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If you wear this bathing suit, no one will know you have a vagina.

Jesus Christ.

Created by Lydia of Purple, Christian seamstress and raving lunatic.

No, I’m not sure what the significance of the big blue oval is either. Maybe this is a planning shot for the sniper who’s going to kneecap her.

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  1. richard cherry says:

    surely the blue circle indicates she has left her leg unshaven as a secret sign that she is an undercover feminist of the hairy persuasion; if a godbag asks about that, she is of course refusing to depilate to avoid the arousal of lust in men. the perfect cover. Mind you she could be ultra hardcore godabg and indicating the hem of the garment is elasticated to prevent the troublesome vagina from escaping.
    must read more Barthes to see what is signified…

  2. Laura says:

    Maybe the oval is for pointing out that this brazen slut is showing some skin. For shame!

  3. Viveth says:

    I’m guessing it indicates if she goes into the water any deeper than the kneecap, she will immediately be pulled under by the weight of so much water-soaked gingham, and she will drown.

  4. Txfeminist says:


    did you see the family photo at the bottom? All hail the polyester!

  5. richard cherry says:

    How on earth did they get in quick enough to secure the remarkably catchy web address???
    Great beard!

  6. manxome says:

    What is that, modest pride swimwear?

  7. Hypatia's Father says:

    Wow. But, you know, I don’t think this group represents our typical fundie fare. They look mennonite or hutterite, or something.

  8. Laurelin says:

    I thought polyester was banned in Leviticus?

  9. silverside says:

    But would Hutterites and Mennonites wear these colors? Dang, what I wouldn’t give for simple black tank suit. That’s a style that’s modest, workable, and sexy in its own way. Never mind the “style” of this THING. The colors alone should be outlawed–they’re like the rainbow pony on speed. I would suggest that a serious menace to the public health is looming here. Serious enough to induce a migraine or a possible epileptic fit. Seriously.

  10. CR says:

    You know what,
    I think that suit is fabulous. I agree, the Menonites may have some issue with the colours. But if the designer allows for a grey or black or dark blue. It’s too cool.

    any jack ass can wear a bikini…

  11. CR says:

    Do you guys remember those bathing caps that had all the colourful latex flowers on them that your Gramma would wear? I think this is what the suit needs. Maybe with latex fishes on it.

    Truth is, I’m not kidding. I think it’s fabulous. I get tired of the same o’l same ‘ol.

  12. CR says:

    You liberals are all are a bunch of prudes.

  13. CR says:

    No no no,
    I have just spent some time on this ladiy’s website. And after having a look. Listening to her ocean sounds and perusing her offerings and business, and designs. I have to say that this girl is a genius, brilliant and absolutely as cool as it gets. And I’m as serious as it gets.

    Really now, you folks. Peanut gallery.
    and thank you Violet for introducing us to this creative lady- even if only to make fun.

    There’s one person in the audience who actually thinks she’s cool. And when she goes to check her site statistics, sees the link to where all her statisitcs are coming from, checks it out in excitement- she will find this place making fun of her. And I want her to know that not every one is. I think she’s great. I mean it with all my heart.

    Isn’t anybody else on this blog in business for themselves? Or are all of you people authors, professors and persons who have some other way to make living?

    As for you Miss Violet, I think you done a good thing. I bet she has lots of clicks the last few days. I hope she gets lots of business and no emails from some of the assholes that lurk on these liberal blogs.

  14. Violet says:

    CR, you’ve got to be kidding. Those people are the American Taliban. They believe that women are inferior sinful beings who must be kept covered at all times and must obey men. They can all go straight to hell.

  15. Violet says:

    Also, CR, I don’t think you need to worry about Lydia’s business. She’s doing fine. She’s been around for awhile and I know about her because she’s been covered in the blogosphere before. She used to have links on her pages to very extremist religious sites — super white Christian dominionist stuff — but she’s removed them.

    I have no objections to sewing or entrepreneurship. I have no objections to people flouting modern fashion and wearing whatever they like. What I object to is batshit crazy misogynistic religion.

  16. gordo says:


    I just got though posting a long comment over at Tex’s place about context. And if it weren’t for the Dominionism that underlies Lydia’s business, I’d have to agree with CR.

    But the Dominionism is there, which makes the fashions look completly different in my eyes. I mean, I suppose some of the Klansmen’s outfits would look kind of cool, if it weren’t for the Klan. And if I didn’t know anything about Nazis, I’d probably think that the swastika flag looked pretty cool.

