Okay, definitely going with the alpacas then

Monday, September 29th, 2008 · 11 Comments »

The House just voted down the bailout bill. That’s okay, I’m just going to keep looking at pictures of alpacas.

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11 Responses to “Okay, definitely going with the alpacas then”

  1. PhilosopherP says:

    I’m with you — I love them –

  2. simply wondered says:

    alpacas are related to ballet dancers.

    thematically at least.

    the uk conservatives have come out and said they are going to make those damn capitalist swine what have been running the banks pay – not like the softy labour party who have traditionally encouraged the greed of their chums in the financial institutions. soft on bankers, soft on the causes of bankers. i reckon a) obama may have some competition for most topsy-turvy logic and b) your alpacas better watch out for pigshit descending from the sky as the porcine hordes glide miles above them.
    why did nobody tell me i had slept through winter and april is here…

  3. simply wondered says:

    i reckon the light brown one is a bloke under cover in an alpaca suit.
    quite what he may be hoping to find out is a toughie, though.

  4. Lori says:

    I do love alpacas! I do! I do!

    I’m comin’ to visit if you get some. :)

    I think someone needs to write Feminism for Dummies, because clearly there is an entire generation here, born after 1965, who does not understand that misogyny is as destructive and wrong as racism. They don’t know what misogyny is, they cannot recognize it when they hear it, and they don’t believe it exists. i got in big trouble on a board the other day by pointing out that obama supporters talking about Palin sound like KKK members talking about Obama.

  5. slythwolf says:

    Not all of us, Lori. I was born in 1982.

  6. kenoshaMarge says:

    What are we all doing here? I thought that if this bill did not pass RIGHT now the world as we know it would end?

    Am I in heaven? Are those furry little angels?

  7. TheOtherDelphyne says:

    Those are the cutest furballs! Maybe Kylie, my border collie, could help keep them from straying?

  8. Lori says:


    My apologies. You’re right – I spoke too glibly.

  9. merciless says:

    Wonderful, wonderful critters, but if you’re going to raise alpacas, you need a real llama too. They’re much bigger and serve as an excellent watchllama, keeping away dogs and coyotes and zombies and Obots.

    I’m seriously thinking about raising chickens. My city charter (and I live in a real city, too) allows up to 15 chickens per household.

  10. minty says:

    Looking at the cute furry ones is better than swearing at the politicians on TV.

  11. grasshopper says:

    Are they as soft as they look? They look too cute and fuzzy to be real. Hard to imagine something like that surviving in the wild.

    kenoshaMarge says:
    What are we all doing here? I thought that if this bill did not pass RIGHT now the world as we know it would end?

    Me too! Reminds me of being on a beach on Maui New Year’s Eve pre-Y2K, and literally expecting the sky to fall, based on all the fear-mongering that led up to that moment.

    It was slightly surreal anyway, to believe in doomsday predictions in the midst of a gigantic non-stop party on a warm moonlit beach with palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze …

    Clock struck midnight, there was the usually cacophony of tin pans and a few fireworks, then – nada. Zip. All that fuss for nothing. Not a tremor. The world carried right on through the terrible moment without a single blip.

    I’m feeling punch-drunk from it all. Maybe that’s the only goal – to keep us so off-balance that we won’t even know what hit us when suddenly we wake up and it’s 1984 …