The seeds of the new progressive blogosphere

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A list is taking shape of those political bloggers who are either pro-Hillary or at least fair in their coverage of the candidates — in other words, bloggers who aren’t raving Clinton-hating Obamabots. Versions of this emerging blogroll are popping up here and there; the one below is cobbled together from lists at Tennessee Guerilla Women, The Hillary 1000, and a couple of other places.

Why does this list matter? It’s not merely a question of knowing where to go for misogyny-free political commentary. These are the seeds of a new progressive blogosphere in the making. The Obamabots are poisoning the original netroots, transforming what used to be an arena for progressive politics into nothing more than a rabid, mindless He-Man Woman-Haters club. The Democratic Party — or at least the high-visibility Obamabot segment — is morphing into the Young Republicans: all the misogyny and callowness and ignorance and blind hero-worship of the old GOP, but with a self-congratulatory aura of imaginary cool to make the YouTube generation feel at home.

And where does that leave the women of America?

I’m going to have more to say about that in the coming days. But right now I just want to get a start on that list. It’s very much a work in progress, so feel free to help me out with suggestions. Who else should be here? Who doesn’t belong?

A View From A Broad (added)
Acid Test
All Progressives (added)
Always For Hillary
American Girl in Italy (added)
Angry For A Reason
Astarte’s Circus (added)

Blather Watch (added)
Bligbi (added)
Blue Girl
Blue Lyon
Blue Spot (added)
Bud White’s World (added)
Buck Naked Politics
Buzz Machine
By The Fault (added)

Cannonfire (added)
Capital Hill Forum (added)
Clinton Democrats (added)
Clyde’s Place
Common Sense Gram

Daily Howler
Delilah Boyd
Democratic Central
Democratic Daily
Democratic Wings
Donna Darko
Dorothy Surrenders
Doublejointed Fingers (added)

Evil Nerdy Feminist Crap

Fact-esque (added)
Falstaff (added)
Feminist Law Professors

Green Consciousness (added)

Heidi Li’s Potpourri (added)
Hillary Clinton News (added)

Hillary is 44 (added)
Hillary 1000
Hillary’s Bloggers
Hillary’s Voice
HillBuzz (added)
Hireheels (added)
Horizontal World
Hot Brains for Hillary

I Have an Opinion
Imperial Witness (added)
InsightAnalytical (added)
Iron My Vote (added)

Jac’s Notepad (added)
James Wolcott

Korean Power 999

Lance Mannion
Lavender Liberal (added)
Liberal Rapture (added)

Mad In The Middle (added)
Mad Kane
Make Them Accountable
Men for Hillary
Meta Watershed (added)
Mojave Wolf

1950 Democrat (added)
No Blood for Hubris
No More Apples
No Quarter
NYC Weboy

One Good Move (added)
Opinions Unlimited
Orcinus (added)

Pizza Diavola
Political Discontent
Politwix (added)
Positively Blasphemous (added)
Prairie Angel
Progressive Involvement
Pruning Shears (added)
PunditMom (added)

Random Babble
Random Thoughts from Reno (added)
Rebel Central (added)
Reclusive Leftist
Republic of Dogs
Rochester Turning
Roseanne World
Roxie’s World
Rox Populi (added)

Savage Politics
Seeing The Forest
Shakespeare’s Sister

Shapely Prose
Sideshow (added)
Soap Box Blog
Suburban Guerilla
Sugar N Spice
Super Gram to the Rescue (added)

Talk Left
Taylor Marsh
Tennessee Guerilla Women
Texas Darlin
That’s me on the left! (added)
The City Edition (added)
The Common Ills (added)
The Confluence
The Crone Speaks
The Left Coaster
The Lurking Canary (added)
The Moderate Voice
The Political Vigilante
The Redstar Perspective
Third Estate Sunday Review (added)
Tom In Paine (added)
Tom Watson

Unapologetically Female
Uppity Woman (added)

Valentine Bonnaire

West and Divided
What Is Rhetoric?
Winding Road (added)
Writhe Safely (added)

You Are Not of the Body

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54 Responses to “The seeds of the new progressive blogosphere”

  1. Apostate says:

    Astarte’s Circus —

  2. lanikai says:

    Thanks for doing this, it is hard to know where to go to not be poisoned by the decaying sites i used to frequent.
    and lo and behold a world of intelligence is STILL available
    I’m so happy.

