“Obama will say or do anything to get elected”

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 · 5 Comments »

…and the Blogger Boy Obamabots are liars. (Can you tell I’m getting fed up with these clowns?)

The latest round of nonsense in the blogosphere has inspired eriposte at The Left Coaster to set the record straight with Campaign Fairy Tales:

The fact is that Sen. Obama and his campaign have used numerous, often false, talking points and negative attacks against Sen. Clinton for many months. Some of these attacks easily cross the line that Hart has drawn and some are exactly along the lines of what Markos and Aravosis claim the Obama campaign has not done.

And then s/he goes on to document some of the more egregious examples. This is one to keep handy for the next time an Obamabot starts in with The Ballad of Barack the Pure of Heart and His Evil Nemesis Hillary the Monster Bitch (With Periodic Claws).

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5 Responses to ““Obama will say or do anything to get elected””

  1. CAE says:

    One day, there will be a book with a full accounting of the Obama campaign from the inside. I can’t wait to see it and I hope it will be called “Bamboozled.”

  2. The Ghost of Violet says:

    Speak of the devil, here’s St. Barack himself smearing Hillary with something he knows is a lie:

    Obama pushes garb photo smear

  3. Dalal says:

    Oh-HO! This is something I’ve heard said about Clinton so many times, it’s ridiculous. “The bitch will do anything to be elected, she’s power-hungry!”

    How fast has Obama risen in politics? While reading his second book (The audacity of hope), I was particularly disgusted by how he seemed to be patting himself on the back for all of his campaigns and how he bragged about how lucky he was to win even though he ran terrible campaigns. I think it’s a question that should be answered if we’re trying to figure out which of the two is REALLY power-hungry. Who rose in politics the fastest?

    Oh, and I’m completely not trying to say that that’s the only way to prove that someone’s power-hungry. Nor do I think it’s a fail-proof way, but I think it should be pointed out. (and no…I don’t know the answer. XD)

  4. Shainzona says:

    Another “talking point” to keep handy is over at NoMoreApples – the subject is Obama’s lack of Anti-War support except for his one speech in 2002. Use it as a way to put that puppy to bed!!!!

  5. Siobhan says:

    Just listen to what everyone has said about Obama who has had to work closely with him in Illinois. NONE of them had anything 100% positive to say about him.

    In fact, he was so arrogant, that he told the head of the democratic party in that state, that he was the most powerful man in the world, because he was about to make Barack Obama the first black president of the US. The fact that this congressman was also African American, and 20 years his senior, didn’t faze him–don’t you think THAT Rep wanted to be the first AA president himself? Audicity of Hope? Jumped up little toad, more like.

    Do you seriously think, if Oprah had kept her mouth shut, that he would have won Iowa? Or any other state? No.

    And now, less than 3 months into an electoral campaign that Hillary Clinton has been basically running for 3 years, since Bush got his second term (God knows how), Obama can’t stand up to media scrutiny, he has no policies, he has stolen his speeches from other people, he screams racism every time anyone dares criticize him, or things don’t go his way and he want to blow smoke.

    What Ferraro said is NOT wrong or racist. Edwards, Richardson, have paid their political dues for MANY years and are damned fine men, but they are not in it any more. Kucinich and the others, all experienced politicians, all out of the race. So how is it Obama is where his is now, and Edwards, of all people, is out?

    Above all, I am stunned at his hypocrisy, and even more stunned H. Clinton does not slap him right back on his audicious ass. He DARES to say that HE would have protested the war back in 2002.

    Speaking as a pacificist who spoke my mind back then, that we were ALL getting SNOWED by Bush, I was viciously attacked by everyone, even liberally minded people, such was the convincing job that Bush pulled on the American people.

    Wouldn’t have voted in favor, my butt. Far more talented and intelligent people than Obama were hounded out of politics 6 years ago for daring to say anything even remotely anti-war. Yes, H. Clinton DID vote. She was lied to! We ALL were.

    They have repeated again in the news this week the fact that there was NO connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda, which the 9/11 commission published in 2004. And as early as 2003. Google it if you don’t believe me. NO connection. NONE.

    Why the hell aren’t we all baying for Bush’s blood?

    No one died when Bill Clinton lied.

    Why are we not impeaching Bush/why didn’t we in 2004?

    Hindsight is always 20/20 of course, but it is just one more reason to make sure that we have a strong president in the White House, and Obama is not it.

    He should take his marbles to some other playground because he is so outclassed he might as well try to play his game somewhere else. Anyone with half a brain not carried away by the buzzword change will see he is not only more of the same, he is an inferior version of it. Really, Obama, scaring people with ‘monsters’ under the bed thanks to your foreign policy advisor? Off the record, pal, you are still living in your ‘heir to Kennedy’s Camelot’ fairy tale, but the rest of us have to live in the real world.

    And there be dragons all right, but the worst one sure isn’t Hillary!

    Maybe he can try to grow up and fight head to head on REAL issues, not make up what was or wasn’t said, done, or meant by his colleague in the Democratic party, which he claims to be a member of. But we are running out of time to fight the McCain dragon, and Obama is running out of momentum, especially now that we can all see just what he is really made of. One puff had blown his house down.

    Let’s all stop wasting time on this guy and let Hillary Clinton start running hell for leather for the White House. Because once she gets there, she will keep on pushing forward to make this country a better place for us all, not just with words and audacity, but real action.