Blogging is more dangerous than I thought

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 · 18 Comments »

Avatar courtesy of the Rev. B. Dagger Lee
Avatar courtesy of the Rev. B. Dagger Lee

I’m back.

Sometime during the late evening hours of August 10, 2007, I was assimilated by BlogWarBot, resulting in a new, horrifying entity: Dr. BlogWarBot Socks. This Borg-like creature maintained control of the blog for several days, until an emergency intervention by a crack team of lolkitteh avatars (see above) finally succeeded in removing the alien implants this morning.

When I first started blogging, I had no idea that blogs could be so vulnerable, much less those by fictional characters such as myself. Long-time readers may be reminded of the unpleasant incident last summer, when my physical host was possessed by The Virus for over week. And there was that day when the Ministry of Truth took over the blog, though of course I completely welcomed that and was deeply grateful to Minitrue for explaining things to my readers in such a clear and, well, truthful fashion!

At any rate, my message to other bloggers, particularly fictitious ones, is to be careful. You never know when another fictional character could take over your blog.

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18 Responses to “Blogging is more dangerous than I thought”

  1. The Rev B. Dagger Lee says:

    lulz! MOAR!

  2. Violet says:

    Epic lulz!

  3. Violet says:

    I’m going to invent a new prize for People Brave Enough To Leave Comments Despite Cheeto Dicks. So far today we only have three winners:

    1. The Rev. B. Dagger Lee, because she is — let’s admit it — a Rock Star, as well as being the most kick-ass minister ever ordained by the Universal Life Church.

    2. Infidel, because he doesn’t have a blog of his own and even if he did he wouldn’t give a shit, he would just welcome the opportunity to tell the cheeto dicks that the Pope is the same as a pizza and by the way, here’s a list of every foodstuff my mom ever had in her kitchen cabinet.

    3. Richard Cherry (also known as Cocaine Addict Richard Cherry, or CARC), because he has no clue what the fuck’s going on and even if he did, the blow makes him feel like he’s invincible man, invincible. Dig it?

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    Well I need to know what the prize is before I enter! Whoops. Okay, now I’m in too, and I think Cheetos gives them too much credit. If you going to stick with junk food, I’m thinking Gummi Worms. Or Milk Duds. The imagery doesn’t really work but “Duds” seems so very appropriate.

  5. Violet says:

    Ann! What a joy to have another winner in the (foolish bravery) sweepstakes! Truly I’m delighted to see you here, as all other avenues of communication appear to be closed.

  6. Violet says:

    Okay, the prize is going to be as follows:

    1. A 37 oz. bag of Cheetos, normally available only through bulk orders at the campus bookstore.

    2. A 3.5 pound box of Milk Duds, normally available only through the Barron office furniture catalog (under the index: Stuff For Losers In Your Office Who Haven’t Been Canned Yet).

    3. A small sliver of an amazing and totally unique 300 pound Gummi Worm sculpture of a basement-dwelling cheeto dick, especially created for the Lancaster County PA fair and available to our winners through an exclusive contract with the Amish.

  7. Infidel says:

    The Pope is a pepperoni pizza, thin crust, sausage, mozzarella, pepperoni on top of main cheese with a sprinkling enough for each little red circle to get a couple of cheese morsels to brown up in the hint of a grease pool, and the pepperoni itself just a little curled up on the edges with perhaps a couple charred slightly, much as the pizza as a whole, bottom golden brown some areas even crisp, and a drizzle of extra sauce randomly spattered across the entire oregano enhanced melted cheese landscape-the Pope.

  8. will says:

    Hi Dr. Socks. Hope you are surviving this brutal Va weather.

  9. Violet says:

    Brutal? What, isn’t it only six, seven hundred degrees outside? Candy-ass shit.

  10. will says:

    You W&M types are just tougher than me.

  11. simply wondered says:

    i just don’t know what’s happennin’, me…

  12. Laurelin says:

    hello. Ann, you’ve made me want gummi worms. but it’s midnight here and I have no chance of getting anyway. Yum, e-numbers… ;)

  13. Victoria says:

    @ Will: You mean William and Mary? Did I miss something here? (I’m always missing something here.) Not important, but since I was just now reading a chapter from my dad’s book on his W&M experience, and the confluence is weird. Never went there myself, but were it not for the place, I wouldn’t exist – it’s where my parents met.

    And Violet, Dr. BlogWarBot Socks was cool and all, but I like you better. Welcome back to your regular fictitious personality. :)

  14. The Countess says:

    I wonder if Mommies knows what their widdle bad boys have been doing in their rooms in the basement, surrounded by Cheeto dust and Moon Pies.

    By the way, I LOVE Milk Duds. ;)

  15. Violet says:

    Countess, you’re able to comment here again! Your tech problem went away?

    Thanks, Victoria, but you gotta admit BlogWarBot is smarter. I’ll miss that injection of intelligence here on the blog.

  16. The Countess says:

    Yes, I can comment! I use a different browser now. No more commenting problems.

    I had my own stalker a few years ago, and I had to report him to my local police and to Scotland Yard. I have a feeling these anonymous jerkoffs aren’t going to go away quietly. I hope they get what’s coming to them.

  17. Violet says:

    The main result for me is that I now know there’s a group of people who are even less self-aware than MRAs. Yes. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

    I actually rather like Moon Pies. And Cheetos. But Milk Duds — yecch.

  18. The Countess says:

    I know what you mean. I just finished dealing with a bunch of MRAs. I won’t post about it. I helped some activists deal with an especially nasty group of them. That made me feel good that I could help and guide the activists to stop them before they got out of hand.

    Moon Pies rock. I always get Milk Duds when I go to the movies. I say “yuck” for Cheetos, though. Gimme some BBQ Fritos instead. ;)