  3. Darrow says:


    I’m a new blogger who’d like to be counted on your list. Your blog as well as a number on the list above have helped saved my sanity over the last couple of months. Thank you!!


    “Jesus and Obama have something in common. I’d like both of them to please save me from their followers.”

  4. Allison says:

    The Sideshow – Avedon Carol. This is a site in the U.K. so they’re not tainted by MSM here.

  5. Adorable Girlfriend says:

    Thanks for the linky love. We are indeed Pro-Hillary. Stop by to see what Camille Paglia wrote today.

    It will make you furious!

  6. Mad Kane says:

    What a great list. It will certainly come in handy. Thanks for including me.

  7. therealUK says:

    In terms of the American political blogs, though not actually a pro-Hillary site, I’d stick Orcinus in there as well

  8. Heidi Li says:

    Dear Violet,
    Thank you for doing this – the blogosphere definitely needs this sort editing and collating.

    I am honored to have my blog on your list!

    Heidi Li

  9. No Blood for Hubris says:

    I prefer to refer to these media whore media right and left-ist wankers as testosterone-deficient sniggering fratboys.

    But that’s me.

  10. Lost Clown says:

    I just needed to tell someone, I’m saving this comment in my queue (god knows why): You don’t need to wear a “I was raped” t-shirt… The Hillary button says the same thing.

    (My past 2 posts have been about Hillary and the “I was raped” shirt respectively.)

    Yeah, there are fucking awesome people out there.

  11. YAB says:

    Thank you. I found some sites I’d not yet discovered in your list.

    Here are two more:

    I’ve run across a couple of anti-Obama sites, but I decided not to list them here because they are too negative and too limited.

    I think the list you’re compiling will help create a new liberal blogosphere to replace the grossly disfunctional “A-List”

  12. Maggie Jochild says:

    Please include me. I’m not pro- or anti- either candidate, and keep writing about both woman-hating and white supremacy while calling out the ridiculous Obama as Messiah shit.

    I agree with you, this is going to reshape the blogosphere. ‘Bout time.

  13. jacilyn says:

    I am a new blogger. I’d like to be added to your list.

    Thanks -

  14. PunditMom says:

    Thanks for including MOMocrats! As one of the Hillary supporters, I write about her and progressive politics at my site, PunditMom, as well!

  15. Roxie says:

    Thanks for the link! This old bitch of a dog is honored to be in such excellent company.

  16. Maud says:

    Thanks for this. I’m neither a Clinton nor an Obama supporter. I have real issues with both candidates. But I’ve been horrified by the misogyny this campaign has set loose. Not that I didn’t know it was there, but it’s almost as if a lot of white men feel that the fact that they are supporting a black candidate gives them some sort of PC cred that allows them to openly revel in misogyny, even as they deny that’s what it is. Like supporting one non-white-male candidate gives you a get-out-of-bigotry free card.

    There are sites I used to go to regularly that I just can’t read anymore. But at least it’s led me to find some new ones worth reading, and this list will help me to discover more.

  17. formerhoosier says:

    Please add InsightAnalytical to your list. They have been featuring an in-depth series on Obama advisors and their stance on healthcare, energy, and Social Security privatization.

  18. Violet says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions, folks! Keep ‘em coming. I think I’ve got the list up to date with everything so far.

  19. Susan B. says:

    I am a Hillary supporter and my blog is Thats Me On The Left! (

  20. pocochina says:

    What a wonderful company to be sharing! I’m off to update the hillary1000 blogroll, I don’t know how we missed some of these great names!

  21. vbonnaire says:

    Hey! Thanks for the link. I read a wonderful piece of yours via Riverdaughter’s blog…will track back/link you too. You’re a great writer.

  22. Cyn says:

    Wow, this list is a keeper! Thanks so much for linking me.