  17. CR says:

    I don’t see any Klansmen outfits there. I see a quaint bunch of old fashioned dresses, nightshirts, aprons, doll stuff, somebody offering webpages, and things like that. I see and Amish.Mennonite woman with 9 children minding her own buisness and causing no one any trouble. I see no links to crazy people. So I’m not kidding.

    but I’m giving you a hard time Violet. And that’s not right either.

    I just think that if you guys want to pick on Godbags, there’s plenty of real fodder out there. Big guys. Important guys.

    Robert Schuller for example. A wealthy man, a wealthy church. The Crystal Cathedral. A Christian woman I know quit volunteering for them. She worked in the mail room. Lots of ladies in there. Their job was to open letters. They were told to open the letter, take out the check, and throw the written note away without even reading it. After a while she felt bad about it, so she started to read some of the letters. Alot of them were from old people. troubled people. Young people. Giving at times most of their paychecks, and retirement checks. They wrote heartfelt letters, many sad in nature. Lonely in nature. But that was all tossed in the garbage. The dear woman couldn’t take it any more. So she quit and found a nicer church. A more sincere chuuch.

    No, with your intellect, given the education of most of the people on these blogs, I expect you fancy folks to pick on someone your own size. It’s cheap to make fun of little people. And you guys count yourselves so above them – and look down your noses at them. I thought you were above them too.

    Call me a troll. I guess I am now. I’m too liberal for the Repulicans and I’m too conservative for you Liberals. I belong nowhere. But I surely did learn alot from you guys. That I appreciate. It was very educational.

  18. Violet says:

    I’m sorry I’ve upset you, CR, but I don’t think I’m picking on little people. I doubt if Lydia of Purple knows or cares about this website. And I realize that you don’t see the links to the dominionist stuff because she’s either taken them down or hidden them, but they used to be there.

    But as for her not harming anybody, how about her daughters? I have relatives who espouse this kind of religion — though not even this extreme — and it is a crying shame the way the girls’ minds are being deformed. This is the stuff of Purity Balls and female inferiority, of girls not being allowed to live their own lives or pursue educations or careers. This isn’t healthy, and it’s not innocent Little House on the Praire stuff. I feel sorry for Lydia’s daughters.

  19. CR says:

    I understand. I didn’t see the links you guys are talking about. I’m sure they were there. Maybe she got embarrassed from them.
    I come these folks. Not Mennonites or Amish but Quakers and Shakers. My family became what they call “reformed Quakers” and then most eventually left it entirely and became Lutheran. They are honest and hard working. They pride themselves on the fine work they do with their hands. This is what they respect. They are excellent business people and became very wealthy. Their customers trust them to give them excellent quality work and be honest in their dealings with others.
    Modesty is big with them. While they are multimillioniares and published PHDs, they drive old trucks and wear homemade clothes because they don’t want anyone of lesser means to feel bad around them. They speak plain and straight. They insist that each child learns to make something, no matter what it is, with their hands. All of them have become some of the finest craftsmen in the world at what they do. Even if it’s making handmade footstools or woodcarvings of ducks. Even though they have moved up in the world to become engineers, mathamatitcians and “useful” careers- they all maintain immaculate farms and orchards. Another pride. They get themselves to church every Sunday, and are very open about things. No judgement. I swear if a person walked into their Lutheran Church buck naked and drunk, they’d move over in the pew and offer him a seat and invite him to lunch after. They wouldn’t even blink.

    This lady is probably confusing her daughters. No doubt about it. But they will grown up one day. Just like us. They will be able to make their own decisions with grace and love toward their kooky, albiet hardworking Mom. They will be able to persue careers because they are American. Just like my family, they may have to make a break with their past. And it may be difficult and painful. Or not. Hopefully not.
    My Grandfather swore- ” if those daughters of mine marry those no good Irish Bastards I’ll have no more to do with them!” My family is German from Ohio. Well, they married Irish bastards. Nearly all of them, because Irish are so much more interesting than their stuffy German/English counterparts. It turned out alright. Everyone got over it. German is barely ever spoken anymore in my family after 210 years. All because of the Irish bastards.

    I think you are very smart, Miss Violet. You are highly educated, articulate and understand things in a special way. You can communicate things of deep importance in a easy way so everyone can understand. These are gifts- that you have cultivated. There’s an awful lot of very important things going on in the world. Troubles ingrained in society that need routing out and exposed for what they are. Sometimes just knowing about something is enough to change it. Just talking about it takes away it’s power. These small things and small people don’t matter. There are bigger fish to fry and you are the very exact person to fry them. No one else will do. No one else CAN do it. No other left style blogger. No ther left style politician. You are special in this. I believe this.

