July, 2008

Chris Matthews says something that makes sense

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I know, it’s crazy. But it happens sometimes. My theory is that Matthews just talks so damn much that purely on a statistical basis he’s bound to burble out something true once in awhile. This is a transcript of his remarks on Morning Joe a couple of days ago, forwarded to me on a PUMA […]

Behind-the-scenes with the Obama campaign on the Rainbow Tour: exclusive footage!

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“Rainbow High” [Eva:] There again I’ve more to do Than simply get the message through I haven’t started Let’s get this show on the road Let’s make it obvious Peron is off and rolling [Eva's dressers:] Eyes, hair, mouth, figure Dress, voice, style, movement Hands, magic, rings, glamour Face, diamonds, excitement, image [Eva:] I came […]

The Daily Show goes on the Rainbow Tour

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A delicious comment from Horseloverfat over at the Mighty Corrente Building: It is a mania, like with the Dutch Tulips. Obama is the biggest, bestest most wonderful tulip bulb there ever was – tulip bulbs being worth ever so much guilders because everyone agrees it is so. O joy! Sing to me, horseloverfat, of tulipomania! […]

It’s not about Obama vs. McCain

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The central issue of this election is not Barack Obama versus John McCain. The central issue is the future of the Democratic party. For PUMAs, the election is about choosing between the Obama version of the Democratic party — misogynistic, sexist, corrupt, pseudo-Republican — and a Democratic party that represents women’s rights and progressive values. […]

One Perfect Sentence

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Twisty: The idea that women’s public sexuality can so precisely mirror traditional male fantasy while simultaneously existing in a kind of pro-woman, I-do-it-for-myself alternate universe is the cornerstone of funfeminist “thought.”

The Democrats really, REALLY don’t deserve our votes

By · Monday, July 21st, 2008 · 22 Comments »

Please take a moment to review the imaginary scenario I constructed in this post from May 7: Why I will not vote for Obama even if he’s the nominee — and why you shouldn’t either. (By the way, when I wrote that I hadn’t heard about Obama using “99 Problems (But A Bitch Ain’t One)” […]

160 years after Seneca Falls: how are we doing?

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July 19, 1848: one hundred and sixty years ago today. In Seneca Falls, New York, 300 women and men gathered to discuss “the social, civil and religious condition and rights of Woman.” It was the first women’s rights convention in American history. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a young firebrand then, sharp of tongue and sharper […]

“Do you want to live in fear?”

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That’s the video accompanying Soldier4Hillary’s current essay, one of several she’s authored over the past few months. If being a female Clinton supporter has been a trip through hell, being a black female Clinton supporter has been a permanent assignment to Dante’s lowest circle. An old beloved friend of mine, a lifelong feminist and Democrat […]

Pope denounces New Yorker cover

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Just kidding. But I bet you would’ve believed me, right? This thing is turning into one of those kabuki theatre type deals, where everybody feels like they have to line up in the hall and prove their good-citizen credentials with a ritual condemnation of Whatever The Heinous Thing Is. People are scrambling to get their […]