  23. K.A. says:

    Shakesville definitely fits the bill, and McEwan has been as sanity-saving as you have been, but I can’t overlook every time terribly progressive Jeff Fecke feckes up every so often and reveals his cloaked sexism. I genuinely think he wishes it weren’t there, but even his pro-feminist posts can’t make me forget the telling times he slipped up and outed himself as–surprise!–a typical white dude. The most recent time I can remember was a post on Clinton, naturally.

  24. Emjay says:

    I’m so glad to see Mad Kane on your list. Fell for her via a limerick…I suggest “Hireheels,” part giggle, part thoughtful, part political, and they are very new, sometimes sassy.

    I also hit the new “wowowow” once in awhile to meet some new to the blogosphere and so grateful to have a place to talk. Especially question of the day…once it was about signs of the worsening economy, and what some women are dealing with is heartbreaking. I read ALL the comments. It took a full day.

  25. 1950democrat says:

    Suggest you add . This takes serious issues in a chicklit style and art. Coined the term ‘job title problem’: when an experienced older woman is passed over for promotion in favor of some flashy young man brought in from elsewhere — because his job title fits, while she did her work under a lesser title.


    Also there are my sites, for light and current stuff and for research and cites.

    Neither of my sites does a lot of daily blogging, but they are sure pro-HIllary, pro-feminist, pro women of a certain age, anti-Obama.

  26. Adorable Girlfriend says:

    Thanks for the linky!

    Word to my brothers and sisters who are the few, the proud, the Clinton Bloggers!

  27. jane says:

    critical-mass-mass is critcal

  28. Melissa says:

    Please add me- and anybody who wants me to post something at my blog is welcome- I am not the best of writers, but I support Hillary, our country and Democracy as best I can!

  29. Violet says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Keep ‘em coming. I’m going to do an update in the next day or two (sorry, I’ve been really busy and have had some connectivity issues).

  30. ouyang dan says:

    thanks for the linky love!

    it’s apparent that i am in good company!

  31. KC says:

    Thanks for putting together this list. I was down to only reading Shakeville due to the raving madness that is the botpeople (calling them Obamabots seems weird as they appear to hate Hillary more than they like Obama).

  32. flawedplan says:

    She’s erudite, confrontational, tireless and so deserving of wider recognition. Her post on voting day in Texas was one of the strongest, inyerface pro-Hillary stances out there, and it appears she’s been yanked into intercine war with the Texas progressive blogosphere over daring to speak out for her candidate.

    I too am a Hillary supporter, but have only posted about 5 times on the race. I mostly want to share Jaye’s blog, and how much I love this idea. This is good visibility, and useful to have a handy resource for the days ahead. Solidarity!

  33. ironmyvote hacked says:

    My site,, apparently got hacked!

    My old site still seems to be working.

    Dunno if the hackers are watching here more than elsewhere, but I’ll try to post more about this on a high security site at hbl’s.

  34. ironmyvote is okay says:

    Sorry, false alarm. It’s okay now; apparently a server malfunction.

    I’ll upload lists of local papers in upcoming states that accept online comments later tonight I hope.

  35. Violet says:

    Glad your site is okay. There have been server issues at several pro-Hillary sites, and I hope it’s just because of heavy traffic!

  36. ironmyvote is okay says:

    That’s a positive thought! It does happen at H44. Just as things get lively up comes a blue box talking about something being ‘suspended’ or something like that. It must means temporary overload.

    I think mine was legit; turned out that the server had a message up saying they were doing ‘file maintenance’ or something.

    It did nudge me to back up all my old site at . The ironmyvote material is also on my harddrive before it ever appears on online.

  37. Lambert Strether, Philadelphia, PA says:

    Avdeon, the best aggregator there is:

    And thanks for the link.

  38. @CT says:

    It’s great you’re doing this! HuffingtonPost — Mayhill Fowler’s blockbuster notwithstanding — in particular, has been a horrible disappointment in this respect.

  39. Ciardha says:

    It’s morphing into Young Republicans because that’s the blogger boyz origins- I know for certain Kos and some of the other boyz are so called “ex-Republicans” not switching over till around 2004 or so. While many HRC bloggers are lifelong liberal Democrats like myself. I registered as Democrat at 18 in 1984, my parents were and are liberal Democrats, I grew up in a liberal Democratic household. HRC backers are the backbone of “true blue” liberal and moderate Democrats.

