to act, to move, to disagree on the spot, and not just in conversations with other people, later.

  14. ea says:

    Not only are votes suppressed, but CHOICES are suppressed as well. Take a peek at other options.

    Smaller (“Third”) party debate:
    Third-party presidential candidates will debate at 8 p.m. Sunday at Columbia University in New York. The debate will be streamed at http://www.thirdpartyticket.com and will be shown on C-SPAN.

    McKinney on NPR:
    Wednesday, October 22 Talk of the Nation NPR Radio, 2:40 pm EST;
    Saturday, October 25 NPR News Weekend Edition Saturday, 8:10 am EST

  15. slythwolf says:

    Thanks for that, ea. I’ll probably be at my dad’s on Sunday doing laundry; maybe he’ll want to watch the debate with me.

  16. P. Ingemi says:


    Was at the first Palin appearence today in Dover NH. Drove 90 min with the son and walked a way to get there.

    here is an exceprt from an e-mail I sent describing the event. As a feminist you may find it a depressing moment:

    The 3rd (group of protesters) was a group of kids led by (I was told) the superintendant of schools of the city. They gave shouts of Obama and chanted “Tina Fey”. They were the rudest of the batch, at the end of the rally I shouted for them to name 5 things that Obama has accomplished. One girl shouted “He’s a good father”. I answered “I’m a good father, how about 4 things?” By the time I got down to 3 they were shouting that Palin had a pregnant teenage daughter. You would think that the adults would have at least coached them better.

    Think about it a teenage girl coaxed on by an adult to attack a mother because she has a teenage daughter (engaged to be married) that is expecting. I think it was telling but for a feminist that must be awful.

    What hath Obama wrought? That.

  17. ea says:

    Pleased to be of service, slythwolf.

    P. Ingemi, how awful. What was the second accomplishment? How old were the kids?

  18. creeper says:

    If it could be documented that the Sup’t of Schools led that protest he should be fired. Shades of Kansas City.

  19. Hazel Stone says:

    Yes, I’m a big dupe. I work for a non-profit that does GOTV and other election work. Volunteers are unreliable. We love them, need them anad are grateful to them, but I’d never trust a scam of this magnitude to them.

    As for comparing this with voter purging and caging, those are done by local party officials and longtime party faithful. That’s much different than working with raw volunteers.

    I guess this reminds me of the ACORN flap. Which is BS. Just my opinion, based on my election volunteer work of over a decade.

  20. Kiuku says:

    Looks like Obama’s voter fraud is likely not limited to the caucus, as team Obama busses homeless and drug addled vagrants to the polls in Ohio:


  21. Violet says:

    Hazel Stone, I suppose it’s possible that the volunteers weren’t really volunteers but rather paid campaign workers. Given the opacity of Obama’s organization, that’s certainly possible.

    But it’s also possible that these are just Obamabot volunteers, which is to say, people who have moved way beyond the normal psychology of political helpers and into the realm of deep red Kool-Aid. If you’ve seen some of the Camp Obama stuff, it’s pretty clear this is essentially a cult. Cult members will do anything.

  22. thebewilderness says:

    It is not a secret at all. It is the way caucuses have been run for years. That is the reason so many people in caucus states have been eager to change to a primary instead, only to discover that the two major parties manipulate those as well.

  23. julia says:

    I will tell you why I believe everyone who was bullied. You can not say anything against Obama or even for another candidate in the ‘liberal’ and ‘friendly’ town I live in without someone exploding into argument – or maybe worse. The Obama Craze is a media/mythical/fantasy/hook-Americans-they’re-depressed scheme – I’ve never seen anything like it. I have a friend who was an anarchist and totally against voting until Obama came along. Now she wears conservative clothing and has a paid job
    in the local Obama campaign.

    If I were to wear a McKinney/Clemente button, nobody would leave me alone. I couldn’t go into a grocery store without getting harrassed.

    If Obama is president, have you though about what might happen to future protestors? They won’t even need to call in the police, the Obamabots will do the job for them.

