The New York Times thinks rape is “salacious”

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 · 9 Comments »

From the story about Huckabee’s parole of rapist Wayne DuMond:

It has all the markings of salacious, tabloidian detail that can haunt a candidate, a lawmaker, an elected official, who walks and stalks the halls of criminal justice, who has, as he has said, weighed decisions on whether to impose capital punishment, and has ordered death.


Main Entry: sa·la·cious
Function: adjective
1 : arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination : lascivious
2 : lecherous, lustful

DuMond was convicted of raping a 17-year old girl. After he was paroled he went on to rape and murder two more women.

I’m not feeling turned on, are you?


UPDATE: The magic of the tubes. The Times has removed the word “salacious” from the article. Poof!

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9 Responses to “The New York Times thinks rape is “salacious””

  1. K.A. says:

    The only person who hates the NYT more than I do is Ann Coulter, apparently. It is perhaps one reason why I don’t openly identify as a liberal. When they stop being scumbags, I’ll come back around. I mean, at least conservatives act consistently with their stated positions, whereas so many democrats are just the same bigoted assholes who get off on the moral superiority of the belief system, no matter how dishonest it is of them to make those claims.

  2. K.A. says:

    at least conservatives act consistently with their stated positions*

    *with the exception of all homosexual and prostitute-using Christian fellows, natch.

    Bah, you know what I mean.

  3. Level Best says:

    What I wonder is whether this use of the word “salacious” indicates the writer’s pernicious lack of values or just the increasing tendency of even professional writers to write like LOL cats. Can haz literacy?

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    Hey K.A., unlike “pimp” I sometimes hope the tern “liberal” by people who are actually, you know, liberal. Which would not seem to include NYT who wriite the word “salacious” and then simply disappear it (see for yourself, poof, it’s gone) rather than explaining or apologizing…

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    Ugh, I posted the above without proofing it, sorry. Anyway, the word “salacious” has vanished but a few comments that reference it remain.

  6. The Ghost of Violet says:

    Damn, you’re right, Ann. They done disappeared it.

  7. Foilwoman says:

    Violet: See, being mortal again (particularly the being alive part) gives you power. The Grey Lady changed her tune, doubtless due to your perspicacious comments.

  8. naomi dagen bloom says:

    it’s the latest dodge with online media: post questionable language, then disappear it following complaint.

    TimeOut New York opined this one:
    “…needle arts…once the domain of arthritic grannies just keep getting hotter.”

    featured it prominently on my blog with TimeOut in the headline. wrote them. response: gee whiz, “we don’t see it.” uh huh. at least it was a bit of consciousness-raising…don’t mess with this arthritic knitting granny.

  9. simply wondered says:

    maybe it’s sloppiness (or was until it was removed – sorry i can’t bring myself to give the verb disappear a direct object) – the only idea the writer has about the meaning of salacious is that it combines things connected with sex and general nastiness (tho if the writer is on the rasdical religious right the two are probably presupposed by the word ‘sex’ alone).