September, 2007

The cartoon everybody’s loving

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From xkcd:


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I’ve been tagged with a new meme by Mr. Hotty McNature Pants himself, and since he also happens to be my control in the Illuminati cell that runs this part of the tubes, I have no choice but to comply. An interesting animal I had I could go with the “most exotic pet” thing here, […]

They aren’t afraid of prehistoric penis in Germany, by god

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Neanderthal: bigger, longer, and uncut. Yesterday in the comments we were having a bit of a giggle over the elusive genitalia of prehistoric male hominids. So I thought you all might enjoy this Neanderthal sculpture from the Neanderthal Museum in Germany. Usually he’s clothed, but the curators stripped him for a special exhibit earlier this […]

The Descent of Man

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Caveat: I’m under-slept and under the weather and I probably ought to be under the covers, so this post will suck. My brain is all sludgy and shit. Read on at your peril. (And yes, goddamnit, even Spirits get sick. It’s a metaphysical thing. Deal.) Okay, notice anything about this picture? When I was a […]

Things I learned today

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Courtesy of the Times: 1. There is no homosexuality in Iran. 2. Women in Iran are “the freest women in the world.” I was already up on the thing about how we need to devote serious research to sorting out the mystery of whether the Holocaust really happened.

The Quest for the Crockus (of shit)

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Ann Bartow David S. Cohen has been having a lot more fun this week than I have. She’s He’s been following the Quest for the Crockus over at Language Log, but I’m just now getting caught up. Here are the week’s posts from Language Log, in order: September 17: How big is your crockus? — […]

There is no end to our humiliation

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The undead Nelson Mandela. Mandela still alive after embarrassing Bush remark.

If only the woman had been naked while he was beating her it would have made a cracking good porn film

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Yesterday I came across a comment by Sam Genderberg that was so arresting I asked her if I could quote it here. She was referring to this video, which (WARNING) is very disturbing: Sam’s comment (just the first part): Making the blog rounds this week is a video of a man verbally and physically abusing […]

Today is Jena 6 Day

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“Just in case you have been living under a rock,” the columnist begins, and I think well, not a rock exactly, but the Spirit Smoking Lounge does involve a certain level of disconnectedness. With no death, taxes, or cable TV, it’s easy to drift. Also, infinity totally fucks with your internal clock. Still, even here […]

Haditha: four down, four to go

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One by one, the charges are being dismissed against the officers involved in the Haditha massacre. The latest is Capt. Lucas McConnell, who wasn’t on the scene of the massacre but had been charged with failure to report and investigate it. Not any more. His attorney made a couple of fascinating remarks, which I suppose […]