  24. Carmonn says:

    The Obamabots and the media will do the job for them. Both CNN and PBS are now going after Joe the Plumber (and I know, I know, he’s a wingnut–he still doesn’t deserve the harassment he’s getting). I swear if Obama wins this we’re going to look back on Bush’s tenure with relative nostalgia as a time when there was actually less out-of-control abuse of power.

  25. Bruce says:

    Because caucuses are considered internal party affairs, they are not subject to the same oversight. Perfect for committing fraud.

    Exactly! WhyTF are we still doing caucuses in some states? Jesus Christ, welcome to the 21st century people. Here in Oregon we have this great little system you might want to hear about, it’s called vote by mail. You all might want to look into it.

  26. slythwolf says:

    The first comment I got on my link to this post, by the way, was someone accusing me of being a Republican.

  27. Peter. I says:

    To ea:

    Sorry is is late was very busy yesterday.

    The kids were high school age and believe it or not were lead by the local superintendant of schools (according to locals I was standing next to).

    My son couldn’t understand the shouting and the pure anger. As described in the newest post they HATE this woman and they hate her irrationally.

    My wife hears women she knows and works with frankly go postal over Palin. As being a Palin supporter in a public school in Massachusetts is not a healthy thing so she says nothing.

    It bothers me that the woman who I’ve shared 20 years with in marriage feels it necessary to say nothing.

    I think that this is the cost of deciding in late 90′s that winning a political battle was more important than to condemn or punish misogynic actions.

  28. Kiuku says:

    Men are waiting for the time when they can comfortably go back to claiming that there are no women in power because women are just genetically best in the sex-bot line of work. When they start with this again, these women will be wondering, where is Sarah Palin? They will be quietly thinking “but we got rid of her for you. Just like Clinton. Don’t you remember? Aren’t we good women. Why do you repay us like this? Have you forgotten? We got rid of her” And will realize they have been had, hopefully.

    It’s how Patriarchy works.

  29. Kiuku says:

    Officials probing ACORN for Voter Fraud:


  30. octogalore says:

    Kiuku: interesting, your phrase “claiming that there are no women in power because women are just genetically best in the sex-bot line of work” sound like something Larry Summers might say. Also interesting, per Violet’s earlier post, Larry is advising BHO. Wish I were someone who believed in coincidences.

  31. Kiuku says:

    haha Octogalore..there is a reason he is on Team Sexist. He probably calculates exactly how much less Obama should pay his female staff.

  32. maitres says:


  33. wiggles says:

    Who would risk prison for election fraud when they could just do plain old voter turnout?

    Someone who has the MSM, the party bosses, and an army of bullying dudebros behind him and knows that plain old voter turnout wouldn’t win him the nomination.

  34. Hazel Stone says:

    Wiggles: “Someone who has the MSM, the party bosses, and an army of bullying dudebros behind him and knows that plain old voter turnout wouldn’t win him the nomination.”

    Maybe Obama himself would risk this, but how about the hundreds of local filed managers who’d have to be running this scam? Do you think they all want to be felons?

  35. Violet says:

    Well, Hazel, it’s all very well to sit back and say logically this couldn’t have happened so there’s no need to look at the evidence.

    For heaven’s sake, there are thousands of reports. The pattern is clear. The same things are reported over and over. Instead of just repeating that it couldn’t have happened, why not look at the fricking evidence?

    I mean what’s more logical, that a bunch of intensely motivated Obamabots would commit fraud to elect their messiah, or that thousands of ordinary citizens from Alaska to Maine would just coincidentally imagine the same kind of harassment and coercion and vote tampering in every fricking caucus?

  36. Hazel Stone says:

    Sorry, Violet I cannot watch your videos. If there’s other evidence you think I should look at that is actually available and verifiable, I can look at it.

  37. Violet says:

    If there’s other evidence you think I should look at that is actually available and verifiable, I can look at it.

