Progress continues on the march to legalize rape

Monday, June 18th, 2007 · 14 Comments »

Fuck it. Just fuck it. Every time I crawl reluctantly back from one of my cave retreats and decide to check the news, hoping to see maybe something good in the world, maybe a picture of a fucking flower or something, I get gobsmacked. Top story today: Duke terrorists are now actually being rewarded with an undisclosed sum — millions of dollars? Who the fuck knows? The message is clear: You can terrorize some woman all you want, call her a nigger and threaten to shove a broomstick up her and knock her around and probably rape her, and here’s what you win:

1. Adoring national media attention
2. The fervid devotion of millions of moist-palmed dudes who totally sympathize with how unfair it is to get nailed just for terrorizing some stupid bitch
3. The profound satisfaction of seeing the woman you terrorized dragged through the mud, publicly hounded, and even threatened with legal action for committing the GINORMOUS crime of actually reporting her assault
4. Millions of dollars in prize money from your university to make you feel better about the terrible ordeal you’ve been through

Any questions about why every single athletic team in this country now has carte blanche to rape and torture any woman they get their nasty goddamn hands on?

Throw up, throw up, throw up. Just fuck it.

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14 Responses to “Progress continues on the march to legalize rape”

  1. Infidel says:

    If the lady in question(Lacross Team victim) actually had planned to convince a jury she had been raped, when in fact she had not been, she would have been better off to have given consent until the act had taken place and then retracted her consent and cried rape- that way all the evidence, plus the district attorney would have been on her side.
    As it happened her rape could not be, for whatever reason, proven by physical evidence, and her advocate in the form of a zealous prosecuter botched his efforts, and her slim chances for justice, by not following the rules and by playing with public opinion using the power of his position.
    Black vs White, Priviledge vs Powerless, Rich vs Poor, Man vs Woman, Truth vs Fiction, Male Atheletic Teams vs VS, fuck shit

  2. bliss says:

    What I’m confused about is how the “falsely accused” can sue the prosecuter? Because if that’s the case, ummm… aren’t there like a bunch of people now being freed with the DNA project thingie who should be able to do the same???

  3. sophie says:

    I do not know if those men raped that woman or not. What I do know is that the prosecutor in the case broke the law. His political aspirations are the reason no trial took place. He left the door open for the “falsely accused” to pursue civil reparations.

    Bliss–anyone can sue anybody they want to in the good old USA these days. I think we need to make losers in a lawsuit pay at least a portion of the court costs–maybe cut down on the frivolous filings.

  4. April says:

    Damn, that’s a hell of a sad situation. Good grief!

  5. Infidel says:

    Exonerated because some nut hatch tampered with the facts isn’t exactly having caught your hand in a thresher when you were younger and being asked in to bust up a shiffaro, still the presumption of innocent until proven guilty is the best way possible despite it being difficult or even impossible- especially beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  6. Infidel says:

    As a man I can say I fear less the threat of having a woman falsely accuse me of rape, orders of two magnitudes, two magnitudes! then as a woman fearing being raped.
    This might be bumped up a magnitude if I were sent to jail amid a violent male hating(due to demographics) population.

  7. Violet says:

    Oh lordy, look what happened while my satellite was out. I’ve been linked again by the male supremacist sites, so they’re swarming over here. I’ll delete these comments – Infidel, I’ll leave yours but it will look weird, like you’re talking to figments of your imagination. Actually that’s not so different from the usual…

  8. Jodie says:

    Looks like you have some more trolls to delete, Violet.

    Particularly poor spellers, too!

  9. Infidel says:

    Our story begins in the afternoon, when somebody proposed that the lacrosse players go to a local strip club. But when several underage team members were denied entry to the club, they decided to bring the strip club to them. “Every guy that we know in every fraternity and on every sports team had had strippers to their house,” one player explained. “We thought, ‘What’s the downside?’ ”

    So team captain Dan Flannery got on the phone, using the name Dan Flannigan, and hired two strippers. But when they appeared, they were not as young or attractive as the players had hoped. Even more, one of them was so intoxicated that she could barely dance.

    Now it gets really ugly. After the intoxicated dancer collapsed, the two women simulated a sex act on the floor. But that wasn’t to the players’ liking, either, and one of them asked if the dancers had brought any “sex toys.” They replied with a joke about the size of the player’s genitals. Then another student grabbed a broom handle and said, “Well, how about this?”

    Visibly shaken, the dancers retreated to the bathroom and locked the door. Here’s where prosecutor Nifong said three men raped one of the dancers.

    But that’s not what happened. Instead, students slipped bills underneath the locked door to encourage the dancers to come out. The dancers emerged and announced they were leaving; then they quarreled loudly with the students, who demanded a refund.

    As the women drove away, one white student yelled at a black dancer, “Tell your grandfather I said thanks for my cotton shirt.”

  10. Violet says:

    Infidel, what article are you quoting?

  11. Violet says:

    Geez, I need that twit filter. Actually I need something that will block referrals from all the male supremacist sites.

    One of the problems with these Orwellian euphemisms like “men’s rights” and “white rights” is that it encourages the useful idiots to actually believe that their so-called point of view is a legitimate position in civilized discourse. They just can’t understand why their comments keep getting deleted!

  12. Infidel says:


  13. Infidel says:

    A man is innocent until proven guilty. A woman is a piece of pleasure meat until…until anything, a woman is always pleasure meat. Tongue firmly in cheek. Justice is for sale to the highest bidder, injustice costs just a little bit more, and everyone pays the price whether proven or assumed. It costs alot to prove untruth. It costs alot to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt. It costs alot to buy a jury. It costs alot to buy a prosecuter to throw away a career. Nifong was enticed by his ego, his conceit, a bribe, his aspirations, leaders of the black caucus, the desperate plea for justice from a victimized mother. Nifong fucked up, are we to assume investigation and charges would have never been brought unless the evidence and testimony was fudged- looks like. How much easier, and this is totally baseless and creepily paranoid, how much easier to buy a prosecuter and have him fuck up the process then to try to fool the process or try to uphold innocence in the face of the proof of guilt, how much more sure. Now there is a move afoot to raise the bar of proof of rape before charges can be brought, isn’t that the same direction as legalization? wouldn’t it be easier to get away with rape?

  14. Violet says:

    I’m turning off comments on this post until the flying monkeys go away. Not bright, are they?