  40. BQ says:

    I’m no good at html, so I’ll just post the link to Norm’s site, One Good Move, a great source for philosophy, chess, freethinking, and video — and he’s a post-Edwards Hillary supporter who has been perniciously attacked by his commenters.

    I seem to recall your wishing for a particular video of Hillary, and meaning to let you know that Norm had it (QT 7 format only) He has the entire Indianapolis editorial board interview available (just for grins, check the comments about Hillary’s appearance on Olbermann, wherein “JoAnn” declares that she would trash Obama just as badly if he showed up in a red suit with that shade of lipstick…no one seemed to question whether KO might stoop to crappy lighting.)

  41. Uppity says:

    Morning Dr. Violet. I decided to make rounds this morning to wish Hillary bloggers a good day and to remind them they are never alone. Get some sunshine and know that Hillary appreciates all you do.

    Your blog list has helped me find some great places.

  42. jaye says:

    Thank you for noticing and caring. This has been so rough. I have really had a rough time. I get all sorts of strange email and comments on my site. Really is it so frightening to have a woman out there who is smart?

    I guess so.

    I am so honored to be with your list. Nice normal people.

  43. CognitiveDissonance says:

    You might want to add Tom in Paine:

  44. Ciccina says:

    Shoot, I can’t believe I missed this when it was current. I have a blog, a tiny little blog that only three people read, counting myself. But it fits the bill, so here it is –

  45. lambert strether says:

    I think this is a great list. I also think that we need to consider how blogosphere 1.0 failed, and how a new blogosphere, without those failings, can be constructed on a sounder footing. “Those who do not learn from history…”

  46. gmanedit says:

    You must add Go read him now–he started just this week, so you can catch up fast.

  47. No Blood for Hubris says:


  48. Gayle says:

    I don’t know if you still check this but I want to nominate “A View From A Broad.”

    Ginmar isn’t “new” but her journal is one worth keeping!

  49. Perry Logan says:

    What a great group of sites. I would be honored to be added to it.

  50. BlackVelvet says:

    Hi…..I’m the administrator of Capital Hill Forum. I would appreciate you putting a link to my blog as well.

    Thanks so much for linking to Capital Hill. I hope you’ll check it out when you have time.

  51. Lindsay says:

    Hi Violet,

    I didn’t see this when it was current, but I nominate Arthur Silber’s blog, Once Upon a Time.

    He supports neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama, but he has blogged fairly extensively about the sexism directed at both Clinton and Sarah Palin.

  52. MountainSage says:

    Hi….I’ve moved my blog and would appreciate being included in the blogroll. I’m also the administrator (BlackVelvet) on Capital Hill which you have already added.


  53. grlpatriot says:

    Thanks for compiling this list. Please add 3 more.

    Alegre’s Corner –
    Partizane –
    Red Hot & Blue Politics –


  54. Zoe Nicholson says:

    I have spent a dizzying 2 days on your website. I am deep in it as 1)you can hold more than one thought at a time, 2)you actually document your statements and 3)you invite conversation.

    I agree with most. I disagree with some. And, yet, there is a real sense that any thought, if intelligently formed and presented, is welcome.

    The Obama koolaid is seeping into my life. My friends of color can’t stop defending him no matter what he does. I feel abandoned about it. Women I have spent years in friendship now seem to step away from me, as I find Obama to be quick silver ~ not even a champion of civil rights. He is a champion of illusion; collecting adoring fans while doing nothing, sweating as if hauling a forest. While he prints money and gives it away; he hoards his political capital.

    Equality is so greatly at risk. The numbers of women in national posts is down, reproductive health is the first to go (as if it was optional), LGBT is on fire with anger about broken promises, and now we are asked to support an appointment to the SC based on her being a female with an unknown conscience – implying that all of the selection effort was finding someone who could not be categorized.

    I will stop by often, leave a comment or two and hope you will add my blog to your roll.