    There’s a link in the very first sentence of the post.

  38. Kiuku says:


    Obama’s voter fraud isn’t even limited to the primaries either. In Ohio for instance there was a huge controversy over bussing homeless and drug addled vagrants from who the fuck knows where to all different polls that went to the supreme court.

  39. Kiuku says:

    But you know in America we really wouldn’t want to disenfranchise Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan.

    Obama and his zombie army have made a mockery of this entire election and everything America stands for.

  40. Hazel Stone says:

    Sorry, didn’t see it.

  41. Hazel Stone says:

    OK, well the document you cited seems to be pretty damning of caucuses generally, but doesn’t seem to indicate anything other than Obama’s campaign staff were better funded and better organized at the caucus level. The problems the report hightlights (disorganization, long lines that cause some folks to leave rather than participate) are very serious legitimate flaws, but they don’t necessarily favor one candidate over the other. Why would people who show up, say, five minutes after the caucuses open lean disproportionately toward one candidate rather than another? If x people leave disenfranchised, why would that harm one candidate and not another?

    You convinced me caucuses are poorly run a susceptible to tweaking. But why single out Obama? This could be any candidate. That doesn’t excuse the problems, but at least in my view, it doesn’t indicate a vast conspiracy either. Both campaigns knew (or should have) what needs to be done to win a caucus, so if reforming the process in time wasn’t an option, both campaigns should have dealt with caucus states as they were, flawed and subject to mismanagement. Obama, out- manoeuvered Clinton’s campaign. It sucks, but there you are.

  42. Violet says:

    The “document” I cited? It’s not a document; it’s a 500-page website, with links to hundreds of pages more of affidavits and incident reports.

    You obviously didn’t look at it. Your comments make no sense. It seems your job here is to just repeat over and over the message that “it couldn’t have happened.”

  43. Kiuku says:

    I’ve coined a new term: Obambies.

  44. Calamity says:

    Thank you for posting this, Violet. I’m in WA state and our caucuses were VERY messed up too. Had I known earlier about the project, I would have volunteered for it, albeit anonymously. At the time, I blogged about the problems, but I wound up deleting my entire BLOG (not just the post) because I got threats online and in real life from the people perpetrating the fraud in my neighborhood. I know it’s not noble to admit, but I was (am) scared about just speaking up and telling the truth. In some ways, I feel even worse now, knowing that my experience was not so unique.

  45. Egallantry says:

    Dear Dr. Socks,

    When I click on the ‘Caucus Fraud’ link to Dr. Long’s site I get an authorization pop-up requesting a username and password.

    Is this intended? Or is your friend unaware that the documentation is inaccessible?

  46. amr says:

    Even while complaining about cheating by Obama, you lot cannot resist taking gratuitous shots at President Bush.

    We Republicans simply cannot get excited over evidence of Ms. Clinton being cheated by Mr. Obama. We are well used to seeing voter fraud as an integral and growing part of the Democratic toolbox.

  47. denelian says:

    you actually have the audicity to come around, claim to be a Republican, and say that you are used to *DEMOCRATS* rigging elections?
    do you remember the year 2000? think back… or, alternately, if your brain isn’t big enough to *remember* the year 2000, look back at 2004. i not only *LIVE* in Ohio, i worked the exit polls. i helped compile them. i *KNOW* Bush DID NOT WIN OHIO’S ELECTORAL VOTE.

    Bush STOLE – he cheated – he committed actual voter fraud in the State of Ohio in the year 2004 – and if he had not stolen Ohio, Kerry would have been President. it’s possible that fraud may *now* be a part of the Democratic toolkit – but i would hazard a guess that it’s because otherwise, REPULICANS are going to keep stealing every election illegally, with no opposition.

    voter fraud, or any other method of changing the actual vote count, is illegal, immoral and unAmerican.
    but christ on a stick – if the Rep side is cheating the only way to add any sort of fairness back in (presumng people continue to refuse to persecute for obvious fraud and etc) is to cheat right back.