Ridiculing Palin to make up for the sin of liking Hillary

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Whenever women in a patriarchal society buck male opinion, there’s hell to pay and they know it. Women in America really went out on a limb this year by backing Hillary in the face of withering derision from men (and from young women attempting to curry favor with men, consciously or not). Now they’re making amends by piling on Palin.

Ridiculing Sarah Palin as a moron — which she clearly is not — is de rigueur for everybody now in the Obama camp. It’s their preferred sport. It’s true that Palin is verbally awkward in interviews, but then, Obama himself is a man whose unscripted remarks are so confused they defy belief. A teleprompter-deprived Obama thinks there are 57 states in the Union, believes Oregon is in the Great Lakes region, doesn’t know which states border his own state of Illinois, and has no idea which Senate committees he’s on.

But still: people always make fun of their political opponents, and they’re rarely fair about it. What interests me about the Palin attacks is their vigor. To a large extent, it’s a continuation of the misogyny that is such an integral part of the Obama movement: from the campaign itself, from the media collaborators, from the male supporters, from the self-loathing young female supporters.

The new ingredient is those women who had the temerity earlier this year to sort-of admire Hillary and who are now desperately eager to get back in the good graces of the patriarchy. It helps that Sarah Palin is not the brilliant, mature stateswoman that Hillary is, but just saying that isn’t enough. No, Palin has to be ridiculed as a moron, a half-wit, a looney-tune, a mental toddler. Women vie to demonstrate the fullness and depth of their rejection of the cootie-encrusted bitch. Of course the patriarchy-enabling aspect of it is unconscious, as it usually is. This stuff is ingrained in us from birth.

I think we need to start feminism all over again.

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17 Responses to “Ridiculing Palin to make up for the sin of liking Hillary”

  1. goesh says:

    It appears that no woman will ever rise above the rank of Senator/Governor. I have been surprised at the lack of women across the boards not raising their ire over the sexism slung at Sarah Palin – it’s been pretty rank at times.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    You sound bitter.

    You don’t have a gun, do you?

  3. pacific-cali says:

    I’m with you. I’ve been disgusted with the treatment of Palin by other women.
    I agree that the root of the problem lies in these haters own self-loathing and complete lack of personal dignity. Seems they’d throw their own sisters under the bus to curry favor with men. It’s no coincidence that many of these women like to brag that they’re “one of the boys”. One of these days they’ll wake up and realize (too late) that they never were “one of the boys” and suddenly the issue of gender equality and fair representation will matter to them, but it’ll be too late for their generation. And right behind them will be yet another generation of young women indoctorinated into this patriarchal society who will be thinking with their hormones and not their brains – and throwing their sisters under the bus for a little approval from men. Its incredibly sad.
    NOW was a miserable and humiliating failure – they still are. They’re the quintessential “mean girls” marshalling all their resourses to destroy the new girl – even to their own detriment.
    I agree – we need to start feminism all over again.

  4. Keri says:

    Yeah I’ve seen this too, and from a couple of people I’m really surprised at seeing it. It may be because they haven’t broken away from the Dem party propaganda machine as thoroughly as you and I have. It’s hard not to be taken in until you’ve been so thoroughly angered by their misogyny that you start seeing how they manipulate just like the Republicans. It took this primary season grotesque misogyny to break me free. The overwhelming attacks on Hillary after her victory in New Hampshire till present by so progressives in the media and blogosphere finally broke the illusion. These people so rabid for Obama are every bit as misogynist as the rabid Bush supporters.

    So happy to see that Green party donation link on your page! I’m going to send a donation as soon as I finish commenting here.

  5. sister of ye says:

    My 23-year-old niece asked me what I thought of Sarah Palin. I told her that I didn’t agree much with her political positions, but that most of the stuff being said about her was a pack of lies and the hate behind it was baffling and appalling.

    At which point she got a relieved look, like being glad I was speaking sense, and said that while she can’t vote for McCain, she can’t grasp the fury of the reaction to Palin.

    Somewhere along the line she was raised right. I like to think I helped that just a bit.

  6. Valhalla says:


    I think the pile-on to Palin from prominent women who (think they) are in power, and prominent feminists was buying their way back into patriarchal liberal good graces. This year was an abject lesson in just how little power or respect feminists have within liberal circles, turns out it was vastly less than they thought they had.

