Today is Jena 6 Day

Thursday, September 20th, 2007 · 5 Comments »

“Just in case you have been living under a rock,” the columnist begins, and I think well, not a rock exactly, but the Spirit Smoking Lounge does involve a certain level of disconnectedness. With no death, taxes, or cable TV, it’s easy to drift. Also, infinity totally fucks with your internal clock.

Still, even here in the Smoking Lounge we’ve heard about the Jena 6.

Today is the Jena 6 National Day of Action. There will be rallies all over the country to show support for the accused and to protest racism. A bunch of people are even taking buses to Jena for a big demonstration there. Although the conviction of Mychal Bell was vacated last Friday, the case is far from over:

Bell remains in jail, and the prosecutor, District Attorney Reed Walters, has stated his intention to press on with an endgame of appeals. Plus, the other five black students who were involved in the fight–Robert Bailey Jr., Theo Shaw, Carwin Jones, Bryant Purvis and Jesse Beard–are still awaiting trial on similar charges. None of their cases will be directly affected by Friday’s ruling, which addressed the jurisdictional problem of trying Bell, a juvenile at the time of the fight, as an adult. (Beard is being prosecuted as a juvenile; the other four of the so-called Jena Six were 17, the age of majority in Louisiana.)

Here’s how you can help. Even if you’re not going to a rally, you can sign the petition online or make a donation.

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5 Responses to “Today is Jena 6 Day”

  1. B. Dagger Lee says:

    Hey Ghost:

    I’ve started reading a book by Naomi Klein called “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,” and in the very first chapter, there’s some stuff about electroshock therapy, and I thought–”Hey! That ghost of the reclusive leftist would–should–be interested in this.”

    You might be interested in the whole thing.

  2. The Ghost of Violet says:

    Thank you, Ether Lord. That is extremely interesting. I just finished reading the excerpt over at Truthout.

  3. B. Dagger Lee says:

    The Jena rallies are all over CNN, some kind of anti-OJ ruffian must be in charge over there for the afternoon.

    The Truthout excerpt from Klein’s book is from the preface. The first chapter is about electroshock, the CIA and torture; second chapter (which I just finished) Milton Friedman, the Chicago boys, Allende, Chile, Pinochet… .

    AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! My hair is standing on end! I realize this no longer happens to you, being a ghost, but it feels bad!

  4. The Ghost of Violet says:

    Oh fer chrissake. I just went to Google News for coverage on Jena and here’s what I see:

    Senate Votes to Condemn MoveOn for Ad Attacking General Petraeus

    From FoxNews, of course. I cannot fucking believe that our Senate thinks that this is the people’s business.

  5. Paul Tergeist says:

    I cannot fucking believe that our Senate thinks that this is the people’s business.

    You’d be more fucking surprised to find out the REAL national policy. If you haven’t time for the links, just click the last one and scroll to the bottom.

    Finally! A group of conservative politicians come up with a plan to take over the world and make everyone serve America. They’ll put every one of those towel headed terrorists into secret prisons. It will be like 1984, except Big Brother will be Jesus. A dream come true!

    This is how they’re going to do it. It’s a brilliant scheme. They even propose a way to get all those homo Liberals to go along with it! Check page 63:…casDefenses.pdf

    Sounds great, right? Interested to know when it’s going into action? IT ALREADY IS! Scroll to the bottom and check out who all helped found this holy think tank. Bush really knows how to pick the good ones…principles.htm