  20. ginmar says:

    Silverside, I have such a suit and it’s wonderful and flattering and comfortable. Try Newport News—the catalog.

  21. pram in the hall says:

    If you go on their website to FAMILY PICTURES, you can see what appear to be ads for their unmaried daughters. The girls are waiting for the right man to come along. One is descibed as “obedient” (among other things), while another is “always ready.” I don’t even want to think about it.

  22. pram in the hall says:

    I should have said, in the above post, to go to the home page, then to “Who is Lydia of Purple”–the family photos link is in this section.

  23. Sapphire says:

    I know plenty of full quiver people, know them and their doctrine, and believing in different, complementary roles does not mean believing women are INFERIOR. That’s the wrong word, it isn’t true. I’ve never known a single one to teach or otherwise believe that women are inferior (except the odd individual here and there who would believe that regardless. That belief is not doctrinal but a matter of individual misogyny.) That you interpret it as such doesn’t make it so.

    It is an ugly bathing suit, but if it were in a normal color it might be nice. Though for swimming, not so much.

  24. Violet says:

    I know full-quiver people too, and their claim that they don’t think women are “inferior” is a semantic dodge:

    “We don’t think women are inferior; we just think they’re supposed to be subordinate to men!”

    It’s like saying you don’t believe the sky is blue, you just believe it’s the hue that’s between green and indigo.

    As for different complementary roles: Right. Women’s role is taking care of babies and housework, and men’s role is everything else in the universe. No disparity there!

    Men can be: astronauts, astronomers, archaeologists, architects, aluminum siding salesmen… Women can be: housewives.

    Men can be: politicans, plumbers, philosophers, painters, programmers… Women can be: housewives.

    And on it goes.

  25. richard cherry says:

    aside from the very pertinent points made about their attitude towards the role of women (about which I cannot comment as I have no idea what they are) I was only making fun of folk for dressing weird. And damn good fun it was too. They are welcome to make fun of me for my outlandish dress (not that I would go and put it on a website – like painting a target on your back, I reckon.)
    And may I as a fully piad-up disliker of all religion put a word in for Quakers; every time I met them I couldn’t believe they were anything to do with Christianity, so peaceful, unpompous, genuinely humble and downright GOOD! I have protested round the brazier with them, received training in the art of non-violent confrontation, eaten bloody good vegetarian soup (very useful on a night in February at Molesworth when it’s minus 10 and the only thing that will get your blood circulating are the jaws of the police dog. If all godbags were compulsorily converted to Quaker- ness ‘what a wonderful world it would be’. And I never heard a hint from them that women should accept any more limitations on their roles in life than men. ‘course, I haven’t met them all, but that’s my straw poll.
    Never met a Quaker I didn’t like!

  26. Violet says:

    Those people are not Quakers. They’re also not Mennonites or Amish. They dress the way they do and believe in female obedience and all that because they’re evangelical godbags.

  27. richard cherry says:

    indeed not – never heard anything from a quaker about what anyone should or shouldn’t wear (certainly never seen them in lydia of the purple stuff!!!) – just as I never heard a comment from them about what anyone should or shouldn’t do. That’s why I can’t quite believe they are Christians. Sorry to bang on about Quakers when it’s clearly not the thread line – I just love them. A bit like Northern Exposure.
    Oh My God….very late but is Lydia of the Purple a kind of evangelical relative (evil godbag twin?) of our own beloved Dr Violet??? Perhaps Violet left the restrictive community at an early age because she wouldn’t wear a beard/purple bloomers and got qualified to spite their narrow ideas of what a woman could be. Well done – you have truly triumphed over your background.

  28. richard cherry says:

    realised the start of the above is highly ambiguous! ‘Indeed Lydia and co. aren’t quakers’ (so non-religious they should probably be lower case) was my intended meaning.

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  30. JoAnne says:

    “If you wear this bathing suit, no one will know you have a vagina” — I disagree. The outfit screams “vagina”.

    The reason women are supposed to wear skirts is to allow access to the vagina, regardless of how inconvenient it may be for the woman to do anything else like run, sit, swim, crawl under a desk and so on.

    If a woman wears a skirt with pants, which is what this costume basically is, it’s just saying “I have a vagina, but it is protected.”

  31. Violet says:

    You’re right, JoAnne, but the joke comes from the previous post about the Christian godbag who says we have to hide our “secret gardens” (vaginas) at all times by wearing modest dresses.