    Some feminists’ response to reality was: F*ck you. Others was: no amount of power or respect from misogynist progressivedom is too small for me to pay for with my principles. Feminist? Who’s a feminist? Not me. Unless you want me to call myself a feminist when it helps shore up liberal bastard cred. Then I’m a feminist! But I promise never to complain or ask for anything ever again.

  7. david in iowa says:

    This is classic national media. Build it up and tear it down. Also part of the Palin problem is the team advising her not to do more interviews. There are 100′s of conservative talk radio stations she should-could have done interviews with and in a friendly setting.

    I’m waiting now for the debate. Biden has to tread carefull as not to show off or start to babble and turn into a gaffe machine. Palkin now as the advantage of lower expectations. This is Biden’s too loose and if he not on target she will smoke him

  8. octogalore says:

    “(and from young women attempting to curry favor with men, consciously or not)” — yup. The relief is so palatable! It’s so much easier to be a feminist who supports a man with leftist (and therefore they must be feminist!) policies than to be a feminist who supports a woman. After all, with many third wave feminists arguing that feminism should devolve into liberalism anyway, why NOT let the guys front our miniscule portion of the progressive skyline as well? They’ve done such a great job at prioritizing our intersts so far!

  9. Kiuku says:

    This is so horrible. People could say things about Clinton like “take her out behind the barn” and now Palin should be “put out of her agony”. It’s not a question of certain women as much as it is having a vagina and steppinng outside of the vagina sphere.

    No matter what this guy says, how can you take seriously a human being who says that Palin should be “Put out of her agony” in the first line?

    Also this ignores..what I thought was a very unfair interview. I bet I could stump Couric with some unnecessarily detailed questions or any politician. What about Obama who thought there were 57 states? So much pressure was on Palin from the misogynist and sexist press that of course she is going to get nervous. It’s just a vicious cycle, but no one is telling us to put Obama out of his agony of being wrong on the number of states in our country.

    This is simply disgusting:


  10. Kiuku says:

    The thing is, I don’t think women are doing this to make up for anything. Women were mocking Clinton too. So called Feminists mocked Clinton. They do it for perceived male reward and want to be well thought of by the men in their circles. It’s just too easy for men, in their unmerited positions of power and respect, to compel women to keep other women in line by telling them, in the short run, how smart and rational and reasonable they are to do so.

  11. TheOtherDelphyne says:

    Valhalla: I think the pile-on to Palin from prominent women who (think they) are in power, and prominent feminists was buying their way back into patriarchal liberal good graces. This year was an abject lesson in just how little power or respect feminists have within liberal circles, turns out it was vastly less than they thought they had.

    I think you are so right with this comment. These women are not feminists – they are afraid of the word unless they are sure that “everyone” will give them assurances that it is okay to be called a feminist.

  12. Stray Yellar Dawg says:

    I wish I could find the words to express my dire disappointment in many of my feminist sisters. For what they did to Hillary and are now doing to Sarah.

    Alas, I am speechless. Totally and utterly speechless.

  13. octogalore says:

    RE Kiuku’s point, I remember seeing (wish I remember where) a transcript of the earlier inteview Charlie Gibson did with Obama. Compared with his “gotcha” questions to Palin, Obama’s interview was laden with softballs. In fact, though I’m no fan of O’Reilly, his was one of the only tough interviews of Obama.

  14. Medusa says:

    Excellent and brilliant, Ms Socks.

    Too tired to say more, but thank you for writing this much needed post.

  15. vbonnaire says:

    It’s unbelievable isn’t it? Sad commentary on this country.

  16. jeannie says:

    I don’t get it. As a 71 year old woman (a bitter Hillary supporter) I have taken my life-long lumps and come out the other side. I love Hillary. And I cheer Sarah for her guts and brains and determination in the face of the male and female hatred.
    There is nothing liberal or progressive in the Democratic voter any more. There is no kindness or generosity or even open-mindedness.
    Angry? You bet!

  17. liberality says:

    You are probably right about needing to start a revolution all over again. Three steps forward, two steps back. I don’t support Palin but I know what you mean about the hatred of her just because she is sans a penis. I read some blogs written by men who are supposedly progressive and liberal but who attack all women in the political sphere. One in particular I liked except for his massive misogyny. I tried to comment on this to him a couple of times but he just ignores me when I talk about feminism. But the misogyny is out there and I acknowledge that fully. We do need another feminist revolution!