Like lambs to the slaughter

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Item: The media engages in a feeding frenzy over a young actress whose private nude photos were posted by some creep on the web. Everyone behaves as if the actress herself has done something horribly wrong, instead of noticing that the only person who’s done anything wrong is the creep who publicized her photos. After all, these were private photos intended for a boyfriend, and the young actress was simply expressing her sexuality in a way that young women today are under enormous pressure to do. Nevertheless, debate ensues over whether this “moral lapse” will destroy the young actress’s career.

Item: A young female pop star appears on an awards show looking under-rehearsed. Her stated intention beforehand was to stage a triumphant comeback by showing just how sexily she could pole-dance and grab her crotch, which is to say, how well she could conform to the standard behavior expected of young female pop stars. A media feeding frenzy ensues because not only does the young pop star fail to pole-dance convincingly, but even worse, her body looks healthy and normal rather than starvation-level emaciated. The media debates whether her career is now “completely over” as a result of this horrifying departure from the expected.

Item: Federal officials report that the suicide rate among teenage girls in the U.S. has hit its highest level in 15 years. The rate for girls aged 10-14 jumped 76% in just one year.

Any questions?

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10 Responses to “Like lambs to the slaughter”

  1. Jamie says:

    Hear, hear. I don’t like Britney’s music, but I thought she looked great. I’d kill to look like that, and she /definately/ did not look ‘like a beached whale’. For a person who has had two kids quickly and been through rehab? Psh. I read the ‘reviews’ and think how jealous they all must feel of her.

    As for the nude pics scandal, W T F. Why is that /anyone’s/ business except her own? I mean, plenty of actresses’ started off in /porn/. All she did was take some candid photos for her boyfriend. That it’s an issue is mind-boggling. That she had to apologise? That just makes me want to hurt someone.

    Any link between the first two and the last? HELL YEAH.

  2. Paul Tergeist says:

    It’s that time again…..the Ghost of Violet Past is in a slump and no one visits the forum. Fortunately, she has me. I can bring life back to the old homestead and make it interesting again. In a day or two there will be myriad posters, all attempting to have me banned-but they will be back and emotionally involved once more.

    Shall I do it? Nahhhhh…for I am a bear of very little brain and big words confuse me. Like pour, fill and load. You can pour a glass of water and fill a glass of water, but no one loads a glass with water. Why not?

  3. The Ghost of Violet says:

    I can bring life back to the old homestead and make it interesting again.

    The old homestead my foot! The only dead thing around here is Dr. Socks’s body. Bet you can’t bring that back to life.

    You know, I’m disappointed that more people haven’t taken advantage of my differently-corporeal status to ask me about The Meaning Of It All.

    (BTW, the readers are still there — hi, everybody! — but they’re a bit shy about commenting right now. I think they feel awkward about talking to a dead person. Perhaps you could give them some pointers based on your life experience as a necrophiliac.)

  4. Victoria says:

    Re 1st item: Feministe had a good post about this sitch – perhaps you’ve already read it. Anyway, I had kiddo read the whole thing because of course she’s all about High School Musical 2, and we used it as a vehicle to have a serious talk about double standards and all that. And some of the comments were hilarious.

    Re 2nd item: It just looked to me that she was so tired of the femininity shtick, like a drunken robot, traumatized. I felt sorry for her even before I heard about all the brouhaha over the fact that she (ohmigod) has acquired a fuller form.

    Re # 3: Already my daughter is coming home from school with stories about friends of friends who’ve been date raped and such. Whispered stuff in the middle school hallways. The cruelties of girls pitted against girls competing for the attentions of boys. So much struggle, even for the girls from loving homes (from which, of course, so many are not). Breaks my heart, makes me wanna holler.

  5. Church Secretary says:

    I have no qualms about conversing with the dead. It has to be more interesting than conversing with reactionary right-wingers (as I try to avoid doing in my place of employment, but that’s a boring story for no other time).

    But to the point of your post, Ghost, I am awfully put out by this. I have a daughter who’s nearly two years old, and I don’t know if I want her being raised in this toxic-to-females environment. I wonder if things are much better in Canuckistan. On a slightly related note, I think poor Britney needs a hug.

  6. The Ghost of Violet says:

    Church Secretary, I sympathize with your not wanting to raise your little daughter in this environment. I’m a full grown woman and I don’t want to live in this environment.

    I would suggest you consider moving on to the Spirit Realm, as I have, but I can’t figure out how to phrase it without sounding like I’m advocating a murder-suicide.

    I agree that Britney needs a hug. Actually an idea is being bruited about in the uber-secret feminist circles of perhaps having a Letter to Britney day.

  7. e. says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought Brit looked pretty darned good. Yes, I’m a 50 year old woman who wishes I looked like that again – and I’m in shape for my age. That kid is cute as hell, dumb as a stick – but who wasn’t at her age? I’m so sick of these middle aged beer-bellied men discussing Britney’s fat ass. They should be so lucky to have a woman that cute even look their way – a woman of any age.

  8. Paul Tergeist says:

    The old homestead my foot! The only dead thing around here is Dr. Socks’s body. Bet you can’t bring that back to life.

    Probably not. I heard it was dead to begin with. (snicker) But I can spice up the rest of the place. See how well went over? I crack myself up, I really do; and people are just sitting by their monitors waiting..WAITING to swallow the hook.

  9. Kit says:

    Violet is well loved. Don’t worry about her.

  10. Mary Tracy9 says:

    I really like the language you used on this “items”. Because it’s “journalistic” language. Though they would never report an item like that. They are supposed to report following the status quo, or course.

    I’m just saying that, perhaps unwantingly, you have showed how you can tell a story “neutral like a journalist” and be NON neutral at all. Just like journalists.

    Anyways, KUDOS!