Axelrod strikes again

Sunday, June 8th, 2008 · 11 Comments »

The Astroturf King is getting lazy. I guess he spent so much money buying up the netroots for Obama that now he’s down to outsourcing canned scripts to Mumbai.

This comment is showing up in moderation queues throughout the Hillary-supporting blogosphere:

When I watched her speech this morning, I felt something genuine in her voice. When she talked about dedicating her life to making America a better place, you could tell that was her deepest conviction.

She seemed a little hesitant endorsing Obama, but she also seemed very confident when she said we cannot afford to allow the Republicans to hold The White House for another 4 years or more.

In the end, I think Hillary’s decision to support Obama was what she feels is the best course for our country to follow. I’ve supported her so far, so there’s no reason for me to doubt her now.

Let’s take back The White House for the Democrats and make America a better place.

Har! The name attached to the comment is different depending on the blog; the pattern seems to be to choose the name of a regular commenter.

What I love so much about this comment is that it was clearly designed by men to appeal to what they think women want. It’s like those web themes “designed for women” that look like boxes of douche — all pink and lavender with pictures of flowers on them. See, women don’t think; we feel. We emote. We listen to Hillary’s voice and pay attention to what we feel she’s feeling. And then we go right out and buy that douche so we, too, can feel feminine and fresh.

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11 Responses to “Axelrod strikes again”

  1. donna darko says:

    As TGW said, people do not understand the rage. I randomly saw Hothead Paisan’s site on a blog and it reminded me it’s time for rage therapy a la Hothead.

  2. Violet says:

    I lurve Hothead Paisan.

  3. johnny says:

    Hillary works to make America better and Obama works to make America “Barackier.”

  4. Alan says:

    Thank you for not posting the previous comment by me. It was a very silly thought.

  5. Ciccina says:

    I think you are unraveling a mystery I blogged about here (I swear I am not shamelessly plugging)

    I had a random person post a polite, conciliatory prObama message, apropro of nothing, and then 22 minutes later, post a hateful, rabid prObama message – same guy, reacting to the same post. I then noticed that he had cut and pasted the same polite comment elsewhere on my blog and at And with it, various crazy ranting anti-Hillary crap, abusive and stupid, and often completely irrelevant to the post he was commenting on.

    I figured it was some kind of paid blog spammer who was getting paid by the post – and since Obama reportedly hired 400 bloggers (where did I read that?) I figured this guy was one of them.

  6. Red Queen says:

    Double D! Hothead Paisan is the first grown up book i let my kid read. I think it’s why he’s such an astute criticizer of the patriarchy at the ripe old age of 13.

  7. donna darko says:


    I discovered Hothead at 24.

  8. Red Queen says:

    Ciccina- I keep having the same person drop anonymous links to articles about former Clinton supporters switching to Obama. This is in addition to the stalker troll.

    I’ve gotten to the point where if it’s someone I don’t know commenting and it’s not really obvious that they aren’t Obots, I’m not letting them through. Playing with trolls is fun for a little bit, but that just means they want to stick around later.

  9. ugsome says:

    “Douche.” Brilliantly stated. I’m laughing my ass off here. So true.

  10. desert dawg says:

    ditto on the douche–trez funny.

  11. vbonnaire says:

    Ha! Well I’ll tell you this, if that is an example of his writing?

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL~! x2,000,000,000 more laughing out louds…it’s about as bad as the seal design! O possumus maximus and so forth…